• (VIXX standing around the broken coffee maker)
  • N: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • Hongbin: ...I did. I broke it.
  • N: No. No you didn't. Hyuk?
  • Hyuk: Don't look at me. Look at Ravi.
  • Ravi: What?! I didn't break it.
  • Hyuk: Oh that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Ravi: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
  • Hyuk: Suspicious.
  • Ravi: No it's not!
  • Hyuk: If it matters, probably not, but Ken was the last one to use it.
  • Ken: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Hyuk: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Ken: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that Hyuk!
  • Hongbin: Okay let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it N.
  • N: No! Who broke it!?
  • Ravi: N... Leos been awfully quiet.
  • Leo: REALLY?!
  • (Everyone starts arguing)
  • N: (being interviewed) I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
  • Krolock: *walking into Herbert's bedroom without knocking* Herbert! I called for you countless times! Why didn't you answer me? And why are you naked?!?!
  • Herbert: I... have absolutely nothing to wear. My wardrobe is entirely desolate of anything worth my while.
  • Krolock: Nonsense!
  • Krolock: *opens wardrobe*
  • Krolock: Look! Your favorite shirts, a few pairs of breeches, good evening Alfred, this jacket,
Still not Batman Dave

My youngest daughter- Alice- nearly gets kidnapped by the Hatter. She punches him, Emily and Jake both pepper spray him. All are highfived by Red Hood. #onlyingotham #shutupdave

 Joker was robbing the bank. I punched out one of his goons while Emily tag teamed another with my eldest-Hannah. Jake and Alice jumped another. Joker was laughing so hard at tiny Alice taking down his goon he let us go. Am now being called Batman by all my coworkers. #onlyingotham #shutupdave #notbatman

 Kids are now calling me Batmom after I kicked a mugger in the face. Coworkers have picked up on this. #seriously? #i'mablackbelt

 Batfam has heard the nickname after Lewis and Jenny call me this when I yelled at Harley and Poison Ivy for making me late for Alice’s ballet recital. Am now being called Batmom by Red Hood and Nightwing. #onlyingotham #damnitkids

 Red Robin collpased outside my apartment. Took him inside to check on him. He woke up, told me he’d be fine with more coffee. Lectured him on proper sleep and caffine intake. Batman shows up with Robin. Red Robin calls me ‘Batmom’, leaves with them. Batman does a doubletake. #onlyingotham #batfam

 My kids are now hanging with the Wayne family? Like… Emily actually likes Damian Wayne? I don’t… what? #onlyingotham #littleshitscallmebatmom #NOTBATMAN #shutupdave

funnyfoxes55  asked:

Caffine i sometimes have problems with making a plot. I know Point A and Point B and the path to those points. But i have no idea how to 'pad' it so its not just this super short plotline thing. Any ideas on how to make it long but keep it interesting enough? I realize that tpo much of violence or happiness can make things boring

I understand! Sometimes I end up putting too many “plot points” in a story because I move to them too fast! Here are some ideas to pad your work:

1) Dialogue. All of the dialogue. It’s really easy to tell your readers that the heroes took a road all the way to the castle to liberate their friend. That’s a sentence or maybe a few paragraphs if you’re particularly good at scene description! Instead, try putting some second thoughts or introspections in! For example, instead of:

The heroes took to the eastern road at sunrise. The dirt quickly heated under their feet as they walked, but they did not let it deter them. On and on they walked, well into nightfall. By dawn the next day, the castle was in sight.


“Are we there yet?”

“Jesus, my sandals are way too thin.”

“How are we supposed to kick the King’s ass if we have blisters on our feet?”

“Aren’t you a healer? Shouldn’t you have aloe?”

“Aloe soothes, it doesn’t heal, you complete–”

“You know, I probably should have mentioned sooner, but I’m having second thought about taking the East Road.”

“Well, that’s too late. We’re on it.”

“We all agreed on it at the tavern.”

