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Fade to Black - Chapter 11

FINAL CHAPTER, guys. Finally. Those of you that are still with me, THANK YOU for your patience while I struggled to finish this. I hope you enjoy.

“All right, enough with the cryptic bullshit!” Dean takes a step closer to Rowena, his gun aimed for the spot right between her eyes. “What does all that mean?”

“Dean, calm down.” You keep your voice steady, quiet. “Let’s get the rest of the spell down, then we can figure it all out.” You turn your head, staring at him, willing him to back his temper down until you can be free to put your arms around him. Your touch seems to soothe him better than words, but you can’t let go of the book.

“Get on with it,” he snaps at the witch, who throws a contemptuous glare his way before reciting the herbs and items for the spell, and then the spell itself. Charlie’s thumbs fly as she puts all the information into her phone.

“That’s it,” Rowena says, haughty and disdainful as she looks at Dean again. You pull your hand back, and the book snaps shut with a loud thud. Sam steps forward and grabs it, then moves back, pulling Charlie with him.

“So, the blood. Blood of the cursed, that’s me, right? Blood of my blood, has to be Sam.”

“My, aren’t you just the clever one?” Rowena purrs, and Dean’s lip curls in a little snarl.

“Shut up. Blood of my heart – I assume that’s…”

“The one you love.” Rowena’s eyes flick to you, then back to Dean, and you look up at him as his eyes move to you, then close for just a second before he continues.

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Title: In Need of Comfort - Pt. 4 

Characters:Dean x Reader

Warning: Angst

Word Count: 550

A/N: Gif Blurb Mini Series Part 12 & 3.  I will be accepting gifs in my submit box (or whatever) of gifs you would like to see as a part of this series. They have to be gifs in which Dean is need in need of obvious comfort. That’s what this gif blurb series is about. Sorry there won’t be any tagging for this series, but it will be scheduled for 7-8 Central/Standard Time daily.

So without further ado… Enjoy.

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Do you have any Batfamily AU's or something? What are all of them? Can you tell us a little about them?



Sorry if I’ll ramble… A LOT. When I’m excited to share stuff, I tend to ramble. So forgive me. This is actually my first time sharing ALL THESE with anyone. Well, minus kohidrop. Waifu knows about my Red Rain AU. _(:3」∠)_ And there is only one person who knows all about my AU’s. HEEEEEE! 

Also, I can’t write well. So, these AU’s remain as prompts, ideas, headcanons, concepts, and stories.

A lot of my AU’s turn cray or NSFW….. Very NSFW and I’m too embarrassed to share DETAILS. Unless you ask me, I can tell you about them. Heehee. But then I’ll be so embarrassed afterwards. 

I’ll prolly put a “rating” for each of the AU’s also, I linked some of the works/drawings that I have in the AU’s title. Please check them out if you have the time! It’ll help you visualize it, too!


I wrote this for hours cry. I hope you guys find it interesting!

Note: I have 20 AU’s. Gasp. Here’s the list! If you’re interested in one, guess you can just ctrl+F it. XD

  • Damian the Little Prince
  • Catlads and Catgirls
  • Gotham City Titans
  • Cats/Dogs/Kittens/Puppies
  • Gotham Undercover
  • Father Todd and the Exorcists
  • Normal Life/What if they weren’t vigilantes AU
  • Pacific Rim
  • Young Justice Season 3 
  • Titans Tomorrow
  • JayDick: When Night is Falling
  • Genderbend AU
  • Superbat Earth-2
  • TimKon and JayDick family AU
  • Earth-One
  • Red Rain
  • Gotham by Gaslight/ The Picture of Dick Grayson
  • Hospital AU
  • Tiny Tyrants
  • Red Hood & the Winter Soldier

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I Kept My Promise

Summary: You are plagued by nightmares; to stubborn to talk to anyone Cain tries to reach out. But by staying cold and calculating he fears that he may push you further away. Will the knight of hell loose his shield or will you gain a shield.

Pairing: Cain X Reader

Warnings: Angst! Fluff! Feels! Water works! pregnant reader! Enjoy!

Exclaimer: Part five of the sweet smell of death

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

You woke up one morning to find him gone. You could remember the feel of his warm body curled around your as you recited the promise your made to him.

