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Happy birthday! Hope this day is filled with good things for you and that you have a fantastic birthday celebration!

Coffee! You’re so sweet, I’m so honoured that you remembered! I was so sure that nobody will send me birthday asks on tumblr because I’ve been pretty dead here all year XD but you always send me a birthday wish <3 Thank you so much. 

The day was great, my friends indulged me with the Pompeii exhibition (nerdiest birthday party ever), Peruvian food, and ice cream cake from scratch. I also want to thank everyone who sent me all the nice messages on other social media!

caffinatedstory replied to your post: “okay guys i’m alone and kinda freaking out right now does anyone know…”:

Take antihistamines. (Allergy tablets) depending on the severity of your allergy it might be best to contact the doctors (ring legevakten blant annet)

Thank you! I mean it should have been really obvious and I feel kinda lame now, but I’ve never actually had any warning before when I’ve eaten egg and my mind kinda just shut down a bit. If it gets bad I’ll call my doctor. Thanks again, it’s weird how much just having someone tell me what to do can calm me down

caffinatedstory replied to your post:i’ve lost all motivation to make cosplay and its…

you can do it! put on some motivational music and kick ass like we all know you can!

I think it’s because i’min that final stretch that its just knocked me one, I’ve not much left to do, hoping to get the main part of Nyo!Aus done by tomorrow morning (Just needs her buttons) and then the wig on monday leaving me SS Zelda and packing left to do

thankfull zelda is the easiest cosplay, never thought I would say that about a zelda cosplay considering the hardst cosplay I’m doing atm and will probably do in a while is also a zelda one