caged and cuffed

Warren Worthington III x Reader - Angel Boy

Your mutation: Healing powers and controlling plants
Word count: 1314
Rating: T
Warning: Language (like serious a lot)
Etc: In this, Warren didn’t die in Apocalypse!

“Get up you mutant bitch.” The guard yelled, slamming his hand on your cage to wake you. You opened your eyes and attempted to lift up your weak body.

“If you don’t win a fight, you don’t eat. If you win a fight, you eat. It’s as simple as that. Also, try not to get killed.” The mutant girl in the cage next to you had explained when you first arrived. They had taken you from a mutant circus in France and brought you to Germany to fight. You had fought 5 times and lost 4 fights. Food was scarce and even rats looked edible to you sometimes. Every fight hurt you more and more. Physically, you were ok. Your mutation allowed you to self heal. But emotionally, you were broken. Every fight they forced you into hurt part of you.

“Am I fighting today?” you asked the guard. He smirked at you, looking you up and down.

“Of course. Why the fuck else would I wake you up? Make sure you’re well rested sweetheart. You’re fighting the best in the business today. Dietrich! Holen sie sich das engel junge (Get the angel boy)!” The guard shouted. He opened your cage and walked over to you.

“You ready to fight, bitch?” The guard laughed raspily and handcuffed you. He pushed you out of the cell with a gun to your back so you couldn’t run. In the dim hall lights, you noticed how pale your green skin had become. A short five minute walk later brought you back to the side of the stage. The crowd was huge, preparing to see the best fighter in the business.

Every mutant was warned about him. He didn’t just hurt the person he was fighting; out of his last 20 fights, 19 of them died. You shivered as the cold air hit you.

“Cold? Don’t worry, it’ll all be over in a minute.” The guard walked you up to the cage, un-cuffed you and shoved you in. You grunted in pain as your body hit the metal floor. The crowd began to laugh as you slowly stood up.

“Der nächste herausforderer ! Sie können pflanzen steuern , aber sie können nichts tun Engel zu stoppen? Entdecken sie und sehen! (The next challenger! She can control plants, but can she do anything to stop angel? Watch and see!)” The announcer laughed.

“S'il vous plaît. Ne me faites pas de mal. Je t'en prie. (Please. Do not hurt me. I beg you)” You begged the boy. You felt a small tear running down your face. He frowned at you, stretching his wings.

“I speak English. We have to fight. I won’t kill you, don’t worry.” He said, just loud enough for you to hear. You understood a little English, enough that got the point across. You nodded, preparing to fight.

“Anfang! (Start)” The announcer shouted. The crowd cheered as you both went to your corners. The angel boy spread his wings preparing to charge. You quickly trapped his feet down with vines. He went to move, only to realize he had been trapped. The audience laughed at him as he tried to struggle. He glared at you. Apparently he wanted to make the first move. You undid the vines and he began to run at you.

Within one moment, you were standing on the ground. The next, you were in the air. You screamed, realizing the boy had lifted you to the top of the cage. The audience cheered, thinking this was part of his next move on you. The winged boy began to punch at the top and managed to break the roof of it open. He shoved you out as the guards began to raise their guns, realizing what he was doing. You tried to pull him out with you; you wanted him to come too.

“No! Just go! I’ll be fine!” He yelled. The crowd was screaming, realizing you were going to escape.

“Non! S'il vous plaît! Viens! (No! Please! Come!)” You shouted. He shoved you onto the roof as shots rang out below.

“Good luck, ivy girl.” He gave you a sad smile, dropping into the cage below. You couldn’t stay; You wouldn’t stay. Leaving behind the angel boy wasn’t something you wanted to do, but if you wanted to get out of here with your life, you had to.

“Au revoir, l’ange. (Goodbye, angel)” you whispered, scurrying to get off the roof. You ran until you couldn’t anymore. You still didn’t feel safe.

years later, right after apocalypse

It had been 5 years since you had been stuck at the mutant fighting ring. Five years since you had been a stowaway on a boat to come to America. Five years since you found Xavier’s. Five years since you had seen the angel boy.

You had seen him fighting with the bad people. They must have found him in a time of darkness. The boy that rescued you that night would never have done this. When the X-Men returned with three of the four horsemen, you didn’t know what to think. How could they have forgiven them?

One of them was Storm; she helped them in the end. One of them was Magneto; he was an old friend of theirs. The other one was angel boy. You had yet to see him around campus, but you were nervous. A lot can happen in 5 years. You hoped to see happiness somewhere within him.

You sat under a tall tree, helping it’s blossoms grow when you heard metal clinking.

“Ivy girl. Long time no see.” a man said behind you. You turned around to see him; the angel boy.

“L’ange. (The angel)” You mumbled.

“It’s good to see a familiar face around here.” He gave you a small smile. You were nervous and didn’t know what to think. Was he good or bad?

“Sorry. I was not meaning to not answer and be rude. What is your name angel boy?” You asked. You were trying to be polite. After all, he had saved your life a few years ago. But he also tried to destroy the world.

“My name is Warren. What’s yours ivy girl?” He sighed, taking a seat next to you.

“I am (Y/N). I-I never got to thank you for saving me. So I would like to say thank you. For, uh, saving me.” You smiled sheepishly. It was nice to talk to someone here. You had really only connected with Kurt, who went through almost the exact same thing you did, but then he left to fight Apocalypse.

“No problem. I just wanted to say, I’m not sure what you’ve seen or heard, but… I am so sorry. For what I did to the world. Just being hurt like that, all those years fighting. I thought the world needed to hurt. It didn’t. I became an alcoholic a few months back. When I met Apocalypse, I thought he gave me everything I needed. I felt like, maybe I didn’t need alcohol. Maybe I needed power. I got knocked out halfway through the fight. Everyone thought I was dead. Your friends, the X-Men, saved my life. At first, I was going to fight them. For Apocalypse. I thought maybe I could bring him back. I don’t know why I wanted to. Maybe I felt like someone finally believed in me. Storm, Ororo, told me Apocalypse called me useless when I passed out. That’s when I realized, I don’t need someone to believe in me. I need to believe in myself. The same way I believed in myself when I helped you escape. So thank you. I know you think I helped you that day, but really, you helped me.” he blurted out. You smiled at Warren. He was honest and genuine when he spoke, you could tell.

“I believe in you, Warren. I really do.”

I went a little overboard with my first Warren imagine, but I loved playing with his character! I hope you all like it! Requests are always open


Would You Have Loved Me? (Part 1)

((A/N: Different reader request! I should start labeling now that I’m getting different pairings! This one is Castiel X Reader. I enjoyed writing this, a lot, because I like different pairings. Who knew? I also like the challenge of writing Castiel since he’s a super complex character, to me at least. 

As a note, there will a sequel! Hope you like it! I’m nervous!!

PromptAw yes okay here’s to sending this in a second time, fingers crossed it works but…a fic (maybe if you can or if not just a one shot is fabulous too) when castiel once met this absolute pure, good, righteous girl (the reader) hundreds of years ago and he fell in love with her, and he never questioned her spot in heaven only to meet her in this day and age as a demon (wants to regain her soul maybe?), and Castiel wants to help but he’s wary of her and just how it was that she became demon

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: Language

Pairing: Castiel x Reader ))

“Castiel!” You smiled, a bright smile that lit up your features. You had been working the field when he arrived, living on a farm outside of the main cities in England. Your father was glad to have rescued you from such plights, finding out about ten years after moving the Black Death took over.

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