“Promise me you won’t leave (Y/N).”

“I promise.” The words flowed too easily from your lips, but you never lied to him. You never wanted to leave him, you though he needed you just as much as you needed him. But apparently you were wrong, as you woke up to find yourself back at the bunker, in an empty bed. The sheet cold and your heart even colder as tears dropped from your eyes. He had gone, all those night he had asked you to promise not to leave him; you forgot to ask him to promise the same.

Now you sat there with tears gathering in your eyes as you watched the pregnancy test. A sob escaped your mouth as you strangled the cry of pain you were desperate to make as the test revealed the two red lines. You had been feeling the symptoms for months now, morning sickness and a small bump had begun to appear, but still you denied it, until you no longer could.

Castiel had begun to notice a change in you. He said he felt something dark growing within you, you told him it was nothing, or that it was because you spent too much time with Crowley, but he didn’t stop, until he bought you a pregnancy test.

“Take it in your own time.” His words were meant to be reassuring but they just added to the pressure of the reality that you had to face. Gasped in a breath as you covered your mouth with your hand as you stared at the pregnancy test. He had been gone for over three months now, leaving you to deal with the consequences of both of your actions.

Suddenly the sound of fluttering feathers pulled your eyes away from your pregnancy test to see Castiel standing there looking down at you. He slowly kneeled down in front of you; he took the pregnancy test from your shaky fingers and saw the two red lines. He nodded but didn’t speak a word as he held your hands in him. You openly sobbed as he pulled your forward into his arms. His trench coat quickly soaked up your tears as he held you in his arms.

“Hey (Y/N)! You in there?” Sam’s voice called from the other side of the door. You pulled your head up from Castiel’s comforting shoulder and cleared you throat removing any sound of sadness, before you answered the youngest Winchester.

“Yes, what is it Sam?” You asked waiting for a reply. Castiel slowly stood up with you in his arms steadying you as you leaned on him. Sam was silent on the other side of the door trying to find a good way to tell you the news. He knew this could either make you or break you, he had seen the way you had been after Cain left, the way to moped around the bunker, doing all the research you could in order to keep your mind off him. Sam sighed as he finally spoke.

“We’ve found Cain. We saw him on a security camera, he’s killing people (Y/N).” you felt numb as your full weight rested on the angel holding you, as you listened to the news. You wanted to feel joy but all you felt was a crushing weight on your heart as you stood there, he was killing people, he had left three months ago in order to kill people.

“Thank you Sam” Your voice monotone but broke towards the end as your body collapsed in Castiel’s arms drowning everything as you mind swam with questions that could only be answered by the father of murder.

Castiel laid you down on your bed, pulling the covers over your weakened body. He was the ark circles beneath your eyes from the lack of nutrition and sleep. Castiel rested a light hand over your stomach feeling the dark entity within you, but he knew that same entity was good at the same time, he may be born from a demon but he was also born from a human, from a human who was nothing but good. Castiel nodded and watched as the dark circles soon vanished from around your eyes at his healing touch rejuvenating you as you slept soundly. He kissed your forehead before vanish to answer Dean’s call.

You awoke with your body feeling renewed and healthy as you yawned and stretched as your mind relayed the information it had been giving to process as you sat there in your rumpled sheets. You looked around you before your tired hearing slowly picked up on the raised voices of Sam, Dean and Castiel.

“She has a right to come with us!” Sam pleaded with Dean as you pulled yourself from your bed and walked towards your door careful not to make a noise.

“With Cain in killing spree mode, it’s not safe for her!” Dean chastised Sam as his heavy footsteps grew closer to your doors. You opened your door to welcome the narrowed eyes of Dean, the wide eyes of Sam and the sorry eyes of Castiel.

“I’m coming with you whether you like it or not Dean Winchester.” Your voice was low and determined. He looked you up and down at you placed your hands on your hips and narrowed your (Y/E/C) eyes at him, as he fought internally.

“She could possibly convince Cain to stop Dean.” Castiel finally spoke at he looked at you, his bright blue eyes hopeful as Dean continued to look down at you. His hard expression softened as the mark of Cain relaxed its grip on him. He placed a comforting hand on your shoulder and looked at your with sad eyes.

