cain veleno


Gift arts for me by my talented FB friend Kyo Agito. He made these two things I like the most currently, Kamen Rider Gaim and Cain fanart for me (well…technically Cain will always my favorite as I’ll gladly accept any kind of fanart of him <3 )

His Cain looked kinda visual kei-ish as it’s his style xD

His details are so adlkadkasldkasdlkkjdhaklda o(———–(

I envy his BW inking so much ;;-;;


It’s been FOREVER since I played Slayer again and cuz of some issues both of our characters partner are stopped playing so Zhagal no longer with his wife and Cain no longer with Reon so we both coupled them both x///D

Well…they’re friends in benefits and we actually shipped them together since long if it’s not they both have partner they might dating each other =w=

So yeah…fulfilling each other hole cuz their partners,Cain and Zhagal is officially dating and we both online for making this screenshots (and doing last minute caiman hunting before maintenance and console ourselves cuz we can’t join the costume contest as both me and zeilyan have tight deadlines for our freelance work u_u )


Cain gift art from my FB friends o)-)

the 1st one is TERA version,the 2nd one is the original version

As for the 2nd pic I dunno why she draw Cain with some kind of wedding dress hahahaha

But it’s soooooooooooo goddamn rare seeing Cain crossdresing,even since first time I made him I only draw him once with maid outfit for a joke ;p