aieta Baron

Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Family: divorced parents. Grew up with mom and younger sister, lives alone currently.

Caieta is impressionable. With low self-esteem and no real plans for himself, he has spent much of his life trying to do what other people expected. He tested well, and graduated college with an engineering degree at 18. But without any plans of what to do WITH the degree, he found himself working an entry level desk job analyst position about as far from his major as he could.

Caieta dresses plainly, but fashionably modern. He always wears gloves and boots. He’s small and slender.

Like a scared animal puffing himself up, he is most likely to try to project himself as knowledgable, certain, and aggressive - precisely because he actually sees himself as being none of these things.

He feels most comfortable in large cities, surrounded by the scientific, the modern, and the understood. He has little interest in magic save what it can do for him when someone else wields it. Despite his own issues - or perhaps as a result of - Caieta is a fairly good judge of character. He finds it vastly easier to tell what other people want - and how to get them to do what he wants through this - than he to tell what he himself wants.


Brother-Sister Team: with her late brother, Tarin

Bureaucratically Arrange Marriage: with Casimir.

Divine Parentage: part of the reason why Casimir wants her as his wife

Pregnant Hostage

Siblings in Crime: with Tarin

Runaway Fiance