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Master Fanfic Post (So far)

So here is a master list of all my fanfics  that can be found here:

Song of Fire  (SoF)

(AU following King’s Cage where Mare is pregnant and dealing with that and the trouble that Cal’s decision at the end of Kings Cage has caused for both of them)

Part 1/Part  2/Part 3/Part 4/Epilogue 

Modern Au (MAu)

(A modern au set in no particular time at all in which mare and cal meet after she stays over to work on a project with Maven. Cute fluff and angst and more fluff follow as they move through their lives together.) 

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7 (warning: M rating for this part)/Part 8/

All the Little Horses  (AtLH)

(another modern au which picks up in no particular time at all, and follows Mare and Cal after they find out Mare’s pregnant (I know, I know, another pregnancy au? wtf is wrong with you??? I dont know man, I guess I just love the idea of them having bebies)) 

Part 1/Part 2 

Blood Oath (coming after AtLH)

(Vampire Au, in planning and writing process)

Look guys, I dont know how to make it any easier to find these. Tumblr will not let me post a link in my bio, and the best I can give you is this. If anyone knows a way to make my link to my page available on mobil that would be awesome. If you are on the computer though, simply go to my page, (not the side bar one, the one that takes up the whole page, you can get there by clicking my icon on the sidebar), then go to the menu button, click it, then click my fanfics. It’ll take you right to the page where they all are.