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That’s Coma the Doof Warrior, which sounds more like a bootleg Magic: The Gathering card than a furious flaming-guitar player leading a battle charge. Director George Miller came up with backstories for every character audiences would see on screen, and Doof was no exception. But obviously, Miller didn’t develop as much of a story for him, considering he’s primarily a sight gag who’s barely onscreen. Enter actor iOTA, who was beyond thrilled to get the role.

Miller told iOTA that Doof Warrior’s general story was that Immortan Joe found him in a cave and took him under his wing. That wasn’t quite enough for iOTA, so he took things a step further. According to iOTA, Joe found Doof in a cave, holding the head of his dead mother. Refusing to let his mother go, Doof peeled her face off and turned it into a mask, like in that movie about John Travolta doing his best Nicolas Cage impersonation.

The mask was to be worn to honor Doof’s mother as he rode into battle, deciding on an “old farcical onesie … with the butt flap hanging out the back”to finish the costume. Our mothers would be proud, too.

7 Famous Movie Roles (With Insane Secret Backstories)


Images from the Museum of Torture in San Gimignano. Some of them are medieval, some of them are newer, some were used on heretics, witches, and sexual deviants, others were used politically or for other sinful crimes.

In order (top down/left-right)

Iron Maiden of Nurenburg – the individual is closed within this case,

Judas’ Chair –– the person is suspended above and could be slowly weighed down onto the point (into the anus or vagina) or dropped/plunged repeatedly on the point with varying weights.

The Saw – a large saw used on torture victims, who would be hung upside down from a tree (legs spread) and slowly sawed down their middle. They wouldn’t actually die or be able to lose consciousness until the saw reached the area around their heart. It was important that the person be conscious and generally be able to speak, because it was necessary to give the impression at least that the person might confess or repent.
Masks such as these had various purposes, they could be designed for simple humiliation and discomfort, or for physical torture. One such example usually reserved for outspoken women and witches was an iron mask/head cage with a disk that projected into the mouth over the tongue. The disk had sharp studs or spikes making any speech from the woman nigh impossible.

Next is an image of the witches’ wheel or breaking wheel. It was used throughout the middle ages as a torture device usually meant to kill and often reserved for crimes against the state. The limbs are fastened to the spokes and the person is hoisted on the wheel to the top of the pole where they are spun and hit from beneath with a metal hammer. Sometimes they were left there alive where the birds could feast on them.

The Pearl of Anguish has many names, and had a few functions but was mostly used to torture witches and sexual deviants (sodomites, etc). It was placed closed in an orifice, and then slowly opened to rip and break the area.

Next is a popular device to suspend someone from their arms behind their body. It was widely used because it was incredibly painful and would break the arms injure shoulders and backs as well, while keeping the person alive to confess or repent.

Cat’s claws, well, they don’t need much explanation.

The cross below it has a retractable dagger. This was reserved for heretics, so they could kiss the cross and die symbolically, as many medieval methods of torture and execution (and beliefs of torture in the Inferno etc) are formed around the sin or crime itself.

And finally, the chastity belt! Some were designed more brutally to make it quite painful should a man attempt to corrupt the woman’s “purity.”

In Hook, Robin Williams’ children are kidnapped when his family is visiting his wife’s grandmother, Wendy, and a former Lost Boy, Tootles. He goes to Neverland to find them, is able to regain the magic of childhood of whatever, and saves his kids from Captain Hook. In the middle of all this, Phil Collins makes a cameo appearance as a British detective. It’s a nice little scene, though it’s a bummer that Collins doesn’t break out into a performance of “That’s All.” Not even once. This absence takes the movie from a B to a C effort, if I can be honest.

At the end of Hook, about three seconds after Robin Williams returns to the real world, Tootles gets sprinkled with some pixie dust and flies back to Neverland. The movie never really makes it clear about how old Tootles is, but from how he looks and acts, he’s somewhere between 60 and Fuuuuck. So when he flies back to Neverland, it may well be the last trip that he ever takes. It’s meant to be a magical moment, but this house and family were under investigation a day ago. Maybe give it a second before you think “Oh, my youth!” and leave everyone who’s ever loved you forever.

