caim alenko

Portrait of Caim Alenko

Had sort of a random idea floating around in my head of a kid of Kaidan’s/FemShep’s. 

Caim (pronounced “Kyme”), 28, was the only child of Kaidan Alenko and Kiva Shepard.  Like his parents, he became part of the Alliance well after the Great Reaper War, and made a name for himself as a man who could get things done.  He inherited his whatever-it-takes attitude and brashness from his mother, but also his compassion and integrity from his father.  During the Geth Separatist Incursion of 2216, Caim lost his left arm and was scarred on his face from an electrical explosion.  Despite offers to provide him with a cosmetic duplicate, Caim instead opted for a prototype cybernetic arm which enhanced his existing experimental L-X7 biotic implant, an implant coincidentally nearly as dangerous as his father’s. 

Captain Alenko is particularly aloof to those he does not know well, but is very devoted to his crew and would fight to the death for them.  Rumor has it that he may be infatuated with the daughter of Garrus Vakarian.


The Phantom Limb - Caim Alenko

I was randomly thinking about the my-headcanon-only son of Kaidan and Shepard that I had been tinkering with in my previous posts from a long time ago and thought I’d try giving him a bit of a makeover… it seems I’m constantly trying to re-imagine him…  I don’t often make spin-off characters, but Caim is an exception. :)  This time I wanted to focus a bit more on his biotics-enhancing cybernetic arm, which was fun.

If you’d like to learn more about Caim (pronounced “Kyme”), I’ve got older posts HERE, HERE and HERE.

Mass Effect: Generations - starring Caim Alenko and his crew

Really pleasantly surprised that people seem to like Caim Alenko… I had some further ideas I wouldn’t mind fleshing out more about him and his crew if people liked… >_>;;

Main Crewmates:

Invictus - self-modified Geth Prime, reveres the long-defunct mobile platform Legion.  It is a very curious geth, constantly asking questions, asserting its individuality whenever possible.  Despite its deadly efficiency at killing, Invictus is surprisingly philosophical and introspective.  Always refers to Caim as Alenko-Captain.

Norah'Reegar -A very quiet quarian male who serves as both the ship’s engineer and partial medbay technician.  Norah does not have much experience with others and is thus very socially awkward, especially enhanced by the need to wear his suit.  He does bond with Invictus and the two become very close (albeit unusual) friends.  Caim saved him from a derelict flotilla ship and Norah has been silently dedicating his life to his Captain ever since. 

Remliss Vakarian - Nicknamed Rem by those who know her well, Rem is an ace pilot as well as a crackshot like her father before her.  She always feels she has something to prove, and prickles at the notion of having to be helped or rescued.  She refuses to ever be a damsel in distress; rather she’s usually the one saving everyone else.  Secretly, she is incredibly self-conscious about her looks, as she believes turian females are not as conventionally beautiful as other species’ females, though a particular crewmate disagrees…

Liara T'soni - Long after finishing her incredibly long and thought-provoking book series on the Protheans along with help from Javik, Liara is a part-time crewmember who always keeps an eye on Caim and his crew, using her information broker skills to protectively aid their missions.   30+ years is a drop in the bucket to an Asari, and so Liara looks much the same as her prior appearances, but her personality has matured further since the Great Reaper War.


the Normandy SR3 - The original SR2 Normandy was badly damaged after the Reaper War and set to be de-commissioned after its final victory flight home to Earth.  EDI was removed from the ship when Joker retired. After the Geth Separatist Incursion, Caim used his military pull to resurrect the ship, restoring it to full working condition and having it fitted with more modern and advanced weaponry and technologies, along with a new AI, HAN - Heuristic Autonomous Network, developed from a modified and updated strain of EDI’s AI algorithms along with input from Joker.  HAN’s ability to tell jokes is significantly more advanced than his predecessor/“mother.”


Sketches to follow…?