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Hi, Could you do a maven one-shot about him being a misunderstood boy and regretting his decision about Mare.

Anything to get out studying, sure! 

Maven looked around the empty, white room. Everything he wanted he had, things he had been dreaming for since three years old. But was it really what he wanted? Or was it what his mother wanted? Looking down at his pale hands, his uncut black as night curly hair falling over his eyes. With his mother dead, the voices out of his head he had time to try and unravel the twisted web of lies and mistakes called his mind. He tries to think of the boy that grounds him, the bright red who had such a long life ahead of him cut short. It was his fault he was dead wasn’t it? If he has just stayed away, he would be alive. The wave of regret and pain reminds him that he is here. The Calore brother hates to admit it, but any feeling it is a good feeling. For his 17 years in the world he felt numb, but with his mind free anything other then numb is amazing. Then a specific girl flashes in his eyes, the girl he marked, who he loved. Mare. She fell from the sky, fell into his life. He had gotten in to deep, his mother had tried to erase the feelings from him but nothing would help. Just like Thomas- he winces at the very thought of his name. His first kiss, his first love. Maven stands pushing the mess of curls out of his icy blue eyes, hands falling to his side. He takes another glance around the barren room, is this what his mind is like? Maybe he is too damaged, maybe he could never be fixed. His whole life he has been a puppet almost no actions his own. His mother- no- Elara was dead. He had his mind. All he had to do was unwind the mess, fix himself. Do it for him, do it for her. Do it for Cas, the brother he could never love, the brother he looked up to, the brother he never wanted to kill. Swiftly walking to the crown resting on the empty bedside table of his, Maven picks it up. He can feel the metal burning in his flaming hands until it is nothing more then a puddle of silver at his feet. Maven Calore was no longer a puppet, and this action was his something he could hold onto. A step in the right direction.

Top 15 Albums of 2015
  1. Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
  2. Tell Me I’m Pretty - Cage The Elephant
  3. Badlands - Halsey
  4. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - Florence + The Machine
  5. Dopamine - Børns
  6. How Do You Feel Now? - Joywave
  7. Our Own House - Misterwives
  8. Beneath The Skin - Of Monsters And Men
  9. Run - Awolnation
  10. Glitterbug - The Wombats
  11. Wilder Mind - Mumford And Sons
  12. Happy People - Peace
  13. What Went Down - Foals
  14. Yours, Dreamily, - The Arcs
  15. Smoke And Mirrors - Imagine Dragons

The first dose is the worst.

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Mercy is still traped after months Mercy: *looks hopeless*;-;

Suddenly an explosion occurred at the other side and suddenly a fox girl comes to the room with Mercy inside the cage.

Ahri: A prisoner!? *goes to the cage* Back away from there! I’ll cut you out from this cage! *summons my Arc Angel Spear*

Romance In Action Movies and Edge Of Tomorrow

Romance in action movies tend to be terrible. They’re usually thrown in for the sake of it and since action films tend to be a male dominated genre, the female characters suffer from this. This also leads to the perception that whenever there is a romance in an action film, it’s bad for the female character(s). This is mostly true since the female character in an action film is usually introduced to solely provide that romantic element. They aren’t there for any other reason beyond looking good for the man. They’re decoration.

As you probably noticed, I said it’s “mostly” true. On the off hand that an action movie actually handles such a thing with care instead of just being thrown in for the sake of it, it tends to be looked down upon anyway because of the reputation romance has earned in the action film.

Edge Of Tomorrow for example. EoT is a fantastic film all around. There’s a reason for this. It’s because the film never ignores its characters. First of all, Rita isn’t a love interest. Not really. A love interest, at least in my mind, is added to a film for no other reason but to add a romantic element to it. Giving Rita such a label undercuts how the movie treats her which is as a human being. Sure, she doesn’t get the character arc Cage does, but the fact that her character doesn’t move much, it gives the film a kind of stability. She’s already a fully formed character from the start, helped by an incredibly convincing performance by Emily Blunt. Hell, Cage is fully formed as well. Granted, the film doesn’t exactly pay attention to its supporting cast but it doesn’t really need to. The two main characters ARE the film.

That’s why the romance in it bucks a lot of how romances are handled in these kinds of movies. Both characters are treated as more than the love story. The romance never really does take center stage, the film instead using it to make the character dynamics more interesting. All romance in action films are basically needless, but that shouldn’t make them pointless.

It’s not forced through noticeable looks of attraction between actors. In fact, for the entire film, it’s one sided. It’s in the haunted looks Cage gives her after seeing her die hundreds of times. It’s in the quiet moments where Cage just wants to enjoy her company instead of seeing her get torn apart by aliens. It’s his answer to her asking “why does my life matter?”

Cage knows Rita but Rita can never really know Cage like he knows her until the war is over, if they both survive anyway. Cage’s character arc actually feeds into this. Consider Rita’s general apathy towards him as a person in the beginning and her interest in him at the end. Cage in the beginning of the film was a coward. In the end, he wasn’t just a different person entirely, he was a mirror to Rita. They both watched a loved one die hundreds of times. They both died themselves hundreds of times. They’ve both felt the effects of war.

The kiss at the end isn’t a declaration of love from Rita. It represents her wishing she had the time to figure out if that sort of thing was even in the cards for her. Because when she looks at Cage at the end, she sees someone she can relate to. She may not have seen Cage’s progress from coward to hero, but her reactions to him are still going to be different because of that change.

But even the kiss itself is representative of the characters. It’s quick, with no long looks afterward. It’s a momentary acknowledgement of what could be and then they move on to save the world.