“I know I can’t stop you, not really, but I need you to know that if he won’t stop himself, I’ll have to stop him.” Your breath caught in your throat as you nodded. You knew it was the only ultimatum he could offer as the four of you walked through the bunker, ready to face the father of Murder, and the choices you all had to face.

The car journey was a blur of farmland and research as Sam and Castiel talked over how they would trap Cain with the help of Crowley, as you sat in the back trying to block it all out. All you wanted was the man you loved back; you just wished it was easier than this, as you sat there with tears on the verge of falling.

Crowley was there ready with the trap set. The boy, Austin was being used as bait as he waited in the barn. You stomach was knotted tightly as Crowley handed the First Blade over to dean who gripped it tightly. Soon the ground began to tremble announcing the father of murder, as Austin began to leave the barn, Cain appeared causing Castiel to step in.

You watched on in horror as Cain swatted Castiel out of his way, like he was nothing but a fly, as he advanced on the boy. His blade forced through the young boys body with minimal effort pulling a pained gasp from your throat as you stood there. Suddenly the boy began to fade away; You looked at Crowley who looked at you with a sly smirk. You walked forward as Cain tried to move away from where he stood to reveal the devils trap beneath him.

Dean and Sam revealed themselves to Cain. You watched from the back away from Cain eye line as dean stood there alone as Sam backed away. You watched with one hand wrapped around your stomach protecting your unborn child, and the other covering your mouth holding back your pleas as you watched on.

You watched the battle as Cain rebuffed all of Dean’s advances from within the devils trap. You bit into your fingers holding back your screams as he threw dean into the glass panes of the barn making them shatter around him. Cain took the first blade away from Dean easily, taunting him as he told dean that he was living his life like Cain’s only in reverse.

First … first, you’d kill Crowley. There’d be some strange, mixed feelings on that one, but you’d have your reason. You’d get it done, no remorse. And then you’d kill the angel, Castiel. Now, that one … that I suspect would hurt something awful. And then! Then would come the murder you’d never survive, the one that would finally turn you into as much of a savage as it did me.”

“No!” dean struggled at Cain’s crushing grip held onto his shoulder making sure he was paying close attention to his words of warning.

“Your brother, Sam. The only thing standing between you and that destiny is this Blade. You’re welcome, my son.” Cain rose the blade up to plunge it into Dean. You ran forward past a surprised and shocked Sam, Crowley and Castiel and into the barn.

“Stop!” You screamed as the first blade hung in the air like a guillotine ready to fall. All eyes turned to you, but the only eyes you looked into were the shocked bright blue gaze of Cain as he looked at you as if he was looking at a ghost. He threw dean away from him and through the barn doors. Your chest heaved heavily as you stood there in the cold air of the barn. Cain’s hand stayed tightly wrapped around the handle of the first blade as he approached you.

He was suddenly trapped by the barrier of the devils trap, stopping him from advancing for now. He looked you up and down and saw how much you had changed in little over three months. Your hips were widened and you were looking healthier filling out in other area, taking on a more comfortable look. There were no bruises of scratches from hunts, if anything you were practically glowing before him.

“Are you here to redeem me (Y/N)?” once wrath filled voice had softened as he looked you up and down from inside the devils trap. He played idly with the first blade as you stood there, looked at you as he paced like a caged wild animal waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity you wanted to give him so badly, but it only made you more conscious of the man…the knight of hell he had become once again.

“I hope so.” You voice was barely above a whisper but Cain heard you, he watched you take in a shaky sigh as you held your hands by your sides as fists your legs spread apart, a fighting stance just in case Cain found a way out. Cain rotated the blade between his fingers before suddenly lunging at the devils trap. His face wild and distorted as the devils trap seemed to weaken beneath his sudden attack. You could stop your body from protecting the most vital and important part of you. Your hands splayed out across the soft skin of your pregnancy swollen belly as Cain continued to attack the devils trap.