Detective Sussudio is going to come back, find that Williams and the kids have come back, but now the old man is nowhere to be found. He’s an old guy, it’s not like he could go anywhere substantial on his own. You can’t tell the law, “Yeah, he just went to the grocers. He’ll be back in a few … days.”

Williams’ kids are going straight from being held hostage in Neverland to being held by the British police. And Williams, just having rediscovered his happy thought, is going to be the number-one suspect in the slaying of Tootles.

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the signs as stupid things people in my class have done
  • Aries: taken selfies with several teacher's asses
  • Taurus: asked the geography professor if he ships drarry
  • Gemini: called me daddy three days in a row because he didnt know of daddy kink and then got really disgusted when someone told him and never did it again
  • Cancer: had a meme war with someone who constantly stole printed out memes he hung up and actually planned to fake his death
  • Leo: nearly started a webcomic to get back at andrew hussie for ruining his life
  • Virgo: sang a song from a cat game that made another person break out in tears
  • Libra: hid in the closet of the room of some girls just to use his phone and then wordlessly walked out again and left the room and no one questioned it
  • Scorpio: unofficially married skrillex
  • Sagittarius: left school early to buy a rug, and wasnt there half the day once because she needed to return her snowboard
  • Capricorn: wore a nicolas cage mask half the day while other people visited the school and stared at them
  • Aquarius: actually just took a picture while making candles at night, but ended up looking like they were summoning satan
  • Pisces: had an asthmatic reaction on a school trip while the teachers were in some bar and searched the whole hotel for an asthma spray
Omikron (Part 59)

The entire video is of Matt laying on the ground as black goo begins to leak from his eyes and mouth. Pat can be seen in the background, wearing a paper mask of David Cage and slowly climbing a stairway to where a noose hangs. The noose turns into a snake and the snake falls onto Woolie who simply stares up at the sky. More snakes begin to wrap around him, eventually he’s covered in the snakes as we see him drown.

We cut to Pat, still wearing the Cage mask as he starts to choke Matt who continues to spew forth black goo from his mouth. An audible mesh can be heard as this goes on. If you record the audio, play it backwars and speed it up x10 you can hear a distorted voice say “you could have stopped this. At any time you could have ended this.”

Woolie can be seen carving words into a wall. All they say are “The platform doesn’t work. Push the button. Reset the game. The platform doesn’t work. Push the button. Reset the game.” it continues on like this for several rooms, becoming more and more mangled before eventually we see Woolie laying on the ground, the stone he used to carve the words is soaked in blood and his eyes have been gouged out, assumedly by the very stone.

Eventually we see pat try to pull the cage mask off his face ecept it won’t come off. His tongue lashes out furiously at air that he seems unable to take in. Matt begins to thrash as spasm as now the goo starts to erupt from his chest. It splatters against the wall as we see Pat fall to the ground gasping one last breath before turning his face over and inhaling the goop that has filled the room entirely.

We slowly pan away and fade to black… we then cut to footage of Omikron as we hear a melancholic voice say “okay we fixed the bug… we are now… 85% of the way through…”

diggingandfluff  asked:

I just saw your tags on the reblog of GoodbyeAdulthood's ask about RBB. What was the acting out in 2012 that you are referencing? So much backstory to learn!

Oh goooooooood. Such a huge story. Trying to be brief but understandable: in spring 2012 Harry stopped cooperating with his closet as much as he had before, he started finding ways to desexualize or divert questions about girls (vs. Paris on Valentine’s Day, the radio interview when Louis stuck his hand down Harry’s pants the second they were asked about girls. Harry said to the female interviewer: ‘Yeah I’ll take you out on a date! We can do that right now!’). Obviously Harry doesn’t do stuff like that anymore. His behavior intensified until you got the very beginning of the U.S. leg of the UAN tour. Harry was asked what he thought of American women and he responded ‘I think they’re very polite’, leaving the interviewer dumbstruck. They were asked in an interview who is single, and Harry did not answer the question and all of the other boys looked completely shocked, and Harry eventually, after a long pause, answered the question (protesting he didn’t hear it). Louis stayed calm the whole time, then ended the interview early by moving everyone off camera. On stage Harry was pushing the homoerotic behavior more and more, not just the subtle sexual stuff that seemed to be just between him and Louis, but actual stuff for the audience, like kissing Louis on the cheek and stroking his cheek. And then, especially with the U.S., singing romantic lyrics directly to Louis, looking like the lovesick puppy he was (while Louis struggled to control his reaction).

