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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.14

Wait, Haircut’s on the moon?

watching the Defenders is so surreal

you can always tell when luke cage is coming next because the cinematography gets 357% better and the music takes on a soft, comforting tone

then jessica stumbles onto the screen and it’s like “quick, how manny blue lights can we get in this scene?? can everyone be a little more angry?”

So it’s about 1am now

And after a loooong week - I’m comfortably lazing about on my bed and typing headcanons ya boi

Aaaand I can’t stop thinking about Marineford HQ dinner parties BC HOT DAMN IMAGINE

Marineford HQ dinner party HCs:

  • Coby in a suit and being a nervous wreck because this is his first ever party in the HQ. Helmeppo is worried too, except he’s busy trying to calm Coby down because the poor boy is sweating so much. Help them.
  • Smoker puffing away with 3 cigars between his lips and irritated as fuck. He hates formal parties so much and the nosy noble ladies who talks shit about his colleges while fawning over him (he’s rolling his eyes so hard)
  • HINA IN A FORMAL SUIT OH BOY. She’s hanging out around Smoker too and glares at the shitty nobles behind her sunglasses together with him, red wine swirling in her glass.
  • Tashigi feels so awkward but whenever a condescending man makes a remark about her status as a swordswoman, she makes sure to stare at them in the eyes as she sloooowly positions her sword into clear view. Without blinking. Plus she rocks in her dress my beautiful baby
  • Jango and Fullbody going nuts at a corner even in their formal wear. The dance party is hella crazy and everyone’s popping champagne and there’s strobe lights everywhere over at where that group is. JANGO STILL WEARS HIS DUMB SUNGLASSES ON
  • Garp’s loud as usual but he’s pretty well-behaved (at first). 10 mins into the event he’s already over at the food table, and the Vice-Admiral somehow appears everywhere??? He’s gone when you blink and the next time you know you hear his roaring laughter when Fullbody slips and crashed into poor Coby
  • Sengoku has to socialize (to his chagrin bc he would rather not go near the… world nobles if he can but hey being Fleet Admiral is a crazy job). You think he’s calm but if you squint, you can see his pinky twitch when someone’s being stupid.
  • Vice-Admiral Tsuru is owning the room with her formal suit this year (her dress last event blown the competition away shhh). She coolly swirls her wine glass in her seat with her crew, but she sweeps her gaze around as she looks out for the juniors.
  • Also, she roasts all the nobles without them knowing. Coolest Mom ever everyone go home
  • All the Admirals are pretty disgruntled tbh
  • You’d think Kizaru would love these events and yeah he does! Without the nobles, that is. He’s pretty amused throughout and has no problems chatting up ladies and engaging in conversations (one of the nobles made an offhanded remark of how The Shiny One is their favorite and you can see Borsalino twitch, even with his smile on)
  • Akainu is dying inside please help him.
  • Aokiji is pretty chill about this whole thing, plus the ladies are kinda a bonus eXCEPT FOR THAT OLD HAG WHO KEEPS TRYING TO BUTTER HIM UP??? He’s trying to inch away but in the end he just gave up and falls asleep in his seat in an attempt to get her to leave him alone.
  • Spoilers: she doesn’t.
  • So the Vice-Admiral squad are scattered by the crowd but they do stick together in pairs.
  • Strawberry is wine-tasting with Hina and his brows are furrowed with sympathy as he watches Dalmatian evading (as normal as possible) with increasing panic as a couple of the nobles pets are trying to slobber him up throughout the room
  • While still in their 30m leash jesUS CHRIST
  • Stainless and Cancer are having the time of their lives with Jango’s mini-secret party.
  • Yamakaji and Onigumo are like subtlety roasting each other as they navigate the room towards the balcony so they can escape the company take a smoke break.
  • Poor Momonga is manhandled by Kizaru into helping the Admiral to avoid the scary old lady who just changed her target.
  • Garp’s trapped by a group temporarily and his eyes are darting around for an escape route (ahahaha no Garp you better discuss the weather and politics with the lovely snobby women)
  • Spoilers: Sengoku lured him into the trap
  • NOW the old hag is chasing after a silently screaming Coby. Helmeppo is trying his best to keep up with a rope in his hands.
  • One condescending man insulted Hina’s status as a woman. Both Hina and Smoker shared a terrifying look between each other, before the three disappears out into the hallways, dragging the unfortunately not-important man by his collars.
  • A couple of men roped Akainu into politics talk that turned into a bragging session of ‘who’s slaves are worth more’. Akainu looked like he just sucked on a particularly sour lemon, as a few quiet drops of magma dripped from his right fist.
  • While Garp escaped by hauling a very confused officer (it’s Jerry) into taking his place.
  • Bastille has to entertain some very rude people questioning his heritage. He wordlessly pulled out his shark cleaver to polish, and they back off within 3 seconds.
  • One of the dogs crashed into the goat OH BOY YOU FUCKED UP
  • Dalmatian is now saved, as the Fleet-Admiral’s goat begins to DESTROY THE MUTTS. THERE IS NO MERCY FOR THE OFFENDERS
  • Hina and Smoker are back with… expensive-looking wine and snacks??? Tashigi asks when did they bought those and was given an empty wallet belonging to none of them?
  • Coincidentally, Tsuru found a beaten-up thug outside and she just steps over him without a glance because he looks like a bastard. Aaaand maybe it’s ‘cause she heard him insult one of her officers earlier in the hall.
  • The rich hag ends up sticking to Akainu like a thorn. Sakazuki breaks his wine glass as she chatters away while obviously ogling him. Behind the curtains you see Borsalino, Kuzan, and two recruits with pink and blond hair sneaking away into the night.
  • Sengoku is exhausted™

