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Aria is A clues from 6x08

In this episode Tanner comes over to Aria’s and takes a look at her photos for the Gallery show. For like the one-hundredth-time we see Aria’s creepy doll pictures again and Tanner states that Aria has an eye for detail and claims that her pictures speak loud and clearly. I agree that her pictures speak loud and clearly – that she’s A. These pictures are supposed to represent what the girls went through in the dollhouse and Aria is about to showcase them to everyone. Since there are four pictures I have a feeling that each picture is for one of the girls. If we look at the order of Aria’s pictures and the pictures that were hung up in the Gallery, we could say that the first picture is of Aria, then the second would be of Hanna, the third of Emily and the last of Spencer. The dolls who represent Hanna, Emily and Spencer are all either tied up or in a cage. But the doll that represents Aria is only a close up of a broken doll. Perhaps because Aria is starting to see herself as broken, because she’s realizing she herself is A.

In this episode Emily is over at Aria’s house, helping her pick out an outfit for the Gallery show. I find this conversation very suspicious. Just take a look:

(Sorry that the text isn’t that clear, it got a bit messed up)

For the two times that Emily touches the bag (or whatever it’s called), Aria snaps. You can tell that she is very freaked out and she clearly does not want Emily to open that bag. Why doesn’t she want her to see the dress? If it even is the dress for prom. Aria tells her that she got it a couple a months ago – would she even have known the theme for the fairy-tale prom at that time? I doubt so. Aria tells Emily that the reason she doesn’t want her to see it is because she is making some changes to it and that she wants it to be a surprise. We have seen the promo pics for the prom and her dress is nothing special. It looks like a long skirt and a t-shirt and she is wearing a red bow in her hair. Perhaps Snow White? Why wouldn’t she want to show her that? So what is in the bag? Is it perhaps a red coat? In the A-ending scene we see A with a similar (if not the same) bag:

The dress that Aria chooses for the Gallery show has ballerinas on it. It really reminds me of the infamous Black Swan dress and the movie. For those of you who don’t know, it was about a ballerina with a split personality who was hurting herself without knowing it.

After the Gallery show, Aria and Ezra have a little chat outside.

Ezra: “Are you ok? Aria, what happened here was desperation. He is obviously so close to being caught. Somebody who does this thinks they have nothing to lose. “

Aria: “Charles has us to lose. He wants us back. We were drugged when Charles took our clothes and posed us in those pictures. The drugs were wearing off and I was just starting to come out of it, and I thought I would open my eyes and be back in Iceland. Back before any of this happened. We’d bundle up, the whole family, we would sit on the balcony and look for the northern lights in the sky. I don’t think I’d ever be so happy to be as cold as I was then. Freezing cold, waiting for something magical to happen. And then I knew it, I felt it on my bare skin – a cold metal table – and I open my eyes and these horrible things just kept happening. I’m still cold, I’m freezing cold all the time. “

I find this conversation very interesting and I wonder why she brought up Iceland. She has never before spoken about Iceland, except that one time when she told the girls she had met some guy in Iceland that she was seeing. I’ve seen a couple people on tumblr mention that Iceland isn’t that cold. I actually live in Iceland and even though Greenland is colder, Iceland can be freezing in the winters too. So I believe her story, I think she really was in Iceland and she’s telling the truth. Anyways, from this conversation we learn that she’s feeling freezing cold all the time. I wonder why. I actually found out that chronic stress can be one of the causes of feeling cold all the time. Why is Aria feeling so stressed suddenly? Because everyone is closer to finding out her A identity.

Until next episode,

[Bruce/Betty, in response to this prompt from OTP Prompts]

“… I’m supposed to be the one with the anger issues.”

Betty doesn’t really hear Bruce – she can feel him standing beside her, half a foot too close to be socially acceptable, his warmth bleeding into her body, enough to keep her from reaching out (there’s always going to be that fear with them, that he’ll disappear again) – her attention completely captured by the machine in front of her.

The claw misses the fluffy arm of the bear.


“This is rigged!” She growls, just loud enough that she’s sure the owner of the restaurant can hear her. Naturally, like the cowards they are, no one steps out to offer help, leaving her to dig into her pockets for another dollar.