So the beginning of the American leg of the tour, as a result of all this gay rumors were going through the roof, fans were screaming that they were on the verge of coming out, this was the time when the Stylinson love child doll was thrown on stage—and it suddenly got shut down and hard. Eleanor was flown in and we got videos like Eleanor and Louis on the balcony in Toronto while Harry did a double take staring at them, they started separating Louis and Harry on stage—putting another boy between them but they would step around him to interact together anyway, stationing Louis behind the couch, I saw Louis look at Harry once and then slap himself. At the same time, the other boys started acting very awkwardly homoerotic, and when they tried it on Louis Louis pushed them away or gave them withering looks. So when the same tactics were implemented on the tmh stage—separation of Louis and Harry, ramped up homoeroticism between the other boys—I knew what I was looking at.

They also did the Much Music interview in Toronto at that time in which they ‘denied’ their relationship, and according to a story told by Dani they had to stop filming in the middle of it and take a break because the denial was so difficult for them. In that interview, you could see Harry get pointed about asking the female interviewer about her interest in seeing boys kiss, and I think that was him questioning the whole premise of why they must be closeted.

While this was going on Harry was acting absolutely miserable. And then they performed in Chicago, and Harry went to kiss Louis on stage at least a couple of times. He went to kiss Louis on the mouth and Louis tore his face away and then said very obviously NO, and Harry laughed in a hysterical manner. Then Louis went to sit down, looking like he was getting over the shock. And then I think Harry went to kiss Louis a second time, and Louis put his hand up to cover their mouths at the last minute and the camera got them just as they were pulling away, so that it looked like Harry was ‘whispering into his mouth’.

I think Harry came close to breaking their closet, without thinking of the consequences. And that was the close call for them, and after that Harry started getting a bunch of protest tattoos—the Temper Trap lyrics about a closeted man fighting against oppression that he had tweeted before, ‘I can’t change’, the hanger, the masks, the cage, etc.

I think in 2012 Harry was more innocent, and I’m thinking that 2014 is better planned.

Here's a Zoom theory

E2 Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon are identical twins separated at birth. Then the Particle accelerator leaks, Jay becomes the Flash while Hunter, raised by cold-hearted criminals, becomes Zoom. Jay doesn’t wear a mask as the Flash, so his identity is common knowledge.
Sometime after Zoom appears for the first time, Jay starts tinkering with Velocity. He goes to Harrison Wells to help him figure out the formula, but Harry doesn’t let him test the first 5 iterations of the formula.
Meanwhile, Zoom’s attacks are increasing in frequency and intensity. Running out of patience, Jay creates Velocity 6 and uses it to fight Zoom. However, the drug’s effects run out, and Zoom prepares to kill him when the Singularity opens up and sucks him in.
On E1, Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon are still twins separated at birth, but instead of becoming a criminal, Zolomon is an ordinary citizen, and instead of being a scientist, Garrick is a soldier.
When Zoom discovers E1, the first thing he does is kidnap Garrick and lock him in a cage wearing an iron mask. Zoom spends some time taunting Garrick, revealing his face and pretending that he is Jay.
Meanwhile on E1, Jay is trying to find out more about this new world he’s trapped in, as well as figure out why he’s lost the speed force. He discovers that Jay Garrick of E1 was a soldier who went MIA sometime a few weeks ago. (Hey, Zoom can probably run around the entire world.) However, he also discovers a man named Hunter Zolomon, who, aside from a set of glasses and a distinct lack of muscle definition, matches him perfectly in physical appearance. Rather confused and also knowing that Caitlin trusted him, he later would pretend that Zolomon was E1 Jay, preferring to delude himself rather than admit the scary possible truth.
In Zoom’s prison, a scared young girl who calls herself Jessie is brought in to a cell next to Garrick. She is at first terrified of him, then curious. Unable to speak, Garrick responds using the only code he knows, a knocking code that he learned from his time in the military. Jessie, though bright, is not familiar with military codes, though, and quickly loses hope of rescue.
So there you have it. Zoom is Hunter Zolomon of E2, E2 Flash is Jay Garrick, the man in the mask is Jay Garrick E1, and Hunter Zolomon of E1 is an innocent cinnamon roll who doesn’t deserve any of this.

