cain delacroix


So last night at about 2 am I decided to give Cain a makeover. He’s always been a medieval character but I’d never been able to make him look quite right in TS3. Since I’ve been getting a great deal of practice with making over the University dorm-mate sims, and found a reasonable hair for him, I figured I’d take a crack at it again.

Not only did his makeover turn out better than I’d dreamed, I tried playing with the particle effects since Cain has always been an electric based mage. I’m so so proud of these pictures.

Mura (one of my favorite sims 3 artists) had always inspired me :x. He was once kind enough to tell me instead of simply wishing I could take pictures as amazing his to go for it and do it. While I am quite a ways off from his mastery, I’m so so thrilled with how these came out and the progress I’ve made – thank you so much for your kind words Mura. They really did inspire me.