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The Fic I won’t write game: Neal Caffrey, Parker "Dragons"


Parker, on vacation from Leverage International (Sophie told her vacations were things people did, even when they loved their job), is in the middle of trying to steal a priceless ancient artifact, the Dragon Of Avalon, when she realizes she has company: Neal Caffrey, one of the all-time greats. Neal is there undercover to “steal” the Dragon as a way of infiltrating the neo-Nazi hate group that the FBI wants taken down, and if there’s one thing Parker hates more than having her loot stolen from under her, it’s neo-Nazis. 

Besides, it’s been a while since she’s seen Taggart and McSweeten, who are now part of the gangs taskforce working out of the New York office. 

Neal and Parker embark on an undercover mission to rip the group apart from the inside, recruiting Taggart and McSweeten, along with Peter and Elizabeth, to run an epic con on some very deserving marks. 

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: the white collar series finale was a massive display of poorly thought out plot lines and deception. Neal Caffrey faking his death was so out of character and UNNECESSARY. Mozzie drafted a contract that the FBI could not slip out of and the show could have ended so much better. Neal should have been freed, followed a new, legal passion (I’m fond of imagining him as a chef or an artist), and stayed with Mozzie and Peter and Elizabeth. THEY ARE HIS FAMILY. Convincing your family you’re dead is not something you do. It wasn’t a clever way to end the show, it was cowardly. NEAL PROMISED HE WOULD NEVER RUN WITHOUT MOZZIE. AND HE RAN WITHOUT MOZZIE. NEAL FAKING HIS DEATH WAS A COMPLETE UNDOING OF HIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND A DUMB WAY TO END THE SHOW. The whole “I’ll get my freedom however I can” troupe was bullshit. Neal was not desperate enough. Neal wouldn’t have done it. The whole finale was awful and tainted the whole experience of the show. It would’ve been a lot cuter for Neal to know Peter’s baby and just have the kid’s middle name be Neal. They could have lied and said it was for Neal Diamond. But everyone would’ve known. I’m never gonna sleep again I hope that’s cool with you @white collar execs



okay, i’m terrible with remembering people and names and faces but these are the people that have popped up on my dash over the course of the year. i will bold the people that have been especially great and those in italics i’ve only recently began talking to but are going to be great! ahahha! but believe me when i say that everyone i follow is completely and utterly amazing!

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“all good things must come to an end.” - someone