cahabòn river


I heard something down the stairs and grabbed my old baseball bat. Creeping down the stairs suddenly there was the sound of glass breaking. I took my bat and kicked the door open.

“WELL HELLO (Y/N)” The doctor shouted and hugged me. His bowtie ticking my neck.

“No you’re not real!” I shouted and backed up from him. He seemed hurt. Like I had told him santa no longer visited his house.

“This is the dream” This was the dream I’d been having since I was little.

“How do you know?” he said and looked at my eyes searching each iris for a chance that something in them would spark and I’d remember.

“Because nothing that good could be true” a small tear welled up in my eyes, the doctor tilted his head and reached out rubbing my cheek, affectively getting rid of the water.

“Doctor?” I whispered

“(Y/N), It’s ok, I’m here.”


*Y/N/N = your nick name

‘So this is all, you’re just gonna break up with me’ Ezra shouts with anger, you have decided to break up with him, It’s the better thing to do with all the 'A’ mess
'It shouldn’t be this hard’ tears began to fall down your cheeks
'Aren’t you even gonna give me a reason, Y/N. People don’t just break up, something has to happen’ you can see his anger growing with every tear that goes down your face, but you don’t blame him
'It’s better if you don’t know’
'Don’t tell me what its better for me’
'Please, don’t make me do this. It’s only gonna be harder for us’ you practically beg him
'It’s because of A? He’s making you do this?’ suddenly his anger disappears and is replaced by concern
'Yes, no. I mean, A has taken away everyone that I love. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me’
'He’s not gonna hurt me, Y/N/N. I love you and there’s nothing he can do to change that, ok? I love you’ he hugs you and you feel like someone has taken off a load from you, as if everything was fine again.
'I love you too’ you respond and he places a kiss in your head

Hope you like it
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Could you please write a scenario where the Wammy Boys react to finding out their S/O smokes weed for their anxiety?

L: L wouldn’t mind at all, honestly. Just as long as it helped you when you were feeling stressed out. He’d probably keep a close eye on you though, just to make sure you wouldn’t get caught with it or anything. 

Matt: Literally no problems here when it come to Matt, seeing as he smokes it, too. He’d probably make sure you always had some.

Mello: Mello wouldn’t be for it, I don’t think. He’d be to worried you’d accidentally hurt yourself or get caught with it. He’d probably explain to you often about how there are other ways to deal with the anxiety. 

Near: At first, he’d probably be pretty upset, seeing as he’s not to fond of drugs. After seeing how it helped you, it probably wouldn’t bother him as much, but he’d still wish you’d find a different way to deal with your anxiety. A way that wasn’t quite as… Illegal.


River was aptly named; he was a gusher of talent, of curiosity and wonder. His temperament was to go to the very edges of life, and with his humanness and the tentacles of his talent, to feel around, and to probe with that mischievous, cat-like smile on his face, extending himself in empathy and generosity.
—  William Richert (foreword ‘In Search of River Phoenix.’)