cage chan

it’s a thought
(quiet, still)
that moves you
from calm to

it’s a motion
(abrupt, small)
that warns of

it’s your heart
(afraid, pounding)
that traps you

it’s a gasp
(startled, desperate)
that frees you from

it’s a tear
(wet, relieved)
tells you it’s
over; that you’re

by @connanro-chan

Dom!Chan- Cutie in the Streets, Dom in the Sheets

Author’s Note: Here we go, just like I promised is my sub showing?

It hadn’t been a surprise to you when Chan had walked through the door to your apartment with a small plastic bag, straight out from work clad in his sweatpants, a black t-shirt and a cap. Although it was late and already dark outside, you had known better than to go to sleep.

He had silently walked through your apartment, throwing off his hat and ruffling his sweaty head, cracking a smirk when your head popped out from the bathroom, eyes wide and innocent at his sudden appearance. A small smile tugged at your lips as you greeted him casually as he slipped into the bedroom, grabbing onto your wrist and making you follow behind him. You had already assumed the night wouldn’t be an innocent one when your eyes had glossed over the familiar plastic bag, Its contents all too familiar to you after your many nights with Chan, experimenting and trying out all the things he had read online.

He leaded you to the bed and patted your shoulders lightly, telling you to sit down. You complied and plopped down, sticking your legs together and placing your hands on your knees, your eyes being met with Chan’s broad chest. You simply looked up at him from under your lashes as he looked down at you, eyes meeting yours as he tossed the plastic bag onto the space beside you and backing up slowly towards the black armchair in the corner of the room.

His tongue came out to run across his lips as he sat himself down. Hands resting on his thighs, legs spread and shirt slightly falling down his shoulder to show his collar, he leaned back and sent you an alluring gaze. Taking his lip in his mouth with his teeth, he muttered under his breath.

“You know what to do baby, nice and slow”

Looking beside you, you reached out a hand to grab the bag sitting next to you. You pulled out its contents and discarded the bag on the floor, knowing you would clean that up later. In your hands you held two small satin sheets, both a bright vibrant red that just coincidentally matched your lacy underwear under your shorts. Feeling Chan’s gaze on your body, you took one last look at him as he ran his fingers through his hair and reached up to your eyes. Carefully you wrapped one around your eyes and tied it behind your head, hearing Chan grunt quietly in response. Letting your hands drop to your legs once again, gripping the other sheet tightly, the room fell silent with your erratic heartbeat echoing in your ears. You knew that Chan would never do anything to hurt you and you always had your safe word in place incase anything got to uncomfortable, but that didn’t stop the nerves from running through you.

Nothing happened for what felt like hours, but an electrifying feeling was shot through you when you heard Chan speak up, voice low and dirty

“Open your legs Baby, i want to see those pretty little hands work”

Slowly you complied, opening your legs and winding your hands down your body to rest on the inside of your thighs. He knew you wanted to touch yourself by the way your fingers glided closer to your entrance, but he spoke up before anything could happen.

“No touching baby, That’s my job”

Chan pushed himself up off the chair and walked towards you, pushing his sleeves up and stopping to stand between your legs. You let out a mewl as you released he had moved closer to you, feeling his knees push your own legs open wider. A hand came out to push you, your back hitting the soft mattress and Chan following soon after. He placed one hand next to your head and the other on your hip. You could feel his hot breath on your neck and a warm feeling as he leaned down to press a chaste kiss on your collar. The only sound in the room now was your breath as his hand moved down your hips. His hands rolled over your thighs and wasted no time in ripping off your black bike shorts, a warm sigh passing his lips as he noticed you wearing his favourite lacy underwear.

You let out a low whimper as Chan ran a finger over your panties, not wasting a moment to push your panties aside and slip a finger in. Teasing you, he slipped his finger in and out tantalizingly slow, curling his finger every now and then to press against that one spot that had you writhing under him. He squeezed a moan out of your lips when he reached his thumb up to rub a few small circles on your clit. You knew you shouldn’t have, but you wanted more than what you were getting.  You reached your hands up to tangle your fingers in his hair. His fingers halted to a stop and you regretted what you did almost instantly.