Lotto MV Breakdown and a Pinch of Theory!

I thought this could be fun to do, and a lot of people have still so many questions so i decided to give it a try. I will try to comment the scenes but they are just my interpretations. Anyways, let’s begin.

The MV starts with the girl running away from something, so far we don’t know what it is. But I won’t talk about this now, we will come to the girl later.

Then we see Suho first, then the camera pans out and we see the rest of the boys. So this scene is a bit weird. Suho cracks his neck, Sehun gets up, Xiumin and Baekhyun looks like they are getting ready for something too.  In front of Suho, we have Kyungsoo, Chen and Lay, and this is where the scene gets weird. Lay’s one hand looks like he is holding something in, but with the other one he joins Chen, and the gesture they are doing looks like they are either typing something or playing piano. And Kyungsoo reaches out for their hands, and it looks like he is taking something while Suho grabs his other hand, it looks like a hand shake and Sehun looks interested in whatever they are doing. On the right side of the screen we have Chanyeol. He is alone, no one’s interacting with him, however his hand gestures are like he is calling someone outside of the screen, motioning them to come over? Yeah weird. 

Edit: My Anonnie just clarified here. So as in their words “That’s just them recreating like a gambling machine of sorts! lay’s arm is the lever, chen’s hands are supposed to imitate the money being dispensed!”

gif by fyxiubaek (it is still not too clear so anyone wants to analyze this scene, watch it in slow motion!)

After that we have a cockfighting scene, it is like a preview for the night that’s coming. So the doors are opening, and we see Kyungsoo, he looks like he is welcoming people in. And after that we have the money throwing dance part. They make the money throwing motion, and then what they do feels like a ‘FIGHTING!’ pose to me. Still i get the vibes that they are getting ready for some kinda operation they planned.

Then we see the cockfighting ring again, this time we see people with masks throwing their money, betting. Baekhyun is in the front, he is holding a glass of wine. Then we see the gambling table, Kai acting a bit crazy, kinda hyped up, showing the cash he is holding to the masked people who look like they are not really interested and kinda bored, and he throws all the money he is holding on to the table. A wolf scene, it is running, chasing the girl (Again i will talk about this later.) Then Kai sitting down throwing his legs up, as if he did his job well, and now it is time for him to relax. (this gifset)

Then we see Kyungsoo, with his creepily joyful expression, he isn’t really watching the cockfighting, instead he looks like he is enjoying the whole thing going on. Then we go back to the gambling table, and see Kai throwing the dices. So up until now, it is like Kai, Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are leading people to the event, encouraging them to participate. Does it make sense? Yeah? No?

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Non-combat uses for the Quincy powers

As requested by anon. :)

Sure, Quincy powers are good for fighting. But what if the Quincy wanted to use their powers in more…trivial ways? What else might each of their powers be good for?

1. Pernida’s Compulsory is also good for…Packing!

Having compression powers means that you can get a lot of shit into your suitcase.

Lille: Really? A ziplock bag is all you need for a three-week vacation?

Pernida: Well, I could only fit fifteen extra cloaks, but I figure that’ll be enough.

2. Lille’s X-Axis is also good for…Hole-punching!

You know when you have a document that’s like fifty pages long and there’s no hole punch that can pierce that many pages so you end up trying to do like four pages at a time while crying? No? That’s just me? Well, having a gun that can pierce anything would make that so much easier.

Lille: And that is why I am everybody’s go-to Binder Guy.

