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Chinchilla Ownership Pros and Cons

I’ve wanted to make a post about the joys and perils of Chin ownership for a long time! 

Let’s start with the positives:

  • Chinchillas live a really long time! A lifespan of 15 or more years is common! My last chin lived to be over 13. 
  • Chinchillas are pretty low maintenance. Once you have a cage set up, all they need is refilled water, food, and hay every day, and weekly cage cleanings & new things to chew. 
  • Chinchillas can live in same-sex groups, pairs, or alone. Some chins even prefer being solitary! 
  • Chinchilla poop is hard, easy to clean, and has no discernible smell. They’re like little brown grains of rice!
  • Chinchillas are not susceptible to pests such as fleas. 
  • Chinchillas are very clean. They love to bathe and their hair is so dense it doesn’t get very messed up, provided weekly dust baths. 
  • You can give them dust baths as much as you like! It’s adorable and they love it. 
  • Chinchillas smell really good. Unlike most other rodent pets, they and their cages smell fresh and clean. Even their pee is pretty close to odorless. 
  • They are incredibly soft. 
  • They’re the best looking animal on the planet. Blending the awkwardness of a squirrel with the plump sweetness of a bunny, a chinchilla is truly the whole package. 
  • They are pretty affordable to keep, once you’re set up
  • While they enjoy playing and can form close bonds with their humans, they also are just fine chilling out in their cages for extended periods and won’t get depressed if left alone a bit. 

And now the negatives!

  • They have very specific dietary needs and delicate GI tracts. Unlike many other pets, you cannot give them bites of human food, even fruits or veggies. Pellets, Hay, and safe treats are it. 
  • Very few treats are safe for them. Most available in pet stores are loaded with sugar and fat, which their bodies can’t digest well. The only safe treats are: oats, plain shredded wheats, dried goji berries, and rosehips. 
  • They need to have plenty to chew, and will chew everything. That means no plastic or easily torn fabrics in the cage, and a regular supply of safe wood chew toys. 
  • They must be closely observed during play time to ensure they do not eat anything unsafe, destroy furniture or power cords, or climb into small spaces never to return. 
  • They can squeeze into very small spaces and hide there, despite their chubby appearance. Don’t let their fluffy butts fool you. Their ribs are collapsible so they can wriggle in passages of two inches or less. 
  • They poop a lot. Those chocolate tic tacs are gonna be everywhere. 
  • They like to throw hay, bedding, and poop outside of their cages. 
  • They waste a lot of hay. Their instinct to forage makes them very picky eaters in this regard. 
  • They can develop diabetes if you do not feed them well. Again, simple pellets, hay, and safe treats only. No foods filled with added fruits or puffs. 
  • They often fall prey to dental problems. If their teeth grow too long or at an odd angle, this can even be fatal. Tooth spurs are also a problem. 
  • They hide illness very well. Like most prey animals, they have an evolved tendency to obscure any signs of weakness. This means you may not catch illness until it’s too late. 
  • You should be prepared to cage every chinchilla separately at any time. Even if two chins got along as cagemates for 10 years, they may begin to fight seemingly out of nowhere and need to be split up. Their relationships are complex!
  • Cage set up is expensive! A chinchilla needs a place to sleep/hide, multiple safe ledges, chew toys of wood, pumice, and other safe materials, an exercise wheel or flying saucer, a food bowl, a hay rack, a safe water bottle (glass), and a place to take dust baths. Expect to spend $300 or so at first, on top of the cost of the chin itself. 
  • Chinchillas are not great with kids or other pets. 
  • Chinchillas are not cuddly lap pets. They like to roam around and hang out in their cages. If you bond really closely with one, it will let you hold it and may even sleep in a blanket on your lap…but this level of trust can take literal years to develop.

Here it is, Navi’s new cage all set up with her waterfall! :)


Some progress on Dracula’s bioactive set up. Gonna leave the plants to get a good head start and make sure the soil is draining nicely and stuff before I introduce him.  The big rocks are in contact with the drainage layer to make sure he can’t burrow under them and get himself squished somehow, terrarium is lit with an Arcadia jungle dawn LED- heard really good things about these for promoting plant growth.   

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So, I love animals of all kinds. About a week ago my best friend texted me asking if I wanted a bunny bc her neighbor has been arrested and there was no one to take care of this little baby so I said okay. I was excited because I've never had a bunny before and they are so cute. The next day she brings over this cage and sets up and then gives me this little carrier w the bun in it. I opened it,m and I s2g I almost died laughing. It wasnt a bunny. It was a chinchilla. And that's how I got Gigi.

