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danny rand: i was adopted by monks from this mystical place called k’un lun and trained to channel my inner chi to make my fist all glowy also i punched a dragon in the heart

everyone else:

matt murdock summary:

• *smells crime and just starts jumping around and doing parkour*

• probably in love with every woman he met

• an actual blind puppy™

• killing is illegal not punching someone off of a 100000000 story high stairs

• he does not kill criminals, gravity kills them

• “i’m trying very hard to ignore my soul.”

*5 minutes later*

“forgive me father for i am back on my shit.”

• devil in the streets puppy in the sheets

• “had it not been for the laws out of this land, I would have slaughtered you.”

• matthew murDICK in season 2
You know what I want?

I want The Defenders to be mentioned in the Marvel movies. The Avengers have been mentioned here and there in the separate series but never the other way around, it doesn’t have to be something big either like

  • Peter stumbling across Trish Talks while listening to the radio on his phone or aunt May being a fan
  • Pepper mentioning Ward or Rand while talking business or just a simple “Ms Potts Ward Meachum is on the line for you”
  • Steve reading about Daredevil or Luke (because lets be real Steve would have been a vigilante in Brooklyn back in the days if he could)
  • A TV in the backround showing footage of Punishers trial
  • “Karen Page wants an exclusive on Spiderman, she knows you’ve worked together”

Little things…

*sees that The Punisher series has 13 episodes*

*sees that Karen Page is in 13 episodes*

The defenders - a summary
  • Jessica babysitting the guys and having some good sense
  • Jessica’s lines full of sarcasm
  • Matt pining for Elektra while wearing Jessica’s scarf
  • Danny Rand trying to get some attention (he’s the Iron Fist, y’know)
  • Luke Cage teaching Danny how to suck it up
  • Foggy and Trish more like the best friends we all need
  • Claire Temple is the Goddess. 

I sincerely hope that for the Defenders, Luke Cage is made the designated leader, with Claire Temple as the Nick Fury-type member.

Danny is too naive and immature to be leading anyone while Matt and Jessica have WAY too many personality issues to inspire loyalty. Let’s not forget what happened in Daredevil season two with what went down between Matt, Karen, and Foggy and how Jessica treated people not named Trish and Luke.

(Malcolm is a slight exception since he did redeem himself but she still screwed him over a bit)

Luke, on the other hand, is a pretty stable dude who does inspire people. That was one of the main points in his show, that people look up to him and are inspired to do good. He may be reluctant but he definitely plays well with others and can take the lead when he needs to. Plus, he’s a former sheriff so I’m pretty sure he has actual experience leading a team into dangerous situations.

This isn’t hate on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Iron Fist by the way. Like, I LOVE Matt Murdock but even I’d be disappointed if he was made team leader. The man can barely manage himself, do you really think he can manage three other people, each of whom have their own issues?