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I may or may not be purchasing a pair of “gizah” birkenstocks because I stumbled upon photos of an Olsen wearing them. I mean. I was contemplating it but this totally swayed me.

I love my Cobb Hill cage sandals but they aren’t practical for wearing all day. I wear sneakers for a lot of our nanny outings and I don’t want to wear them for all 16 hours of the day when out of the house.

At home I don’t wear shoes. I usually lay with my feet next to M. and hope he fixes them because I always hurt.

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Request: one where reader has some kind of “thing” with reid and is also kind of in the morgan/garcia teasing friend group; morgan only flirts with garcia and tries to get reader and reid together (other than that i don’t really care about the setting just make it fluffy and cute)

A/N: I hope this is ok or at least even remotely close to what you were hoping for!

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im sorry if you've answered this before, but what kind of shoes do you think goes well with a pleated skirt?

I haven’t answered this one before hoho this can be the master post - u - I am recommending these styles!

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How to Wear a One Piece From the Beach to the Bar

By Glam Latte 

These are literally in the dog days of summer and before we know it fall will be here. I can’t believe how fast it’s flying by! It’s time to soak up every possible second, but to do so requires multi tasking. The one piece swimsuit made a major come back this year and though I’ve always preferred a bikini, I’ve been loving some of the new designs. I also love the idea of wearing it from the beach to the street by styling it as a bodysuit T(Exactly the kind of multitasking we need!) I thought I would try the experiment with this gorgeous reversible Wet swimsuit

I decided an easy way to dress this up was with a nice stretchy body con skirt. It folds up really small so it’s easy to throw in a bag and even easier to slide into after a day at the beach. I kept everything else pretty simple, the black lace ups I got last year and are still going strong, a simple pair of earrings, a cute clutch and a light leather moto in case it gets cool when the sun goes down. Honestly, such an easy look but really chic with a bit of sexiness. Because if you can be sexy in the summer, when can you be, right? 

For the beach, this one piece swimsuit looks great with a colorful towel, white birkenstocks and a straw hat. Super simple!

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Get your first look at Zendaya’s shoe collection ‘Daya’!

Teen Vogue: Whether she’s in a gray suit or a peach crop top and skirt, Zendaya never fails to amaze us with her fashion choices. So, we’re not surprised that her shoe line (titled Daya) is just as stylish as her wardrobe.

The much-anticipated Spring 2017 collection includes everything from red bow pumps to silver cage sandals, and it ranges from $79 to $125.

“I wanted shoes that were going to speak for themselves. If [consumers] didn’t know who the heck I was, which a lot of people don’t, they are still going to like the shoes,” she told Footwear News. “I don’t want people buying because they’re Zendaya shoes — they are for everyone.”

We can’t think of one person who wouldn’t love Zendaya’s trendy (and affordable!) footwear. Click through the slideshow for your first look at the collection.