Okay, so all you guys know how I’m like absolute trash for Seth Rollins,Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns right? Like, I love these three men so much and I would literally defend them to the end of the earth and back again. But I would literally give up a chance to meet them if I could meet Jeff instead. Like,Jeff Hardy is my boy and I’ve loved him since 2006 and the love will literally never go away.

A lot of people have thirst for him because of his looks and his skill set in the ring and I’m so happy for that. He deserves all the love and appreciation for what he has achieved. But he’s been teaching generations of kids since 2000 that it’s okay to be who you are and not to give a shit what other people think about it. Dye your hair any colour you want, get that piercing or tattoo. Wear that outfit that anyone else would deem weird, as long as it makes you happy.

He’s also went through drug addiction(pain killers because he was in consetent pain but didn’t want to take time off because he didn’t want to leave us not seeing him on TV or at house shows) and has overcame it. He said that it’s okay to reach out for help because you’re not alone in your struggles. He was at the bottom of the barrel and at rock bottom but he rose above it to become o better person and apologised to us for letting us down and owned up to his mistakes.

He knows that he’s not perfect and he never going to act like he is. He’ll never lie to us as fans, he’ll wear his heart on his sleeve each and every night because he loves each and every one of us.

He’s also the youngest person in the entire WWE to become a grand slam champion in both formats at 30 years old and held all of the titles in the previous format. Only two people, TWO people have done that. Jeff and Chris Jericho.

Pretty much, I just love everything about Jeff and the fact he won’t hide who he is.

He’s also such a creative genius, like his charectors he creates such a willow and itchweeed, like DAMN. And his artwork and music is so beautiful.

Like, I just really want to hug him and tell him how much he’s an inspiration for so many people and that I love him.

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