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Okay I know about the story of Cai Wenji being taken from her family and then bought back by Cao Cao but I noticed DW 7 that Koei made it seem like a romantic couple and I kind of like them together so I tried to look up any mentions about them being involved and I got two things. One said they were childhood friends who fell in love, but were separated twice so Cao Cao let her go for the better good, but then another said he felt it was right to pay money for her so she wouldn't suffer.

One thing about her name: Calling her Cai Wenji all the time really isn’t correct. Her given name was Yan, while Wenji was her style name. It’s more proper to refer to her as Cai Yan. Furthermore, Wenji wasn’t actually her style name. her real style name was Zhaoji. that’s the same “Zhao” as in “Sima Zhao”, so during the Jin dynasty, historians changed it to “Wenji” to avoid name taboos.


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As his troops moved through Tong pass, Cao Cao sighted a flourishing wood in the distance. “What place is that?” he asked an attendant. “Indigo Field,” was the reply. “Cai Yong’s manor is somewhere in there. His daughter Yan and her husband, Dong Si, occupy it now.” Cao Cao had always been on good terms with Cai Yong. In earlier days his daughter Yan had been the wife of Wei Zhongdao. Later, she was taken captive by the northern tribes and bore two sons while among them. Her poems, “Eighteen Tunes for Foreign Flute,” circulated in northern China. Cao Cao himself sympathized with her and had someone ransom her for one thousand ounces of gold. The Xiongnu chief, worthy king of the Left, fearful of Cao’s power, sent Cai Yan back to the land of Han, and Cao Cao gave her in marriage to Dong Si.

Standing before the manor, Cao Cao was reminded of the Cai Yong incident. He ordered his army to go on ahead while he dismounted, accompanied by a hundred guards. Dong Si had left to take up an official post; Cai Yan was at home. She rushed to welcome the visitor. When Cao reached the upper hall, Cai Yan stood to one side after completing the customary ritual reception.

(From Chapter 71)

(The text goes on to describe them talking about a riddle Cai Yan’s father, Cai Yong, wrote on the back of a memorial stone tablet)

It’s nice to see Cai Yan get some appreciation, like how her works are mentioned, and that she gets more to do in the story than just being someone’s wife, even if it’s just a small part on the side. It’s also nice to see a more human side of Cao Cao. I really like their relationship.

Cai Yong's Kids

We know of both is daughters. One is the famous poet Cai Yan (represented in the Koei games as Cai Wenji).

The other, Lady Cai married, either into the prestigious Yang family. Her daughter, Yang Huiyu, became the third wife of Sima Shi.

Our usual sources don’t make any mention of any sons born to Cai Yong, so we are inclined to doubt Wikipedia in this instance. If anybody does have more information on this, please let us know.