Cain wanted to be closer to you. It had been months since he had last seen you and now you stood so tantalisingly close and yet too far away. He was vicious as he pushed against the barrier of the devils trap only to seen the sudden fear in your eyes directed at him. He slammed his fists against the barrier one last him before panting heavily. His head bowed as he stood there leaning against it, only able to see up to your waist, he saw your pale hand resting across your slightly swollen stomach, protecting something…someone.

Cain rose up his bowed head as he dropped to his knees. The hand that clutched the first blade lay loose allowing the blade to tumble away from him across the cold hard floor. His placed his palms flat against the barrier and looked at your with pale blue eyes. His lips trembled as he tried to speak, his eyes resting on your stomach making you realise where your hands rested. You didn’t pull them away your only wrapped your arms around yourself more securely beneath his gaze.

“How long (Y/N)?” his voice was rough with emotion as he met your gaze, his eyes were filled with tears, but you had no idea if they were tears of joy or sadness. You looked back down at your stomach stroking it through the soft fabric of your shirt comforting yourself and the life your held within yourself.

“Over three months now, I took a pregnancy test today to confirm it.” Cain nodded slowly and watched as you smiled down at your stomach. Cain swallowed thickly as he moved right to the edge of the devils trap trying to get closer to you. He could feel that life within you the closer he got, it was dark and disastrous, but it was also light and beautiful, it was fully him and fully you.

“Please come closer (Y/N).” Cain’s voice trembled as your head suddenly snapped up meeting the father of murders gaze. How could you trust him? Cain had literally been on a killing spree trying to eliminate his own genome from the face of the earth and yet here he was pleading you to come closer as you held his child in your womb. You took a step away, wrapping your arms tightly across your stomach as you looked at Cain with narrowed eyes.

“How can I trust you? How do I know you won’t try and kill me and this unborn child? You were willing to kill a child loosely related to you! How could you even think that I would go near you carry your own child!?” you screamed to high heaven, you were sure all parties outside could hear you but you didn’t care. You were terrified, terrified of carrying Cain’s child and terrified of raising it without him, but as you looked down at the father of murder all you could do was pity him as tears rolled out of his eyes and down his cheeks.

“I know (Y/N)! I know! Please help me, I need you. When I was with you all the urges to kill, to maim and torture disappeared! Help me!” Cain pleaded with you helplessly as his hands clawed at the barrier as he tried to pull himself closer to you, willing to move the very ground to get closer to you, as you stood there with tears streaming down your face.

“If all that is true then why did you leave?” you spoke softly as you slowly lowered yourself to the ground and crawled over to the devils trap, sitting just before the white spray paint ring. Cain leaned against the barrier as you sat so close, his eyes looked over each inch of exposed skin with intense detail before meeting your tear reddened (Y/E/C) eyes.

“I was so scared that it wouldn’t last, that I would hurt you. But even as you sit here now, there’s no urge to hurt you, no anger. I just want to hold you and my child.” He looked down at your swollen stomach and lowered himself closer to the ground to get a better look of the pregnancy bump. It was barely there and yet still showed, how he wanted to place his bare hand on the soft skin of your stomach to feel the warmth of that pregnancy swollen skin against his cheek as he felt the life grow within you.

“Give me the blade Cain.” He looked to his side and saw the first blade. He attentively grabbed it by the toothed blade careful not to cut his own skin as he held the leather bound handle out to you. Your pale hand grasped the leather bound handle before your threw it away into eth corner of the barn with a clatter. You knew Cain was strong enough to kill you with his bare hands, but he was also strong enough to kill you without you even entering the devils trap.

If he hadn’t killed you now, was he ever?

You took in a deep breath and crawled over the white painted line into the lion’s den with Cain. Your body shook in fear as Cain looked at you with those cold glacial eyes, a look mixed between predatory and utter wrecked with emotion was contradictory and painful to see. He slowly moved forward, careful not to scare you like a wounded animal as he grew closer, your hand were still firmly place don you stomach protecting the life that he threatened to destroy with one misstep.

His large hands slid over yours pulling them away from your pregnancy swollen stomach. You shook more violently as you no longer hand the comfort of your hand protecting the life within you, as Cain looked down at it, a curious and cold gaze littered with tears as he slowly lifted your shirt, pressing a shaking hand to your stomach, terrified of hurting you, or changing your mind and pulling away from him. He ghosted the hand across the soft skin of your stomach and watched as you took in a shaky breath. You pulled your hands away from his and placed them onto of the hand that covered the expanse of your stomach, pressing gently allowing him to apply pressure to your soft skin. Cain looked down at you in wonder as he rubbed his hand across the soft skin of your stomach.

