caid lynn skabo

Military Relationships.

Ive read some pretty disrespectful things in the past couple of hours.

like “who cares if your boyfriend is gone for 8 months”……

Do you know what its like to wonder if you’ll ever see your boyfriend, fiance, father, mother or hunsband again?

Obviously you fucking don’t.

Do you know what it’s like to cry your self to sleep, or have the scared to death feeling that you might be getting that ONE knock on the door, or a ring of the door bell..

With the fellow marines holding an american flag, with a well known apology?

My fiance will be coming back to a newborn child. BUT, anything could happen in 8 to 9 months.

The day that he leaves will be the saddest day yet to come! But

The father of my child will never get to see or hold either of us again.

I WILL never get to see touch, kiss, or even hold hands with him ever again.

when you kiss someone thats always so far away, training and traning all day everyday you begin to wonder about reality.

when we kiss I hold the back of his head to let him know I will always be holding him, even when I’m not there.

When I get to kiss him at night, I lay there with my eyes filled to the max with tears.. because I wonder if ill ever get to kiss him again…

The one person that saved me from myself. The father of my child. My Fiance! A United States Marine.

He never tells me about how scared he is about going, but I know he is full of fear.

Some of these assholes always say, “Well you chose this life style” The fucking fuck yes I chose this! Thats because I fucking love him.

Then some people say “Well hes a killer, how could you love someone like that?”

You’re 100% right he is, They are BORN to kill, Trained to fight. Trained to kill with not only a gun, but their bare fucking hands.

You’d be amazed at the shit they could do to an asshole like you.

I dont get why people constantly nag and bitch about how they dont get to see their boyfriend for a day or two. Try not seeing your “Boyfriend” for months and months at a time.

Once I had someone tell me they hope my fiance dies over seas. The tears that brought to my eyes.. you could only imagine!

HOW could someone say that.. Someone so heartless and upset with the world… could say something that could come true, or happen. I wonder how they would feel knowing they said that to someone who had already lost a loved one in the service?!

I love my fiance, And I wish I could one day step in his shoes, and do what he does. FOR one day. So I could understand the pain and loneliness they go through.

Some people dont understand the time waiting, and the wondering, and all the sleepless nights someone goes through in a military relationship. Its not easy at all.

It takes alot of trust and willing to get let down alot of letting down.. and the FEAR is the worst.

The deployments and the deployment dates change all the time. so your emotions are always everywhere.

It takes two big hearted people to withstand the cut off of communication. LETTERS are the only way to know how hes doing. No phone calls, not even emergancy ones.

flights arent being made unless hes coming home, with his brother.

Many Many Many! Marines do not make it home. Brothers Of Brothers carry their lost ones down that row of people, The wife, mother, and father even his children are awaiting to watch the marines say their peace. The Children say goodbye to their daddy they barley knew. The Wives HAVE to be strong for the little ones. The Lost ones best friend usually hold the wife and kids. But its not the same.

So next time think before you say and act upon a military man and his wife.

Some people dont realize the things they have to see and hear.

The brothers they’ve been trained to protect and love all through out being a boot to deployments, some die. The screams they have to hear. The Whole save me man?! why arent you helping me?! Please help me Im shot, my legs are gone!! my arms are missing. There is always that one marine that fights his way through and decides to make a choice.. on to take on all the bullets he can to save his friend. Some die while trying to save a brother. Freedom isnt free!

I personally, would give anything for my man to come home. In One piece would be nice. But If he came back in a million I would LOVE him the same and more. If he lost his arms and legs I would give all my power to make him feel the same again. I would see for him and protect him from all of his fears. All of his scary nights and days are over. He might wake up screaming and I would be there To hold on to him so tightly he’d just hold me back. Every little sound might make him tick… but I’d make sure he knew he was ok and safe at home.

My Fiance Is stronger than any other person ive been in a relationship with. AND I still feel so safe with him. Knowing If he did freak out one day, there would be no possible way for me to save myself or protect myself. I KNOW he wouldnt hurt me.

The Marines Ive met and know are honestly the sweetest most loving people I’ve ever know. They go through so much but yet they try to make everyone happy before themselves, Its amazing were like a huge family.

The point Im getting at is, People who have judged many relationships based on “military” are very ignorant and stupid maybe even jealous they cant handle it all. To the people who say they dont care. What makes you think You’re any better than a United States Marine and his other half?. What exactly do you get looked up on for? Being an asshole. Yea.

You think all they want to be called is a hero.

IVE never heard a Marine call themselves a hero, They just want to come home. They give their life for You! and Its not just taking the life of them but its stealing away from everyone else around them.

They fight Day and night, Pulling triggers and trying to focus on just one thing. and thats for you to be able to lay your head down safely at night. While they are getting theirs shot at.

They can only have a limited amount of things with them, many carry pictures of family. My finace says thats all he see’s Is marines looking at pictures and over letter, when they have a chance to look at those pictures to remind them of why they need to come home. Thats what gets to him the most.

I hold on to my fiances dog tags like its my life attached to those. I know that those tags are place in his mouth or around his feet if he doenst make it. I want them to come back around his neck.

I cannot wait for that day to pick him up at the airport! I will be latched on to him like glue. Nothing can stop me from loving my man and my relationship and the life I chose to live. And If you think the things you say will stop a women from loving her man in the military will work. ehh it might on some but the honest and true ones will fuck your shit up. You cant mess with us, Try all you want but you just look like an ass honestly.

So take your ignorance and shove it up your fucking ass.

Because I only have TWO more days until he comes home Before he leaves for Deployment. <3 <3 <3 <3

I have full out and all out respect for The Untited States Marines.


By: Kayla Renee Clark Soon to be Kayla Renee Skabo! <3