Dialogue: Merce + John (1972)

Happy 100th, John Cage! Cage made his first headline visit to the Walker in 1964 (as musical advisor to the Merce Cunningham Dance Company) and he would return with Cunningham many times over the next 25 years in a variety of incarnations, including four artist residencies.

Cage created his own instrumentation to fit the precise needs of his compositions. He viewed all sounds as legitimate musical territory. In his quest to locate a music that held no fixed meaning but would elucidate the oneness of everyday life and art, he embraced the use of silence as sound in formal composition (as in his classic 4'33").

Centennial celebration events are happening all over the country and internationally. Check out the list here (and take a moment to enjoy the photo of Cage in a birthday hat and send a birthday wish).


What do a water pitcher, an iron pipe, a goose call, a bottle of wine, an electric mixer, a whistle, a sprinkling can, ice cubes, two cymbals, a mechanical fish, a quail call, a rubber duck, a tape recorder, a vase of roses, a seltzer siphon, 5 radios, a bathtub, and a grand piano have in common? Find out…