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               can you like this if you want to ship/do a pre-established with any of my muses? it’d be nice if you could reply with the muse of mine you want && if you’re multi-muse the muse of yours that you’d like to use as well. I’ll IM you in the morning or something to plot, but I’m so in the mood lately to ship. 

Words can’t express how badly I want a scene of the Hell’s Kitchen gang all hanging out together. Maybe at Luke’s bar once it’s rebuilt. Like imagine Karen fangirling over Trish because she’s been a fan FOREVER. Or Malcolm and Foggy arguing over who has the best hair. Or Matt trying to convince Jessica that it’s best to conduct her business LEGALLY but she just downs another whiskey and is like “yeah yeah whatever altar boy.” Then Matt beats everyone at darts and Jessica is grumpy but Luke and Trish are like “Jessie it’s fine, you beat everyone at arm wrestling.”


➵ My favorite brotp’s (1/?): Cameron and Lory from The Red Queen Series.
     ↳ "Cole, if you make me sick again, I’ll gut you in your sleep
            Somehow, that gets a crinkle of a smile out of Cameron.

Unfriendly Reminder

The moment when you realize that Jon didn’t talk about the future here:

“I see lakes flooding their shores, swallowing men whole. I see a man with one eye, his coat blue, his gun smoking -”

Farley beats a fist against the table. “Enough!” (Glass Sword page 301)

but about how Farley’s mother and sister died:

“The king of the Lakelands punished us himself.  (…) My father and I were away when he raised the shores of the Hud, pulling water out of the bay to flood our village and wipe it from the face of his kingdom.”

“They drowned,” I murmur. (King’s Cage page 387)

Do you agree, @lilyharvord @dewydrael @the-little-lightning-queen ?

Claire Temple deserves her own TV/Netflix series. Probably titled 'Claire Temple and the stupid fucking superheroes'

You know, for reasons….