“Betty.” Bruce gently nudges her, and reflexively her eyes fall on him at the contact. His trademark half-smile is on his face, brown eyes warm and affectionate behind his glasses. “It’s fine, really.” He says it so carefully, and she wants to give him the world.

Or just this damn bear.

(Because Bruce had pointed at it as they were leaving, commenting on how sad it looked all by itself, “the only bear trapped in a glass cage with stuffed Avengers dolls he really has no place around, poor guy”, and what was she supposed to do with that, walk away?)

Her pocket is empty. Narrowing her eyes at her boyfriend for distracting her, she moves to the other pocket. Logically, she knows this is ridiculous, that she can just go to the store and get a stuffed bear for the same amount she’s already spent, that Bruce will seriously be okay if she doesn’t get this bear for him, but he’d looked so adorable when he had pointed it out, had sounded just a touch wistful, she can’t. She’s already put seven damn dollars into this machine, and if it takes more than one more dollar she’s going to-

Her other pocket is also empty.

Betty freezes, glancing to the bear and then back toward Bruce, who is now raising an eyebrow at her.

“Out of money?” He poses, laughing a little. She scowls at him, reaches for her back pocket, and pulls out her phone.

Bruce, naturally, does not understand the need to make sure that Bruce gets anything that Bruce wants on the level that Betty understands it – the level where, if it makes Bruce look a little less weighed down by the world, makes him look a little more at peace with life, then it will fucking be his.

Fortunately, Tony Stark, Bruce’s new best-friend-slash-brother-in-science-etc, understands that level perfectly.

Bruce hangs his head with an exasperated sigh as she dials and Tony picks up, muttering about “date nights” and “Tony Stark”. She laughs, grabs his hand, and explains the situation to Tony.

Thirty-two minutes later, a fully armored Iron Man is handing out free Avengers dolls to people passing on the street, and Bruce is (not tightly, Betty, shut up) cradling the fluffy bear Betty had plucked from the machine in the crook of his arm.

When he kisses her, she smiles into it.

{I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck}

A disturbed mind within a caged body, a nesting doll of isolation and degradation - Matthew is the only one who recognizes how Will’s incarceration at the Baltimore State Hospital For The Criminally Insane has truly changed him.

“You can’t just shrug off your demons, Mr. Graham. They’ll always be waiting for you, right behind your eyelids.”

“And in front of them as well, Matthew?”

Even with a firm hand constricting his throat, Matthew smirks in reply.

Brownham Week: Day One

  • Imprisonment 
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Blossom Cage: Stop motion I made for Vine with a Santos Cage Doll and fresh flowers.

Tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars; Featuring:

-Gay Flannels
-Mona is Smarter Than Everyone
-Tracking Devices
-Animals in Cages
-Dolls are Fucking Creepy
-Liars Do Illegal Shit
-Emily is a Lesbian
-Aria Talking About Ezra
-Dead Doesn’t Mean Dead
-Breaking and Entering
-Casual Emison References
-Hanna Marin Is a Badass Goddess
-Ambiguous Sex Scenes

-Alison Dilaurentis
-My Sanity

Aria clues in 6x06 – Cages & double-ended doll

We have a doll house, cages, and a blonde doll.

In this episode we see Sarah’s tattoo again – a caged bird.

Now the doll… It’s a double-ended doll – one part blonde, one part Aria-like

Is the blonde meant to represent Bethany? Are they linked? Why is Aria’s doll mutilated? Is Charles angry at Aria for having something to do with Bethany’s death?

Aria seems to be the only one targeted directly since the beginning of the season.

Not long ago I made a theory about Aria hitting Bethany (here and here).

This whole season, Aria has been insisting on forgetting about what happened in the dollhouse. She seems good at shutting disturbing memories out.

Ezra on the other side has been insisting that she writes about it. Twice.

In last episode he mentions her creative writing skills AGAIN.

And then he sees the doll.


I’m not sure what to make of all this… But I feel writers are throwing subtle clues again. They don’t want us to figure everything now. I really hope these clues are not thrown in there for nothing though…