“Yes, but the threat of trolls wasn’t quite so imminent then.”


They’re still going from A to B, but they’re exploring the world a bit more as they go!

2) Flashback. Flashback the hell out of it. No matter how much detail you put into your work, no matter how early you start in your character’s life, there’s always a defining moment you haven’t touched on. It adds depth to their interactions with others and also gives them more character development.

Narion walks silently behind his bickering traveling companions. His own footwear seems to be holding up to the heat of the road just fine, but the strap of his pack is fraying and will need to be fixed soon. The others’ have new packs, leather with metal hardware and he’s envious. He shoves the emotion away. Envy doesn’t help him do what he must.

He remembers being a little boy, sweat dotting his brow and shoulder aching (much as they are now) from the weight of the sickle he’d been using to cut wheat. He remembers watching as the King’s men arrived and kicked his family’s door down.

He’d been small then, too small to be working in the fields as he was, but he was fast. He’d darted over the cut wheat so fast that the wind whistled in his ears.

He was still too late.

Now, Narion hopes that they won’t be too late. He wants to move faster, wants to tell them to stop arguing, to save their breath, but he knows better. Move faster and they run the risk of burning out. All he can do is keep up as his pack falls apart and pray.

3) Touch base with the rest of the world. Sometimes in our big adventure stories we forget that a whole other world exists. And sometimes that whole other world has people who don’t necessarily approve of the heroes’ way of doing things.

They stop at an inn for the night. Despite earlier fears, none of their feet are burned, and it’s with lighter hearts that they head for the bar.

Their hearts aren’t light for long.

“Try our ale,” the barkeep says, already filling three glasses. “Best ale in the kingdom, King said so himself.”

“Does he,” Syanaes says lightly. She pushes the glass away from her. “I don’t drink.”

The barkeep swells. “If it’s good enough for the King, it’s good enough for the likes of you!”

Narion feels his skin crawl. “Does he come here often?”

“I’m blessed to say that he’s been here twice,” the barkeep says. “Always with a full purse though he doesn’t leave that way!”

The barkeep laughs but Narion feels sick. If the barkeep is telling the truth, this might be the only town in the kingdom that’s made prosperous rather than made poorer.

“They’ll hate us here,” Eadran hisses in his ear. 

Those are the three main ways that I pad my stories! Hope this helps :)

Lucian Cruisin'

Traveling with the chocobabes

  • Noctis falls out of the car because he decided to sit on the back. You can see Ignis wondering to himself if he should slow down or just keep going
  • Gladio sneezes while you’re asleep in the Regalia. You wake up, panicked, because you think you’re under attack
  • “I could eat a horse,” a man says as you walk into a Crow’s Nest. You realize he is sitting in the booth alone. You lock eyes. He doesn’t look away.
  • Gladio makes you, Prompto, and Noctis hold hands when you guys are in a crowded place so that you don’t get lost or kidnapped again. Ignis affectionately calls it the “Baby Chain”
  • Deepthroat by CupcakKe comes on in the Regalia while Noctis has the AUX cord. He rushes to change the song, but you hold his phone away from him. The Regalia is silent as you all silently judge him.
  • There is a 90% chance that when you walk into the tent, one of the boys will be in the middle of changing. You’re learning more about them than you ever wanted to know. 
  • A baby chocobo has imprinted on Ignis. He tries to lecture you all later that night, but you can’t take him seriously with the baby bird jumping up and down, begging for attention
  • You keep running out of shampoo and conditioner. You think nothing of it until Gladio walks by and you get a whiff of coconut and vanilla. No wonder his hair is so shiny
  • Prompto and Noctis keep stealing your clothes. You try to retaliate by stealing their clothes, but they don’t care. You accept that this is something you have to deal with
  • You’ve run out of Ebony. You’ve run out of off-brand coffee. You’ve even run out of caffinated teas. Ignis is vibrating. His hair is messy, his shirt wrinkled, his eye twitching. For once, you feel more comfortable with Noctis driving
  • Playfully, one of you ask Ignis who his favorite is. With a straight face he says, “I would sell any one of you for a single corn chip.” You know he’s joking, but Noctis’s pout and Gladio’s offended expression make you and Prompto lose it every time

I want to be light

I want to be a person who wonders through conversations and lives igniting excitement and leaving brighter eyes in their wake.