Omg I love this story. Made my day!

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Do you let Rex sleep in bed with you? Are you ever worried you'll accidentally hurt her? I ask because I've heard horror stories of parrots owners sleeping with their parrots who accidentally roll on top of their birds in their sleep :S

I have heard them as well, but it’s just what we’ve always done. It’s natural for birds to sleep with their flockmates as a safety precaution, predators are far more likely to attack a lone bird. Obviously this isn’t a worry for Rex, but that won’t take away instinct that’s been in them for millions of years, even though pigeons are domesticated!

Also I just…don’t have a cage. I did at one point! I had a great cage set up for her that was designed for rats, super high quality and big with awesome shelves perfect for pigeons, and she hated it! If I closed the door she would freak out and attack it, I’m sure she would’ve gotten used to it but her sleeping loose was a win-win for both of us since she would wake me and comfort me if I had night terrors (which I no longer have thanks to medication and her). I don’t really have a fear of rolling on her anymore :)


Happy birthday, Finn Balor!

Finn Balor/OC. For Anon: While on a little break from shooting a promo inside the cage prior to the cage match at Takeover, reader teases Finn about how sexy it is instead of intimidating. Once the area is cleared Finn pushes her against the cage and cue rough dominating sex with some dirty talk and maybe spanking. Added bonus of worrying about getting caught and trying NOT to be loud but kind of failing.

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small animals are not disposable

If you work in a pet store you have likely dealt with many customers who have come in to buy a small pet for themselves or a family member (likely a child) and are totally unprepared.

By unprepared I mean they have no idea about how to care for this animal, what the animal needs, they expect the animal not to cost them hardly anything and they also expect that they won’t have to pay much for a cage and any necessities.

 These same people are likely to never spend money taking this animal to a vet if it was to become ill or to invest in a better cage set up or more toys.

These people often want to take home two animals and often want one boy and one girl despite you warning them that they will breed and they will end up with too many animals to deal with… but despite knowing nothing themselves they refuse to listen to your advice.


Many small animals are seen as great first pets- such a budgies, mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs. They are often bought as presents for children or to teach children how to care for an animal… which would be fine if the parent knew how and was willing to teach the child properly!

These animals are alive, they have worth and no matter how cheap they are to buy they are NOT disposable.


A budgie may only cost $20.00 in your local pet store, or a guinea pig only $9.00, a mouse only $3.50 but that does not make them “cheap easy animals to keep”.


Those animals need a proper cage set up that may cost over $100, they need toys, bedding, cage accessories such as perches for a bird or chew toys for a rodent. You then have to pay for food, and not just the cheapest food you can find but actually food that’s good for them. Just because something is labelled “guinea pig and rabbit food” does not mean that it’s the only thing you should feed your guinea pig or rabbit, you may have to buy fresh veggies and hay weekly.

You may have unexpected vet visits, or you may have to go to the vet yearly for things like vaccinations, nail trimming and checking that your pets teeth are not becoming over grown.


Small animals can live for many years and can be a very long and expensive commitment. Yes they can be amazing pets but you should always do plenty of research first before buying an animal and be prepared to spend the money on the items your pet needs to be happy and healthy!


Before buying a new pet please ask yourself these questions:


Have I done research on the animal?


Do I know how long this animal is going to live?


Do I know the common health concerns for this animal?


Do I have enough money to buy an adequate cage set up including toys and accessories?


Do I have time to spend with this animal?


Do I have money to take it to the vet for yearly check-ups and for any emergencies?


Can I offer this animal a safe forever home, where it will get everything it needs and is loved?

Wendigo Hunter Team Headcanon

They set up base in the old Sanitorium. They use money from all their families to build it up a little and set up cages in most of the rooms for the wendigo with a main office room for them to work from. No one ever goes up there after the incident (especially the Washington’s) so they have peace to work.

Mike - The unofficial leader, he always goes out on all missions to hunt the Wendigo and mostly takes charge. He carries a machette at his waist for emergencies but his main weapon is a shot gun that he uses to push the Wendigo back into traps and cages. He drives the truck that transports them wherever they are to the Sanitorium.

Sam - The unofficial second in command, she also goes out on all the missions, no matter what and is the only one who can argue with Mike and get results. She carries a crowbar for emergencies but her main weapon is a flamethrower which she uses to scare the Wendigo back or kill them if they have no other choice. She drives one of the forklifts that get the wendigo’s inside to the lift that leads downstairs.

