I spent two weeks drawing footballers and celebrating  lots of countries coming together in the name of sport. Please remember the ones not so fortunate and maybe give some money to or or any other charity doing a good job

5 steps. Comment, share, like Best Buddies is amazing.

1. Go to

2. Type in Best Buddies International.

3. Click view videos.

4. You can watch my video if you would please to.

5. Click vote for Best Buddies International!

If you don’t know what Project for Awesome is; it is an event that takes place over a weekend in December on youtube every year. The amazing vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green founded it. Essentially, people make videos about their favorite charities and the one that gets the most votes gets all the money that is raised over the weekend… or the top charities split it. The money is almost all raised this weekend with exceptions to a couple earlier donations, comments on a p4a video, a #p4a on  twitter or a mention on facebook = 1penny to project for awesome. You can also donate through the website or by buying promoted items from Or you can just vote for Best BUddies!!! Comment, share, watch the whole thing!

All of the info about Best Buddies and what it is can be found in my video which you can get to if you follow the steps above.