I wish my energy could seep into other’s days acting like a lightly caffinated drink to those around me.

I know it’s possible, I’ve seen it.

I’ve seen people who make you think of the sun if it could dance and fire if it were touchable.

I don’t want to be someone who spreads darkness like I’m walking through on old house turning all the lights off as I go.

I want to shine. I hope I shine.

—  Dottie James, the light in a dark room
Different Opinions

A/N : Hey I am so sorry for the delay. I have been really sick and catching up on work has been utter hell. Anyway i really enjoyed righting this fic and hopefully you will like it to. It is way longer than intended. Also, I am willing to write smut the ask just didn’t request it so i decided to leave it out. If you want some smut or smutty sequels to any of my works just let me know in the asks boxes and I will get right on that.

Title : Different Opinions

Rating: teen (bordering mature)

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Plus Sized Reader

Warnings: Insecurities, body insecurites, making out,  references to sex

WordCount: 2158


*Readers POV*

‘Wow she was really skinny. Like, REALLY skinny.’ I thought as I smiled at the girl in front of me. I tried not to think about my weight a lot but there were moments like these where it was hard for me to ignore. I work as a stage hand on the Hamilton cast set and a lot of people were back stage. Daveed had come by with the date he had brought to watch him perform and asked if I could keep her company while he greeted fans and celebrities. I said yes without really thinking. Just like that I was stuck practically babysitting my crushes date. Damn it. She was still talking as I just continued nodding my head and making coffee for Lin. Daveed had left 15 minutes ago and this girls just could not seem to shut up. Right now she is currently talking about her work out routine before I heard one sentence stick out.

“Maybe you should try it. It’s a great fat burning workout.” She said continuing on in her chipper voice.

“Yeah maybe I should try it.” I said trying to match her enthusiasm. I was trying to look for a new workout or diet but they never seemed to work. God I felt fat standing next to this girl. I have a tendency to compare myself to other people and this girl was no exception. She was a slim fit beauty with beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

“OMGGGG we should work out together. I have been looking for a gym buddy.” She squealed and handed me her phone to put my number in. I really didn’t want this girl to have my number in fear that she would continuously call me and ramble like she had been.

“Actually, Y/N has to finish the coffee and take it around to the cast.” I heard a familiar voice say behind me. I turned around and smiled at Lin who was speaking to the blonde behind me. What was her name again?

“Oh yeah sorry. I was just saying …” She continued on and Lin looked at me like she had lost her mind. I just sent him a small sad smile and went back to making the coffee. I almost tipped over a cup trying to hold in my laughter because Lin was delicately trying to extract himself from the conversation and failing miserably. I finally took pity on him and stepped in.

“Hey do you want to help me take the coffee to the cast. I need some help and I want to hear more about your special workout.” I said raising the pitch of my voice and putting an extremely fake smile on my face. She bought it. Lin looked at me like I had grown two heads.

“Omg yes of course. So it’s so important to stretch first, so I will do this stretch with my leg where I . . .” She started up again and picked up two of the coffees as she focused her attention fully on me. I gave her my fake smile and nodded along with whatever she was saying. I turned and handed Lin his coffee. He gave me a grateful and pitying look as he took it from my hand. I turned and began walking to Anthony’s dressing room with the blonde following behind me going on about the importance of free weights. It was going to be a long night.

*Daveed’s Pov*

“She was a nightmare Diggs.” Oak laughed at me. I smiled laughed and rolled my eyes at him. “I am serious man you should apologize to Y/N she was a pro at handling her.” He turned to look at Y/N sitting next to him. “How did you handle her for a whole hour? I had a headache after the five minutes it took for you hand me my coffee.”

