cain and abels


Hey @the-vampire-inside-me I may have made a Cain to go with your Abel, hhuhuhuu~

Cain is a Toon with a hot temper, and will not hesitate to lash out when provoked- Seldom will he show emotion, unless it is hate, greed, lust, you name it. He tends to hide his feelings. He is an unstable (‘Fallen’), Toon, unlike Abel.

He is very jealous towards Abel.


noun. how to make a murder: take your fears and all the bad things that happened to you and put them between the hollows of your ribs. let them simmer, sew them with the fragile muscle of your heart together. let it grow. learn the taste of dust and blood. pray. hunt. repeat.

verb. be afraid. be always afraid. be afraid to kill someone you love. be afraid to have no control over your senses. be afraid of your hands around their throat. be afraid of yourself.

origin. Cain killed Abel because God asked him for a blood sacrifice and he gave what he loved most. The first human born. The first human to die.



God said to fight
the good fight,
so I fought,
and it was good.


Abel, we have been
on the precipice 
of each other all
our lives.  We bruise
our tongues on each
other’s names, always
ready to light our sleeves
on fire for an offering,
always ready to spit
blood out the sides
of our mouths.

I hope someday it looks
less like gasoline when
it hits the concrete.

We shoved each other
up against walls and
called it anger, called
each other by our own
damn names, didn’t know
how to feel when we
started to answer to them.


Abel, I loved you
first, and with your
blood on my hands,
I have ensured that
I also loved you last.

Let this be my
covenant to you,
my sacred vow:

When I write poems
about your body,
I swear I am talking
about your corpse.


Abel, I wear your
clothes so that I
may know what
it means to be
inside you.


Abel, the mark
of Cain is a bruise
sucked into my


We always said we
wanted the story where
our bones were buried
side by side, back to back,
but I didn’t mean it
like this, I never wanted
to be the one doing
the burying.

Selfish, maybe,
the desire to write
the version of the story
where I got to die first,
but humor me, Abel.

In this paragraph,
you are the one who
is alive, and I am the one
rotting and making
the land more fertile.


God said to make
good on my promises,
so I made promises,
and they were good.


God said good riddance,
so I walked out the door,
and it was good

even if it was

merry (late) christmas! here are some red & green cavaliers.

last year i drew kent & sain so here is cain & abel this time! sorry if they look awkward lol i was in a bit of a rush to draw this.

EDIT: christmas has long passed but something about this pic has been bothering me so i made some edits ^^;;