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Well that looks like a couple to me! I love how sneaky Cait was just popping up in London. Sam's driver started to spread the story about Sam going to London, Sam then stops for a fan picture so all fandom eyes on that location then bam... A loved up cuddly Sam and Caif picture appears on SM! And they both look so happy!💕

Not to be a party pooper but I am going to suspend my excitement just for a bit and wait on the kissing pic/s. They do look good together, as always. Interesting how they are both alive and radiant together? Nobody looks drunk or that they rather be elsewhere. I am just glad SH does not look like a frat boy. And that lady in red? Classically gorgeous, as always. Slay, slay, slay.

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Could you post the part in Voyager where SC are doing something with a needle that might've caised Caifs puncture marks on her legs? Thanks.

Hi! Yes, I will post, but please keep in mind that they do not use real syringes or needles on a set (holy shit that would hurt) and therefore nothing is puncturing Cait’s skin. Also she’s not re-enacting Pulp Fiction and stabbing someone in the chest as hard as she can. Even with a little pressure from a fake needle, I doubt she would bruise.

“Never mind.” I heaved myself upright, bracing against the wave of dizziness. “Here, give me that.” I snatched the pad from his hand and swiped a patch across the top of my thigh. My hand trembled slightly from the fever. 


“Shut up!” I took the syringe and aimed it as well as I could, left-handed, then plunged it into the muscle. It hurt. It hurt more when I pressed down on the plunger, and my thumb slipped off.

Here is my opinion on how Cait got the bruise. 

Pushing me to my knees in front of the berth, he knelt behind me, groping for the hem of my shift. A cool breeze from the open stern window blew over my naked buttocks, and a shiver ran down the backs of my thighs.

And moments later

He clasped a hand over my mouth, bending over me so that he lay over my back, the billowing linen of his shirt falling around me and the weight of him pressing me to the bed.

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Companions react to you meeting your husband again as a synth, romanced.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat ran up to Nate/Nora and gave them a good sniff. He jumped up on his hind legs and put his paws on their chest, his tail wagging. Sole figured this is what it would have looked like if the bombs hadn’t dropped and that damn dog hadn’t run away..

Codsworth (Romanced): “Is…is that.. Mum/Sir?” Codsworth was very torn. He was so excited to see the other one of his old owners, but also was suddenly stricken with worry at the idea of the life he had with Sole being wiped away. Yeah, he was a fully functional Mr. Handy, but how was he supposed to compare to a bonafide humanoid Synth?

Preston (Romanced): “Sir/Ma'am,” Preston said, tipping his hat. He was very civil during their initial meeting me even later, not saying anything inflammatory to Sole. But as they laid down to sleep, Preston held Sole closer than usual. He hummed a song from the radio, a nervous habit of his.

Piper (Romanced): “Oh, another Blue.” Piper seemed somber, but desperately trying to play it cool. “Do you think you’re going to become as much of a force to be reckoned with as Blue 1 here?” Nate/Nora laughed, saying they hoped there wouldn’t be a need for it. Later when talking to Sole, Piper paced back and forth. “You can’t seriously be considering a synth? Not over me? Blue..” She muttered. Sole grabbed her and held her close.

Nick (Romanced): “Oh you’re one of the new fancy ones,” he muttered. He didn’t really know what he expected when Sole had told him the news. It was almost as if the body in the vault had been defrosted itself, just like Sole. Nick almost resigned as lover right then and there. How could an old broken down bot like him compare? Sole later told him that he shouldn’t dare give up cause nothing has been decided yet.

Hancock (Romanced): “Looks like my luck has finally run out,” Hancock turned and walked away when Sole introduced him to their pre-war spouse. Sole apologized to Nate/Nora and ran after him. After a few minutes of pressing, Hancock finally blurted out “How could you even think about choosing me when you can have someone like that! Real fucking skin, a goddamn war hero?!” Sole grabbed and held him, he gripped their collar and they stayed like that for awhile.

Macready (Romanced): “So that’s your…” He seemed angry. Without even really thinking or waiting he blurted out “You’re going to leave me for a synth?!” Sole had to calm him down, let him know there was a lot to think about and that they loved him very much. Macready was so frustrated, not willing to loose another love.

Cait (Romanced): “This was your loving hubby/wifey before you were put in the freezer eh?” She crossed her arms and eyed Nate/Nora up and down. “They look like a fuckin’ tool.” She spit at their feet. Sole snapped at her, told her not to take out her anger on them. Cait yelled back “I trusted you! We’re were supposed to make all this pain go away!”‘Sole tried to grab her hand, but instead Caif grabbed a bottle and went off to get drunk.

Curie (Romanced): “Do you think that your spouse will like me?” Sole had told Curie that they found Nate/Nora as a synth. Curie was very interested in making the relationship work as a trio, rather than a traditional duo. Sole didn’t really have a problem with it but when asked Curie where she got the idea, she said that she wanted to show love everyone she could.

Danse (Romanced): Danse’s first instinct was to fall back on old reactions. His own identity was still getting used to. At least him and Nate/Nora would have things to talk about…military, synthdom…oh darn it he tried to be civil. He stormed out of the room the three were in. When Sole came to talk to him he just scooped them up and kissed them deeply.

Deacon (Romanced): “Oh now that’s just uncanny. I’ve looked juuust like that before.” Deacon was being his smooth self, talking up Nate/Nora telling them stories, but Sole could tell he was uncomfortable, the way he was moving his hands, shifting where he stood, failing miserably at acting natural.

Strong (Romanced): “Pretty human will not leave Strong for metal man!!” Strong proceeded to throw a fit, smashing and throwing things. Nate/Nora looked at Sole, jokingly said “That’s what you’re into now?”

X6-88 (Romanced): X6 simply looked at Nate/Nora muttered said their recall code and walked away. When Sole begged him to wake them up, he  said no.

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       AOIFE DIDN’T KNOW what got into her when she fought with her mother. She’s never once raised her voice in front of her parents, but she’s had a really bad day and bottling them up seems to have taken a toll on her. It’s about to rain, droplets of water falling on her skin, and she’s desperate to go back home, but then here she is in the woods, practically heaving for her life after hearing the rustling of leaves on the ground late in the evening. She’s certain there’s no one else around, save for the serial killer who’s probably out to murder her. As taught by stupid horror movies, she impulsively walks towards the direction of where she heard the sound. “Hello? Is anybody there?” she calls out. She cringes just as she remembers how futile that must be. This is how those people die in the movies, she thinks.