Tears fell from his eyes as a broken smile graced his lips as he felt the life within you. A life he created with you, there was no anger no wrath no urge to kill or destroy the world he helped create, and there was just wonder and an agonising happiness that made his chest tight and painful. Cain knew he couldn’t make up for all the mistakes he had made, for all the wrong doings he had done, but he could try through you and through this new family.

You reached up with one hand and pressed it against Cain’s cheek smiling up a him as he gaze at you with utter wonder and admiration in his eyes. you slowly leaned up and pressed your lips to his, as fists hammered heavily against the door as Cain kept you locked in here with you, he didn’t want or need anyone but you and the child he was about to have.

Cain wrapped his arms around you as he pulled you into his lap holding you’re against his chest as he deepened the kiss. His tongue caressing yours as you sighed against his lips. Your hands tangled in his long hair as his long beard scratched your chin and bottom lip. Cain had missed this; he had missed holding you in his arms. He could remember the days and nights you spent locked in this position and many others  wasting the hours that God had given you both just so you could be there with each other.

Suddenly the doors burst open to revealing a seething Crowley and angel grace wielding Castiel as they both waited for the unturned dust to settle only for their eyes to widen at the sight. Your shirt still hitched up revealed to everyone the secret you had hidden from everyone but Castiel for months. Castiel couldn’t help the small smile on his lips as he looked at the two of you. yes the father of murder had done many wrongs, committed various crimes most people would be put to death for, and yet as he looked at the two of you on the ground arms wrapped around one another, Castiel could see Cain’s redemption.

On the other hand Dean, Sam and Crowley just stood there with dumb looks of shock on their faces as they stared numbly at your pregnancy bump. Crowley adjusted his tie as he looked at you as the newest mother to be of an Anti-Christ.

Dean was still filled with a adrenaline that the previous fight had issued but through that haze he was your smile and despite the tears, he saw how happy you were. Sam was surprised to see that your plan had worked, there sat the knight of hell cradling you to his chest drawing miscellaneous patterns across the pregnancy swollen stomach. Sam scratched the back of his head and gave a tight lipped smile, sure bobby was right in saying family don’t end with blood, but he didn’t realise how odd of a family he would be adopting as he looked at expecting hunter, and knight of hell.

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keeperofcuriousthings  asked:

Ok... so did Sam say that Cas was closing in on Cain, in Illinois?? And the promo-pics for next episode shows Dean and Cain showdown in a barn? I don't know if it's just me being a little weird, but I wonder if it's supposed to be a kind of parallel to Dean and Cas' meet-cute?

Looks like he did, it seems!  And yeah, that’s all sorts of interesting if it does turn out that Cain is in Illinois, because holy frick.  Can you just imagine Cas arriving to intervene in that Dean/Cain showdown in the barn in another shower of sparks?  Especially after everything that’s been happening over the last few episodes.  I’m kinda ridiculously excited about that now.

Because I’ve been dying over this scene since I watched it.

(10.14 drabble)


Dean stumbled out of the sliding door, Blade gripped tight, shaking as the Mark worked with it as it was always meant to. Dean had forgotten what it had felt like to hold it and use it. His heart raced like it was in competition with the bloody jawbone vibrating in in his hand.

But it wasn’t his craving that caused the pounding in his chest, not this time. He’d been jonesing for another hit with the Blade for months. He was certain he wouldn’t walk out of that fight with Cain –having used the thing, having given into it to take that son of a bitch down– the same way he walked in. He was right about that, but it wasn’t the supernatural that had shaken him to the core.

“The murder you’d never survive.”

He could still hear Cain’s voice in his icy whisper.

“Your brother, Sam.”

As Dean limped down the stairs, the taste of blood breaking through the numbness of his shock, he saw Sam nearly lunge towards him but Dean kept his eye on the King of Hell. Dean thought he heard Sam say his name, but all his senses were dazed and kind of dulled. His eyes faltered towards his brother just for a second. Breathe in, dammit, he told himself. He couldn’t look at Sam. He knew he was too weak to look at him. Keep it together.