Chris - He also goes out on a lot of the missions but will also stay behind to help Ashley, and is also the one to make the most jokes at the worst time. He originally had a shot gun to keep the Wendigo back but made a comment to Emily one day about how the girls need to stay back and stay safe. Emily confiscated his gun and so instead has the flamethrower. He has no other weapons but instead plenty of gadgets in his belt.

Emily - Tries to go out on as many missions as possible unless an emergency or Matt requires her to stay behind. Her weapons include two handguns as back up but mostly the shot gun that she took off Chris for his sexist joke. determined not to be outdone (especially by Mike whom she argues with the most, sometimes just to shout at him and annoy him). She sometimes get a little over the top, running ahead of the others and into danger but rarely needs to be saved in the end.

Matt - He only goes on a few missions when desperately needed, mostly he stays behind and guards the Base to make sure none of the wendigo escape. He has most weapons all lined against the wall that include two axes, three various guns and three flamethrowers - they’re meant for everyone back at base but Matt is the one who uses them most. He has a habit of still being scared easily and sometimes panics but Emily helps him work through it after some time. He drives the forklift that gets the wendigo from the lift to wherever they need to be in the room with the other wendigo.

Ashley - She never goes on missions, choosing to stay behind and work behind the computer. She communicates with the others throughout the missions and often gets building plans and information which she tells the others in order to help them. She is also in charge of making sure anyone who does happen to wander by, doesn’t get too close and no one comes asking questions. Chris helps her with the basic and she catches on fast enough to do it by herself - however does need Chris when something breaks or she needs something new.

Jessica - She also never goes on missions and has the most trouble when facing the Wendigos so becomes more of an assistant to Ashley. She also deals with getting most of the weapons, getting them ready and set up, keeping them all in a large storage room and test driving them before they go out on a mission.

Josh - Is one of the first Wendigos caught. Because they can’t kill them they have Josh locked in a cage away from the other wendigo and are working on finding a cure. With no idea where to start, they’re just feeding him vegetables constantly and trying to talk to him. Chris and Sam spent the most time talking with him but Matt helps feed him and often watches from afar.

The Threshold | Mummy AU | Mad Beauty

Belle gave another scathing glare at Will for lying. One that clearly said this argument was far from over as the Warden came to interrupt them both. For now, and the sake of manners she fell silent, letting her brother discuss the terms and purpose of their visit with this prisoner who for all Belle knew was some no good drunk.Possibly some crypt thief with a distinct lack of moral character given his confinement but there was a possibility he could tell them where the city was.

As the guards slammed the small door open, Belle waited, for a moment noting the cage set up was more like a zoo than any sort of prison. The man they shuffled out given a few sharp jabs with a baton to get him on his knees so they could ‘talk’. “Will, is this really the man you decided to steal from?!” Belle whispered, dragging her brother closer as she looked on in shock. No doubt her brother was lucky the man was behind those bars.


Benjamin’s cage and room tour!

The cage is by a brand called Ferplast(I got mine brand new for about 30pounds on Ebay, it’s about 60pounds in Pets At Home) and it came with:

1 x plastic platform
1 x water bottle
1 x feeding bowl
1 x hay rack

He has a water bottle attached to his cage which I change every day, usually at night which is warm/room temperature.

He has a potty in one corner, Benjamin is litter box trained.

He has a hay rack(timothy and meadow hay), I think it’s good to have a hay rack, it keeps hay clean and dry this way…free from being soaked in urine and covered in poop.

Next there’s somewhere he can climb up, I keep his pellet bowl here. Benjamin enjoys sitting up here on top of his pillow. Beneath this is a sort of hide hole which I fill with hay also.

I prefer to put down soft blankets and towels (there’s about 3 towels and a soft blanket) Benjamin likes this too.

The white blanket is just to help keep him warm at night, my house can get quite cold sometimes.

Benjamin is let out of his cage as soon as my mum wakes up which is about 5am, he’ll spend most of the day in his cardboard boxes which are filled with timothy and meadow hay for him to munch on. On a weekday Benjamin will be put in his cage at night(I’ve trained him to jump in on command) about 10-11pm but on a weekend or my day off I will leave him out till 12 or later. He has the whole room to run in as well as the kitchen and bathroom all day long.

Any questions or anything just ask me :)