caged heat!

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Omg Cas responding to Sam's threat in the beginning of caged heat. He called him boy.


Yeah and people wonder why I think Cas is a bit of a Dom?!?

HE IS CANONICALLY DOMINANT - This could VERY easily be transferred to the bedroom guys. I’m not making this shit up. Cas was written this way and Dean was written as a sub just saying I dont make the rules.

Just a friendly reminder that while Castiel was punishing Meg’s behaviour (he explicitly says that he learned this from the Pizza Man, and his interpretation of the scene between the Pizza Man and the Baby Sitter had been that the former was punishing the wrongful behaviour of the latter).

Dean was doing this:

Dude is projecting himself in on the action with his whole body. He purses his lips. His hand makes a grabbing motion. But although Castiel has his back to Dean, Dean is paralleling Castiel, this isn’t even a little bit about Dean wanting to visit what Castiel is doing on Meg. Not Meg. They have history. Meg had just threatened him with sexualized violence. It’s not even a little bit about Meg, because Dean doesn’t see this as punishment like Castiel does.

Which leaves only one other option.

My mind wanders through galaxies

Searching the stars for a purpose

While my heart lays buried in the earth

Held their by the weight of my sins.

I’m Astral projecting into lives I’ll never own

Forgetting who I am, before I’m ever known.

A twisted lover in a fire blackened cage

The heat in hell is so much cooler than yesterday.

Time heals all wounds, but the scars are rarely pretty

You’ve got bad taste in men, that’s my self-esteem being petty.

Finding purpose in a world as small as this

Less useful than making a shooting star wish

Your comet soars across the north Georgia sky

All I can remember is the nights I’ve wanted to die.

My head is stuck in those crystalline clouds

If I’m lucky I may never come down

But the world rests heavy on my far to willing shoulders

Trying to forget what it was like to hold her.


…. Samuel: Is this what you boys do? Sit around watching pornos with angels?

Castiel: We’re not supposed to talk about it..

06x10 Caged Heat

Caged Heat

You gasped coming up for air, shaking your long hair as the dirt flew out. You stood looking around, your eyes scanning the old cemetery. “Where the hell am I?” you asked out loud. You began walking, letting the images flash in your mind, your family screaming at each other, then it was dark, then it was hot. Then everything was on fire. 

You closed your eyes and when you reopened them, you stood outside a stone building with a metal door. you walked down to the door and opened it, slipping inside you heard voices. Two tall men walked out of a room, followed by him. 

You narrowed your eyes. He walked and talked with them like nothing was wrong. It made your blood boil. You quietly walked down the stairs before standing behind them as they walked down a hallway. You noticed when he stopped and stopped the other two. Suddenly he turned and looked at you. “Y/N….what are you doing here?” he stared wide eyed. You narrowed your eyes, your lip curling. “Hi ya uncle Cassie….miss me?” You noticed the other two pull guns out of their waist bands and smirked. “You run with Winchesters? Classy. I should have known….” you saw both boys eyes glance up and you let out a laugh. “This devils trap wont hold me….I’m to powerful for that…I’m not here for you two anyways. I’m here for the angel in trench coat.” “Y/N…let me explain…” “Explain what?! You left me to die! You knew what would happen but you didn’t give a shit because grandpa made sure you were safe and sound didn’t he?! yeah?! Well now wheres the little bitch!” you screamed throwing Castiel across the room. “I WAS A CHILD! AN INNOCENT CHILD! DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO ME?! HOW MANY TIMES HE KILLED ME ONLY FOR UNCLE MICHAEL TO BRING ME BACK?! DAD TORTURED ME AND YOU SAT BY AND LET IT HAPPEN! BUT THESE TWO REDNECKS GET THROWN INTO HELL AND YOU HAVE TO SAVE THEM INSTANTLY?! FUCK YOU!” You screamed throwing him around more. You glared at the Winchesters before snapping your fingers and disappearing. 

Dean and Sam rushed to Cas’s side and helped him up. “What the hell was that?!” Dean asked as Cas panted and looked up to face them. “That was Lucifer’s daughter….”