cain veleno


Gift arts for me by my talented FB friend Kyo Agito. He made these two things I like the most currently, Kamen Rider Gaim and Cain fanart for me (well…technically Cain will always my favorite as I’ll gladly accept any kind of fanart of him <3 )

His Cain looked kinda visual kei-ish as it’s his style xD

His details are so adlkadkasldkasdlkkjdhaklda o(———–(

I envy his BW inking so much ;;-;;


My OC,Cain Veleno. His TERA persona have different set of horns,no piercings nor tattoo (or the arcane scar can be used as his tattoo replacement?),different eye color and shorter hair. But his face is pretty much look like on TERA ones

I love this OC so much and he’s my old OC that still active until now as I am working on his comic as well.

I’ll write more of him and his TERA persona later :3