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       AOIFE DIDN’T KNOW what got into her when she fought with her mother. She’s never once raised her voice in front of her parents, but she’s had a really bad day and bottling them up seems to have taken a toll on her. It’s about to rain, droplets of water falling on her skin, and she’s desperate to go back home, but then here she is in the woods, practically heaving for her life after hearing the rustling of leaves on the ground late in the evening. She’s certain there’s no one else around, save for the serial killer who’s probably out to murder her. As taught by stupid horror movies, she impulsively walks towards the direction of where she heard the sound. “Hello? Is anybody there?” she calls out. She cringes just as she remembers how futile that must be. This is how those people die in the movies, she thinks.


If you’re in need of high quality cosplay sewing, consider me for your next commission. With over six years of experience in a wide range of fandoms and fabrics, I’m confident that I can make something you’ll be proud to wear. If these samples aren’t enough to entice you, you can see a more complete portfolio of my work in my sewing tag. Pricing and details under the cut.

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I’m still trying to do commissions to help pay of my phone bill. I thought i was in the clear but I’m not, I still owe 73 dollars and I need some money for myself as well because I’m getting my last pay check from my old job this friday and it’ll be very small and I need to help my mom buy groceries and other necessities.

I’m doing head shots like the ones above for $20USD! Paypal preferred but if you live in Canada, an etransfer would be great too!

Please contact me here, in the new IM system or at

If you can’t commission me, please don’t just like the post, reblog and signal boost too. Thanks!