Of course, the film ends with Cage finding Rita when he woke up. Rita getting to know Cage the way he knows her is only really implied but that’s okay. Because this isn’t a romance film. There is a love story, but it’s not only unconventional because of Cage’s time ability, it’s unconventional because the film treats it with respect, but only because it treats its characters with respect.

The romance is no where near the most important part of this film, not even close. But that doesn’t make the way the film creators handled it unimportant. It is important. Not every action film needs a romance but for the action films that do have them, you have to make sure the characters are more than the love story. If either character is defined by it, then it’s just pointless, there for no reason except because other films do it too.

One thing I loved about Luke Cage was how well done the flashbacks to Mariah and Cornell’s past were. You could immediately figure out why their lives went the way that they went.

Mariah and Cornell were both bound by their upbringing, and while they both hated it they were unwilling to completely disregard it.
It doesn’t excuse it, but it completely explains what happened to them. This is good writing right here.

Cornell took on the dirty underbelly of mama Mabel’s operation. He was the one that she forced to kill people. He was the one that inherited the power and the blood that came with it. He was still so resentful of the life that he might have had if he were allowed to pursue a career in music and keep his hands clean, but he was unwilling to give up the power he accumulated to try to pursue that dream later in life.

Cornell wasn’t a bad guy. He’s often shown to legitimately care for his cousin. Once he found out that they shot up pop’s shop he was remorseful and immediately started planning how he was going to reimburse him. When he was younger, he didn’t want to kill people, at all. His hands shook as he held the gun.

He did, however, internalize his own struggles so much he completely disregarded Mariah’s. He put the praise that his uncle gave him and his own feelings above Mariah’s personhood and he ultimately paid with his life. Funny that he took that risk when his hand was shaky on the trigger while killing Pete and Mariah was urging him to do it.

Mariah tried to take a more legitimate approach and emulate the best parts of Mabel’s enterprise. Mariah was playing at being a wholesome politician, all the while maintaining her close relationship with her cousin, the embodiment of the dirty underbelly of mama Mabel’s legacy. But it didn’t work, partially because Mariah was unwilling to cut ties to her former life and partially because Mariah is actually suited for this sort of thing.

While Cornell’s finger shook on the trigger, Mariah shouted. She would have ended Pete in a second. She suggested multiple ways to kill Luke Cage the moment she found out about his powers. And this was all before she defenestrated Cornell.

“Your family name used to mean something,” Shades told her. (I’m not positive this is the exact quote but you know the gist) Mama Mabel’s legacy was bloody, but it had order as well. She brought good things to her corner of Harlem.

Hopefully, Mariah will try to balance the good and the bad her legacy brings with it. The power and the killing and cleaning up the streets and helping people.

She’ll try to embrace her similarities to the guardian she must have grown to hate so much for letting her abuse go on. She’ll try to rule Harlem with an iron fist that reaches out and helps people when it’s not slamming them down.

And she’ll fail, eventually, because her rise to power started with Cornell’s blood and now is soaked in Candace’s and others as well. She’s solidly a villain now, and even in the marvel tv verse they won’t let her win forever, but she will remain a sympathetic and nuanced character as she rises to power or falls from grace, depending on how you view her current arc.

Lucha Underground Broken Down Into Arcs Season 1(Spoilers)

The 100,000$ / Rudo Chavo arc:
Main Protagonist: Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma , Blue Demon jr and Sexy Star.
Main Antagonist:Big Ryck and the Crew, Chavo Guerrero jr
Significant events: Chavo goes Rudo.

The Championship Arc:
Main Protagonist: Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Fenix.
Main Antagonist:Mil Murtes and Chavo Guerrero jr.
Significant events: Prince Puma becomes champion.

The Fenix vs Mill Murtes/ Cage/ AAA Arc:
Main Protagonist: Prince Puma, Fenix, Alberto El Patron
Main Antagonist: Cage, Mil Murtes, Texano
Significant events: Mil Murtes “dies”, Big Ryck temporarily goes técnico, Son of Havoc dumps Ivelisse.

The Trios Arc:
Main Protagonist: Son of Havoc, Angelico, Ivelisse.
Main Antagonist: The Crew, Pentagon jr.
Significant events: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico become trios champions. Son of Havoc and Ivelisse go técnico. Drago wins the best of five but is banished from the Temple.

Aztec Medallion arc:
Main Protagonist:Fenix, Son of Havoc Ivelisse and Angelico, Prince Puma.
Main Antagonist: Mil Murtes, The Crew, Pentagon jr, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero jr
Significant events: Mil Murtes returns, Konnan dies, Bael dies, Super Fly is unmasked, Johnny Mundo goes rudo, Drago returns, Vampiro excepts Pentagon’s challenge.

Ultima Lucha Uno Arc:
Main Protagonist: Prince Puma, Son of Havoc Ivelisse and Angelico, Vampiro?,Fenix
Main Antagonist:Mil Murtes, Pentagon jr, the Disciples of Death.
Significant events: The Disciples of Death become trios champions, Vampiro reveals himself to be Pentagon’s master. Blue Demon jr *kinda* goes rudo, and Mil Murtes becomes the Lucha Underground Champion.

This was a pain to do yet fun at the same time thanks for reading. Viva La Lucha Libre!


Marvel has revealed the two sides for Civil War II. The two sides include “change the future”, which is led by Captain Marvel and includes Spectrum, the Winter Soldier, the Blue Marvel, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Medusa, Vision, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Captain America (Steve Rogers), and War Machine, and the “protect the future” side, led by Iron Man and includes Deadpool, Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Black Widow, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Hercules, Luke Cage, Miss America, Daredevil, Black Panther, Thor, and Star-Lord.