“What did i say about using your hands baby girl?”

You let out another whimper as he removed his fingers, reaching up to lick them clean. He ripped down your red panties as he said again, slightly more demanding

“Tell me babygirl, what did i say?”

A breath escaped your lips as you let out a reply,

“No using my hands.”

Chan smirked under his breath as he stood up on his knees, back straightening and hands coming down to untie the string of his pants. Once it was loose, he began to sip off his pants as he spoke again.

“That’s right, and since you’ve been a naughty girl, going against my rules, I think I’m going to have to punish you.”

Rushing to push down his pants and throwing them somewhere behind him, the bulge in his pants was overly visible. once he had gotten rid of his cotton cage, Chan came down to grab the remaining satin sheet in your hand. You let out a gasp as he pulled your hands above your head, tying your wrists together and then attaching them to the wood of the headboard in record time. It would be an understatement to say you had done this before, and Chan had learnt the skill of tying you up a lot faster than he would like to admit.

You were confused for a moment as Chan’s figure left your side but you realized when the familiar sound of foil ripping resounded throughout the room. Although he liked to see himself as a dominant in the bedroom, he always made sure that you were both protected. He didn’t want anything bad happening to his baby. He rolled the plastic over his length and made his way back to the bed, stopping for a moment to admire just how sexy you looked tied up on the bed, part naked and all for him.

Your legs squirmed beneath you as Chan came to sit between your legs once again, running his hands up you waist to reach under your white shirt. He chuckled knowingly when he felt that you had left your bra off, a white shirt your only cover which he was much to horny to bother taking off.

Leaning down he captured your lips with his for the first time and didn’t waste any time in letting his tongue explore your mouth. He let out a growl as he pushed himself against your thighs, you moaning in response.

“C’mon baby, beg for my cock,”

He leaned down to growl in your ear, rubbing a finger over your nipple as you let in a sharp breath. After all the times you and Chan had done the do, you both knew that you had a hard time begging for anything. You always felt to embarrassed to talk like that whenever he asked, your cheeks going red and mouth getting dry. Maybe you were to shy to admit it, but you really did want to get Chan worked up for once but you were just to shy to do it.

Knowing what you would get if you complied to Chan’s wishes, you mumbled out under your breathe.

“Chan … i w-want you…p-p-please”

You heard a low chuckle above you as he replied almost instantly.

“Oh baby, you’re going to have to try harder than that”

A shy finger ran up your side, tracing over the sheer marks that ran all over your hips and stomach. If you had known better, you would have taken this as a loving gesture. But you took your thought back when a nail scrapped over your hip and a strong hand gripped you to flip you fully onto your back and press you into the soft sheets below you. Your thighs squeezed themselves together and you suddenly felt conscious of yourself. You could feel the bed dip beside you as he kneeled closer, a hand coming to rest beside your head. It was evident how he was feeling when his arousal poked into your side. You heard him stiff out a muffled giggle as he watched you writhe under his touch, your mouth sealed shut as you refused to give into him.

The same shy finger circled around your perk boobs, stopping to flick over each pink nipple making you mewl and arch your back further into the bed. His hands squeezed you once before moving up towards your neck, passing your white shirt that had been scrunched up at your chest. You had taken a lip between your teeth to hold back your moans, even if he demanded you to beg for his cock, you were determined to keep your dignity and hold out. The longer you stayed quiet, the more impatient he got. he knew all the ways to make you break into a moaning mess but loved to tease the words out of you. The sound of you begging for him, your voice laced with pure lust, was his favourite thing. Chan ran his fingers up your neck, feeling your silky white skin under his hands. His fingers came up to hold your chin, tilting your head up as he leaned forwards to whisper deeply into your ear.

“C’mon kitten. Beg for me

Letting out a startled breath at the sudden whisper, you fought back the embarrassing feeling in your gut and whispered out.

“Chan I want you to fuck me. Fuck me good with your hard cock.M-make me see stars!”

