Why Cage is just like Bach
  • Bach- Is Bach
  • Handel- A more religious Bach
  • Mozart- A cuter younger Handel
  • Beethoven- An angsty Mozart
  • Chopin- A less angsty Beethoven
  • Tchaikovsky- Chopin plus Orchestra
  • Debussy- A relaxed Tchaikovsky
  • Ravel- Debussy plus Jazz
  • Gershwin- Ravel plus even more jazz
  • Joplin- Gershwin plus more America
  • Stravinsky- Joplin plus atonal
  • Ives- Stravinsky plus more messed up music
  • Cage- Ives minus the music

Amazing Artworks by Henn Kim - links for prints and other stuff (stickers, apparel, tapestry, mugs, pillows, clocks, sheets, towels, device cases, cards, shower curtains, pouches, etc.) below:

Papilla Estellar (Celestial Pablum) by Remedio Varo, 1958.

From Bella Boheme:

The lunar cycle controls the tides, and is also associated with the mother energy, creativity, psychic ability, dreams, fertility, and the female cycles. The painting demonstrates that the alchemist here has formulated a way to control the moon’s cycle, and thus her own cycle. Based on Remedio Varo’s sagittarius sun sign, and libra moon sign, her lunar fertile time is the waning crescent moon – just as she painted. […] Rather than look to the moon in the sky asking for its fertility, she harnesses it (during her fertile time) as symbolized here for creativity which she nurtures.

This weeks Harry Potter Character Design Challenge was Hedwig the Owl.  I decided to make my Hedwig with all of Harry’s luggage.  Personally I don’t think he brought enough clothes lol