caged and cuffed

Prize Ship (5/5)

The final part of my CSSV gift to @feeling-quilly.  I hope you like it!

In the meanitime… It’s finished! I finished my first multi-chapter! I’m so happy I could dance! Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you, dear readers.

Summary:  At the height of the war, Lieutenant Killian Jones captures an enemy ship, and discovers Crown Princess Emma Swan aboard. Which is more important: love or loyalty?

Rating:  T

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Chapter Five - Prize Court

Emma stumbled as she was pushed into the prison wagon, catching herself on the wall of the cage, the iron manacles around her wrists clinking loudly against the chain connecting them.  Liam was already inside and sitting against the back wall of the dark cage, his cuffed hands rubbing his neck gently.

“Are you -” he tried to say, his voice weak and raspy as he broke off in a pained cough.

She nodded, turning back to the black metal door behind her.  “I’m fine.”  Killian…

A moment later, his limp body was tossed onto the floor of the wagon and the iron gate swung shut.  The largest of the bounty hunters snarled through the thin space between the fat metal bars.  “Best get comfortable, Highness,” he jeered as he slammed the huge lock shut.  “We’ve got a bit of a trip ahead of us and I can’t wait to get paid for you lot.”  He walked away, leaving them alone in the near darkness.

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