You were too slow to stop the loud moan from escaping your lips as Chan rammed into you, slipping easily into you just as per usual. He grunted as you squeezed around him, surprised at his sudden intrusion. He set up a hard place, rolling his hips expertly from all his practice as a dancer. You were so use to him working you up slow and hard, thrusting into you slowly just to see you squirm and beg for more, but it may have been you caving in and dirty talking that caused him to get worked up.

Pounding into you was an understatement when the only sound in the room was a mix of your moans, his grunts and skin slapping against skin. All the frustration of practice showed in his harsh thrusts and he didn’t let up for one moment. The warm feeling in your stomach was slowly building and you didn’t stop the moans escaping from your mouth, knowing just how hot it got Chan when he heard the sounds spill from your lips. Your hands gripped the satin sheets binding you to the bed as you felt the warmth in your stomach swell.

“Chan, I’m close. Oh, god, I’m close!”

Chan pressed his fingers into your hips as he heard your worlds, hips rolling in a new found energy to get you off. He knew he was close with the feeling in his abdomen and was determined to get you off first, it was only common courtesy. It had been a while since the two of you had done this sort of thing, well if a few days counted as a long time.

His thrusts not faltering, you threw your head back as you felt your orgasm finally burst through your body. Your vision turning slightly hazy and a familiar sensation spreading through your stomach had you screaming Chan’s name. A few more thrusts was all it took for Chan to push himself over the edge and spill inside his condom. He let out a long, drawn out moan as he rode out his high, reaching to pull off the sheet that covered your eyes in the last moments. Your eyes had screwed themselves shut and a few dried tears still lingered in the corners from the pleasure he had you feeling.

“That was perfect, babe, I love you” Chan hummed as he pulled out, sliding the condom off and throwing it into the bin beside the bed. No one would guess that this sweet kid was a sex demon just by looking at him, but you knew all too well just what he was like. Cutie in the streets, Dom in the sheets. Chan pulled up the crumpled blanket to cover both your bodies and smiled softly as you curled into his chest, obviously exhausted by the sudden wrath of Chan and all his built up frustrations.

“I love you too, Channie. A little more warning next time though!” you giggled.

You both smiled as the soft glow of the moon sent you into a slumber, wrapped in each other’s arms and legs tangled.


Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: hamsters


One, it was rare for Orihara Izaya to raise his voice.

Two, it was rare for Orihara Izaya to use Shizuo’s full name.

Three, it was rare for Orihara Izaya to do both of the above at the same time.

But Sunday morning, neighbors could hear Izaya’s voice, unusually annoyed sounding. A thud soon followed and soon couples were hurrying out the door, eager to leave before Izaya’s irritation would start a fight that could end in a torn down wall.

Meanwhile, unaware that the other inhabitants of the fourth floor apartment complex where Shizuo lived (he said Izaya’s apartment complex was cold and barren and so the two ended up spending more time at Shizuo’s, its proximity to Russian Sushi another plus,) Orihara Izaya sat up from the floor he’d fallen onto. A mysterious orange object appeared in the corner of his eye, surprising him relentlessly, so much so that he jerked and fell.

Watching it roll around, he realized that there was something fluffy in it, something that looked annoying, that–

–a hamster?

That’s right.

Reddish-brown eyes narrowed and Shizuo came running out of the shower, dressed in only his boxers and towel around his neck for his still dripping hair. “Iza–”

“You got the rodent a ball?” he asked coldly, glaring at him. “You gave it something so it could roll around the apartment? That’s why it has a cage, Shizu-chan.”

Frowning, Shizuo walked over and picked the ball up, staring at the hamster inside. “It needs more exercise.”

“It has a wheel!”

Izaya had never been fond of hamsters. Or mice or guinea pigs or rats or anything that was small and furry, that could annoy him. So when Shizuo brought home a hamster in a cage, Izaya agreed that it could be kept if he didn’t even notice it and having it run around in an orange ball in the mornings.

“It’s cute,” he heard Shizuo say as he moved back onto the couch. “Say hi.”

“I’m not–Shizuo–!!”

That day, Shizuo learned that two things could make Orihara Izaya fall off the couch:

One: have the hamster run by in an orange ball.

Two: put the hamster on his head.