Askin: You really shouldn’t sound so proud of that.

3. Askin’s Deathdealing is also good for…Water Filtration!

You don’t need to buy a water filter with Askin around. He can just decrease the amount of impurities in your water, using his power!

As Nodt: Please decrease the amount of fluoride in this glass of drinking water. I heard it’s dangerous. I’m afraid.

Askin: You gotta stop looking on conspiracy sites, As Nodt!

4. As Nodt’s Fear is also good for…Spicing Up Horror Movie Night!

You know those people who watch so many horror movies that they just don’t get scared anymore? Well, with As Nodt’s help, they can experience that deep, nameless fear once again!

Quilge: But did you have to use your fear power on the Muppet Movie?

As Nodt: Yes.

5. Quilge’s Jail is also good for…Taking Your Cat to the Vet!

He can form a reishi prison around anyone. No more trying to coax your cat into the cat carrier - just ask Quilge to make a cat cage around the cat!

Mask: The vet was perturbed by my “glowing cat sphere.”

Quilge: I don’t see why.

6. Mask’s Superstar is also good for…Karaoke!

The cheering make his dance moves even more on point.

Bambietta: Why is Mask singing “All The Single Ladies” and why do I…like it?

James: It’s really not your fault.

7. Bambietta’s Explode is also good for…Making Popcorn!

‘Cause if it can make things explode, why not popcorn?

Liltotto: Or the microwave is literally right there.

Bambietta: Just because I exploded the first three bags a little too hard…

8. Liltotto’s Glutton is also good for…Winning Petty Cash!

Mostly through eating contests.

Candice: That is both disgusting and so not fair.

Liltotto: Say that to this sweet, sweet $50.

9. Candice’s Thunderbolt is also good for…Recharging a Dead Cell Phone!

Not for very long, perhaps, but long enough to make a phone call if you need to.

Giselle: We’re such a good pair, Candice. You can bring electronics back to life, and I can bring the dead back to life!

Giselle: Mine is admittedly a bit more impressive.

Candice: Shut up, Gigi.

10. Giselle’s Zombie is also good for…Making Funerals Awkward!

Look, if there were a non-creepy use for Giselle’s power, I would have gone with that. But there really isn’t.

Giselle: Humph. And they said they *wished* their grandmother could have said goodbye.


11. Gremmy’s Visionary is also good for…Cheating At Cards!

Gremmy seems like someone who would be petty.

Meninas: Please stop imagining that your entire hand consists of Draw-4s.

Gremmy: Hey, you’re the one who suggested Uno.

12. Meninas’s Power is also good for…Helping People Move!

She can basically do the whole move herself in one trip.

Meninas: Sometimes I feel like people just pretend to be my friend so that I will help them move.

Cang Du: That is absolutely true.

13. Cang Du’s Iron is also good for…Camping!

He can make his skin impenetrable, right? That would so keep mosquitoes from biting him, which would make camping so much less sucky!

Cang Du: Another bonus is - no stinky bug spray.

Bazz-B: You know, I wouldn’t have come camping with you if I’d known you’d spend the whole night bragging!

14. Bazz-B’s Heat is also good for…Roasting marshmallows!

This is why he and Cang Du like to go camping together.

Cang Du: You incinerated my marshmallow again.

Bazz-B: Oops.


Nicholas Cage as Link, Skull Kid, Tatl, Tael, Epona, Tingle, The Great Fairy, The Mayor, Kafei, Deku Link, Every Goron, Every Zora, Cheese, Leaves, Clouds, Majora’s Mask, A Cow, Romani, A Rock…….


Come quite a long way, my collection now includes: 6 themed cage cuffs(ninetails, charizard, bassrush, Cheshire Cat, mermaid, rainbow), 5 themed necklaces(plur, deadmau5, snowflake, shm) 3 themed facemasks(avicii, smiley face, CA flag), 7 blasters, 3 cuffs, 4 peyote stitch cuffs, 15+ singles, 1 kandi belt, 1 kandi water bottle holder (with straps) 1 deadmau5 keychain and 1 kandi vest… And so much more that been given away!