cage and bird

The Sacrifice

“I sacrifice to the flames the links of the chain that once held me from my freedom. To allow myself to let go of the past and a former love I thought I had so that I can have room to grow. To grow into a stronger witch and grow to love more. Love my sister and my hunter but also those who have accepted me as I am. I sacrifice these links so that I may finally be free.”

- Seilynne Nightwood.

They say that if you keep a bird caged that it can be rather messy but if you allow that bird to spread it’s wings they can surely grow. Bound by chains heavier than her body and once held in an estate Seilynne was unable to grow. She had thought she found her freedom when she was left to venture the world on her own but it wasn’t until tonight that she had finally been at peace.

She had found a coven that accepted her though she was the youngest of all. She would not be used for a tool of chaos and destruction but she would be one of them. An outcast that finally found a home. No longer would her sister and Zae’thul worry about her or her nightmares because the moment she set those links into the flames  she had been set free.

Her wings could spread and she could grow not only in knowledge but in power. She would not be locked away for safe keeping but learn how to control her flames and so much more. As she returned home to lay with her hunter she finally closed the space between them and for once not have fear of being a harm to anyone she loved..

{{ I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Lain and those of Fading Echoes for allowing Seilynne to be apart of your event tonight. It was truly something magical and I am glad I could have my little Sei involved. Thank you for giving me home in rekindling her story. }}

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12. Would you take part in reenactment? In what era and as whom?


23. What’s your favourite historical song or song containing historical references?

//My fave is “Bayan ko” (My Country). It’s the most popular patriotic song, after the national anthem, and is often played during times of oppression.

The songs narrates how beautiful the Philippines is and how it attracted foreign nations and as a result imprisoning the country and causing despair. It compares it to a caged bird who wants nothing more but its freedom, and the country is no different. And all we want is to see our weeping motherland be free.

The funny thing is, it turns out, this song was originally from an 1898 zarzuela created to express opposition to the American occupation. This is perhaps the peak of our passive aggressiveness. Lol.

14. Why are you are interested in history?

//I’ve always been interested about how people lived in the past and how people and events shaped what we are now.

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My Darling Rae of Starshine, I'm thinking of getting your "shitty" pen art for Goner (the bird cage and flowers) as a tattoo as my birthday present to myself. I was planning on getting a tattoo anyway and I love it, plus I think it would be a fun way to reveal myself. Yay or nay? <3 Anon Datemate

im so EXCITED!!!

tag me in a pic when you do please 💕


The Bird Cage Theatre, located in Tombstone, Arizona, once operated as a theatre, saloon, gambling parlor, and brothel. It was in operation from 1881 to 1889, which was during the silver boom. Evidence of it’s colourful past can still be seen today - there are over 120 bullet holes throughout the building. New York Times described the Bird Cage Theatre as “the roughest, bawdiest, and most wicked night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast.“  One of the more bizarre murders to occur here took place when two brothel workers got into an altercation and one responded by stabbing the other to death with her stiletto. 

With a history of violence, it’s no surprise that the Bird Cage Theatre is said to be the scene of much paranormal activity. Visitors and employees both claim to have seen the ghosts of former brothel workers as well as dowdy men dressed in cowboy hates. Some people have even reported being pushed or shoved by unseen forces. Disembodied laughter and music can often be heard in the dead of night.


unknowingly, ape took a job at the new produce/plant/tea shop, valleys of neptune, next door and constantly sighs over the register while (silently) sampling the different kinds of tea on the counter


Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild”  (Stephen King)