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10 Day Shipping Challenge
Day 4: Sad Moments

I got some gifs of the saddest destiel moments I know. 
The moment when leviathan Cas walked into the lake and died. And then Dean picked up Cas’ trench coat and kept it. 
Then the moment where Dean truly sees that Cas isn’t dead but Cas doesn’t remember. 
Then went Cas let go of Dean’s hand and told him to go, to leave him in Purgatory. 
And When Naomi was controlling Cas and ordering him to kill Dean. And Dean, beaten and bloody, tried to bring Cas back. 

all these are sad moments to me. ones that had my heat breaking for them. 

10 Day Shipping Challenge

Day 2: Hugs 

(yes i know i already used this one v.v sorry)

Destiel hugs are so rare that i believe this is the only one (that i can remember). And it is so heart warming. Just look at how Dean approches Cas quickly and with a wide, bright smile bursting with happiness. And how when he hugs him with that one arm, Dean pats Cas’ back, a friendly jesture but here it’s like Dean is pulling him closer like he’d thought he’d lost him forever(which i’m sure he might have). And the comforting rock in the hug. It’s just so full of love, pain, and relief.