I’ll edit this post tmr but anyway MARINE HQ DINNER PARTY GOODNIGHT EVERYONE

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Tehching Hsieh, One Year Performance (Cage Piece). 1978-79.

“For "Cage Piece” Hsieh built a cage from pine dowels and two-by-fours in a corner of his TriBeCa studio, furnishing it with a bed, a blanket, a sink (no toilet) and a pail, as well as some personal hygiene items. He entered the cell on Sept. 30, 1978. Robert Projansky, his lawyer, locked the door and affixed it and each dowel with paper seals that he signed. Every day a friend delivered food and dealt with the artist’s refuse. And each day the friend took a photograph of Hsieh, who had shaved his head at the beginning.

For the next year Hsieh was mostly alone with his thoughts: no talking, reading or writing; no radio or television. On designated days once or twice a month his loft was open to the public from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; people could visit it like a gallery and see the work in progress. On Sept. 29, 1979, Projansky returned, verified that none of the seals had been broken, and Hsieh left his cell.“ - New York Times article

MK characters making New Year’s Resolutions ...

Scorpion: I resolve to maintain a stable and peaceful relationship with Sub-Zero until the next game trailer.

Sub-Zero: I solemnly swear that I will not lose my temper whenever Johnny Cage makes ice-related puns.

Johnny Cage: Resolution #1: Quit making ice jokes about Sub-Zero. (Pause) Never mind, I’m too perfect to make resolutions.

Raiden: I promise not to make any more mistakes this time.

Liu Kang: I resolve to not blame Raiden for constantly screwing up all the time.

Mileena: Stop biting people for a month week three days until midnight until after the New Year’s Eve party.

Cassie Cage: I will not punch people in the nuts (terms and conditions apply).

Kenshi: I promise to spend more time with Takeda.

Takeda: Elder Gods, please give me the strength to not lose it when Dad randomly turns up and asks to hang out with me whenever I’m alone with Jacqui.

Ermac: If Quan Chi asks us to take a walk with him to the woods, we will say no.

Tremor: I will give up watching Johnny Cage movies for the time being. *Sobs whilst holding an autographed picture of Johnny Cage* I’m sorry, Johnny, it won’t be long …

Kung Jin: I resolve to not act like a total jerk to everyone … unless they’re clearly asking for it.

Erron Black: I will do anything if it means not being called a stripper, a raccoon or Daddy, and being shipped with half the MK roster, and -


“Mr. Grady, your lunch.” You say, smiling as you walk towards your boyfriend who stands in front of the safety cage of the raptor pen.

“Thank you, (y/n).” He says, before taking the burger out of the bag and taking a huge bite. “Delicious, as always.”

You roll your eyes and look at your boyfriend’s coworker and best friend. “Hi, Barry.”

“(Y/n).” He smiles. As Owen walks away, he leans in closer. “You know, you might not want to wear shorts and a tank top around here anymore. Some guys were talking about what they saw.”

You roll your eyes. “Barry, we’re on a tropical island. What do you expect me to do?”

He holds up his hands and smiles. “I’m just saying that I’m pretty sure Owen could be the jealous type.”

He walks away, and you smile before going to stand with your boyfriend in the safety cage. He’s throwing pieces of burger to the girls. “You’re ruining your lunch.”

“Technically, they are.” He retorts, throwing another piece of beef to Charlie. “And although I love your burgers, I can’t eat anymore. The new intern brought snacks.”

“What new intern?” You ask, ignoring the fact that he’s lying about liking your burgers for the moment.

“The one that’s been gawking at you since you got here.” Owen says, still looking into the paddock.

Your face falls. “Hey, Owen, look at me.” You say, pulling his face so he looks at you. “I’m yours and yours alone. Promise.”

He doesn’t look so convinced. “Wow, Barry was right. You are the jealous type.” You laugh, before growing serious again and wrapping your arms around his neck. “Do you really think I would leave you for some intern? I love you, Owen. Only you.”

Finally, he smiles and kisses you softly. You pull away first and smile at him. “If you didn’t like my burgers, you could have just said.”

He just grins and pulls you in for another kiss.