“I just blocked her out most of the time. She wants me to go with the gym with her. Like I need to go to the gym and lose some weight but I really don’t need that blonde with me.” Y/N laughed.  I smiled but was slightly confused. She didn’t need to lose weight. “However, I can’t say she was a nightmare. She was gorgeous.”

“So she was still a nightmare, a pretty nightmare.” Oak laughed as he slung his arm around the back of the coach and started playing with Y/N’s hair. I felt a little jealous of the closeness but brushed it off just like any other time.

“A gorgeous nightmare.” Y/N corrected. “And I hate to say it but that’s called a girlfriend Oaky.” Oak groaned and dropped his head back on the coach mumbling something about staying single forever

“You’re gorgeous and you’re not a nightmare.” I said with a smirk. Her cheeks flushed. Nailed it.

“Maybe that’s why I am not a girlfriend to anyone then. I mean why would anyone choose me when they could have a petite bombshell like her.” Y/N laughed. “Anyway I got to go check on how the costume department is coming along with some of its repairs.” She stood up and walked out of the room as Oak called after her saying that she should come back as soon as possible. Almost everyone was in the break room at this point and I moved to pull out my phone.

“Is nobody going to comment on the train wreck that was Daveed trying to be smooth?” Anthony said loudly as he looked up from his phone with a smirk.

“I know and then the flat out rejection. That had to hurt Diggs.” Jasmine laughed from across the room.

“She was soooooo wrong about everything,” I said.

“How? I mean she was right the girl you brought was gorgeous and petite that seems to be your type man.” Lin replied to me as he sat down on the arm rest next to me and sipped at his coffee.

“Because she is the most amazing girl I know. She has no right to talk about herself like that. I would have preferred her being my date last night.” I mumbled as my cheeks flushed.

Oak looked over at me shocked. “Oh my God that’s why you were glaring at me when I put my arm around her. Damn man.”I groaned.

“Don’t turn this into a thing guys.”

“OHHHHH we are so going to make it a thing.” Jasmine smiled as she pranced out of the room.

*Readers POV*

“I got your magenta jacket Daveed!” I called as I knocked on the door. I heard a muffled ‘come in’ and walked in to find Rafa sitting on the coach.

“Daveed ran out to get food but he should be back in a bit.” He said and looked up from his phone and proceeded to glance at me up and down before grinning. “Though I got to admit it might be fun to have you to myself for a while.” I flushed crimson and decided not to reply as I walked across the room and reached up to hang the coat. I had worn my shortest pair of shorts today since it was getting warm in the city. I had also worn a black tank top with the plan to wear a shirt over it before realizing I need to do laundry. I felt to chubby for my outfit but really had no choice but to leave the house or risk being late. “You just going to stop talking to me baby? I thought we were friends.” I heard him pout behind. I let out chuckle.

“Yeah we are friends Rafa. How ya been?” I asked while turning around. His face lit up like a Christmas tree and he patted the coach with enthusiasm for me to sit. As soon as I sat down he launched into stories of his newest recordings and how he had started working out even more to buff him up for performances. I nodded along. I didn’t mind his continuous talking unlike the blonde I had to babysit.

“That’s awesome Rafa. I am glad everything has been going well.” He nodded his head enthusiastically

“So what have you been up to? You know, besides keeping my main bro on top of his game.” He asked.

“I have been busy running around the theater like all the time. I am actually trying this new diet too. It really sucks but it’s got to happen you know?” I replied

“Why do you need a diet?”

“Come one Rafa I hate my weight and you can’t act like you haven’t noticed that all the girls in the show are skinnier than me.” I huffed. I was kind of annoyed. I knew I was a different weight than most of the people who worked on set. I would of killed for Renee’s waist and Jasmines thighs.

“You aren’t fat if that what your trying to say Y/N.”


