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anonymous asked:

I don't know if this was ever brought up by anyone before. I was recently re-watching the ending to Infinite and noticed "our" Elizabeth isn't there. She isn't wearing her bird/cage pendant. She is wearing it throughout the whole last ~30 minutes until you go through the final tear. I always assumed booker was talking to the other Elizabeth when he says "of course it is. I remember- wait. You're're not...who are you?" What are your thoughts about this.

I actually have mentioned this once before in an ask!

If you notice, at the end of Infinite, Elizabeth actually has neither the bird, or cage pendent on anymore. So, in theory, she may not even be our Elizabeth. Our Elizabeth may already be headed off to fix other universes, or maybe she didn’t want to watch her father drown. Regardless, this may be our Elizabeth (or at least one of them, since there is a theory that we may actually change Elizabeth’s up to three times in the course of the game).

I thought I went more in depth and explained where we might have switched Elizabeths, but I can’t seem to find that one!

The theory states that we switch Elizabeth three times:

  1. First when she runs away from Booker after The First Lady Airship incident. When she opens her tear and gets caught by The Founders, she’s going into another universe, not through the wall. The Elizabeth we save is just one who has been through the same things our first Elizabeth had, so we don’t notice the change.
  2. The Elizabeth we save from Comstock House isn’t the one who was taken from us. Elder Elizabeth is the Elizabeth taken from us and it’s too late to save her, so she sends Booker to another universe to save another Elizabeth, leaving it up to that Elizabeth to stop her from becoming the Seed of the Prophet.
  3. Finally, the end. As you pointed out, the Elizabeth at the very end isn’t wearing the bird, or the cage. This leads some people to believe that we leave our Elizabeth at the Lighthouse door and the Elizabeth on the other side is someone else.

I asked my friend and she said apparently I posted this theory on my personal. Right now I’m doing some major retagging on my blog, so if I do find it (and it’s worded better), I’ll edit this ask.

- Cirque