Dean’s unsteady hand extended the Blade to Castiel. He felt their eyes on him, how still they were as he tottered on his feet. He knew they wondered if he was a bomb set to explode at any moment. Would he detonate or not?

“Put this some place safe,” he instructed the angel in a tired rasp.

Really fucking far away.

The feel of the Blade going through Cain’s body still hung on Dean’s limbs. He felt the sensation of it piercing through skin as it opened a wound, draining life from his victim. It was all part of owning the Mark, the aftershocks of a good kill, the cycle of the high settling down into another deep craving, a stronger craving. Dean’s stomach turned as Castiel accepted the Blade. If Cain was right, one day he’d feel this same sensation after attacking Sam, yet his body still called out for the thing, the very thing that would destroy he and Sam, both.

“Tell me I don’t have to do this! Tell me you can stop!”
“I will never stop.”

Bile rose in Dean’s throat. He felt tears sting his eyes, the salt burning the cut high up on his left cheek.

Crowley’s complaint, something about being lied to, jerked Dean from these thoughts. He cleared his throat and slurred some generic snark at the King of Hell as his head swam. Nothing was in focus, it was all a blur. His sight, his thoughts, his feelings, the destiny he was careening towards. Cain was gone, the only link to the roots of the Mark. This was a dead end, there was no erasing it, there was no way out. Any hope he held for getting rid of it that way was bleeding out upstairs, in the barn. Cain had said the story must end with Sam dying and at Dean’s hand.

Without thinking his dazed eyes landed on Sam. Despite the shame and dread and guilt, his eyes found his brother’s face and clung to it like it was the only thing tethering him to reality. Then, the fatigue in his body caught up with the mess in his head, and like he had been pushed, Dean felt his knees give out, but before he even felt himself fall forward at all, he was in Sam’s arms. It had been just a second of weakness, but his little brother had caught him, lifted him, repeated hushed reassurance into his ear.

“You did it, Dean. You did it.”

And Dean didn’t straighten up or back away. He was spent in every way, and he let himself hang there leaning against his brother. His instincts screamed at him to put on a strong face and pretend he was fine, but he couldn’t muster the strength. His worst nightmare had been set into motion. He was shattered.  No more hardened mask, he couldn’t do it.

Bile inched it’s way forward again. Dean sat in Sam’s arms, being consoled by the most important person in his life, the person who had no idea he was comforting his future murderer.

Everything was as fucked up as it could possibly be, so Dean leaned his head against his brother’s shoulder and he let Sam lift him up, let him encompass him, let him tell him he did a good job.

anonymous asked:

You think Cas is going to come help Dean with Cain in the barn? Do you think that Cain is going to point out to Dean that he already has a Colette? I'm excited about them mentioning her!

Dean and his Colette first: do I think that will happen? No.  Do I want it to anyway?  Hells freaking yes.  I do think there will likely be a lot of subtext that further reinforces the Cas=Colette bit, but I don’t think it’ll be explicit.  If there’s anything, it’ll probably be more along the lines of us being reminded that Colette was essentially Cain’s ‘key’ (like Charlie needed a key in 10.11) that allowed him to accept himself and move beyond what the Mark wanted him to do, and that Dean can do the same if he finds (and more importantly, uses) his key, but again, I don’t think it’ll be explicit.

Cas helping Dean in the barn.  I want to say yes I think it will happen, but right now because of the sneak peek and my own insane optimism today I don’t know if I’m expecting that because I just really want it to be true or not.  We at least know that Cas & Cain are going to meet, and presumably Cas will be there when Dean & Cain have their showdown.  Looks like Dean may well flip out taking on Cain, because he can’t afford to hold back if they really are going to fight.  My big hope is for a reverse crypt scene in some respect, and if Crowley is there & we get a reaction shot of him at the time (since he’s the only other one who knows how Cain was able to put down the blade), that would be even better.  

Again though, that’s all just what I want to happen.  Who knows what is really going to go down - though it looks like it’s gonna be good, no matter what.