Iry the Hanged man

She is an unusual hanged man because she takes exclusively cagroos as her host. apparently she loves the happiness of jumping around

Her diet is based on mainly fruits. she eats a lot of them from any source. she’s not silly though, she can discern between a good fruit and a poisonous one. she consumes a lot so she can burn all that energy by running and hopping around.

because of her happiness with her body, once they rot, she feels really sad that she has to start over again. it could be compared to a human and a mouse/rat pet. they last too little.

she dislikes not possessing a body, and sometimes, if the chance is aviable, she takes on a random body just to search for a dead cagroo easier. then, she switches from one body to another, leaving the other go to waste.

She works in the outsides of a city in a farm, plowing the ground.  she makes a life out of it. however, whenever she takes on a new body, the first month is exceptionally hard for her because it is a new body, and they’re generally unprepared for that task.


Thresha is a giant cagroo. gentle, addectionate and dedicated are her main positive traits. she cant speak, but she can think like any normal sentient being, like you and me.

her long tail allows her to do any task a being with arms can do, with the exception of her only having one tail, so the tasks she can do are limited.

Earth affinity, her presence makes saplings reach adulthood in the lapse of a few days. its useful for her, specially since She likes fruits. a lot.

dont get on her bad side, as her kicks can crush bones effortlessly and she can step on creatures, killing them with her strenght and inmense weight. she takes no offense from others lightly.

Husband to Laisa, he’s a shy, enormous Cagroodle. he doesnt socialize too much, but he’s a kind, sweet heart. usually he just works as a means of transport for laisa, who has to carry ostritch-sized eggs from place to place in order to sell them. the eggs always have colorful colors, inside and out, that children have fun with when eating. most kids love colors, lets face it, and colorful food is what makes them happy the most.

his affinity is earth, and it allows him to feel whatever is around him, even if he cannot see it with his eyes. this is why he prefers to be guided by his power than by his own eyes. this power can save them time and their life when traveling, by finding shortcuts or dodging predators before even meeting them.