“No, he is fucking right Y/N.” I heard a voice growl from the doorway before looking up to find Daveed with two bags of food in his hand. I just shrugged my shoulders.

“I guess some people just have different opinions.” I supplied while I stood up moved around the Daveed. I was half way out the door when I remembered my reason for coming to the room. “Oh and I got your fixed coat on the rack for you.”

“GODAMMIT LIN YOU CAN NOT HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT!!!” I heard Anthony shout down the hall.

“DAMN RIGHT I DO!!!!” Lin screamed back.

“What are they fighting about?” I asked Jasmine as I ducked under a flying pillow.

“Which star wars movie is better?” she replied before slipping into her room to avoid yet another flying pillow.

I began laughing as I dodged my way through with a cup of coffee for Jonathan before quickly realizing I would not make it through the war zone without spilling it. I quickly ducked into a random dressing room as my only option. It was after the show so most people were packing up or hanging around with each other. I turned around a realized it was Daveed’s room and he was still packing up. When he looked up he saw me and smiled.

“There is all out war going on in the hallway. Do you mind if I wait for a cease fire in here?” I laughed with a huff and held up the steaming hot beverage.

“Sure set the caffine down and rest a while.”

“I feel like a glorified intern running around with coffee everywhere. Though the running is probably good for me.”

“Nah its important to be lazy. Set standards low.”

I laughed and looked up at him with a smile as I sat on the coach and pulled out my phone. After a few minutes I felt a shift in the coach and looked up to find Daveed sitting with one leg up on the coach facing me. I smiled at him and received a smile back. “Do you always look this beautiful or just today? Got to admit, I am liking the shorts.” he said poking my thigh a little. I rolled my eyes at him quite deliberately and went back to typing on my phone. Suddenly a hand pushed the phone out of my hand and on to the floor. A hand was placed on my upper thigh and I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders. Startled, I looked to the side and saw Daveed was a lot closer than expected, like presidential election polls close.

“D-Daveed-” I barley stuttered out before his lips were on mine and I was shifting further into his arms. His grip tighten on my thigh as I trailed my tongue across his lower lip. My hands moved to curl into his hair and pull slightly. He growled into the kiss and forced my lips open to explore my mouth. I moaned into his mouth before he pull off breathing heavily and grabbed the back of my head, pulling it to the side so he could bury his face in my neck to lick and suck at the skin.

“I really hate when you do that.” He mumbled while he continued his ministrations. “I hate when you act like my comments are anything but genuine.” He started trailing his hand up and down my thigh. “Tonight with your permission I am going to run my hands over your body and show you just how much I love every single inch of it.” He brought his head up and looked in my eyes seeking my permission. I nodded my head slightly blown away and immediately his hands were all over me. “Come on.” He said choosing to grab my hips at last and pull me off the coach. “We are catching a cab. Jonathan can go get a new coffee.”

Some important Enjolras headcanons
  • Still figures out the days of the month with “30 days hath September, April, June, and November…”
  • Counts on his fingers, mutters the alphabet under his breath
  • Messy buns
  • Sometimes he wears ballerina buns and it makes his facial structure even sharper
  • Wears lipstick on Special Occasions
  • c r o p  t o p s
  • Never sleeps
  • Mumbles while talking normally and doesn’t realize it, it drives everyone crazy
  • “Enjolras, articulate” “wha”
  • An actual child
  • Gets a million freckles after about 0.3 seconds in the sun
  • Every one of his Halloween costumes involves a cape and usually heels
  • He paints his toenails while watching the news and yelling at the TV
  • Actually survives on coffee and sweets he has the diet of a caffinated five year old
  • Tall, stands on chairs to be taller
  • Bonus: Grantaire’s t i n y he reaches Enjolras’s collarbones on a good day
  • Bonus bonus: Sometimes when they argue and they’re both standing up Grantaire’s just balancing en point because he does ballet. he’s just balancing there and yelling and gesturing the Amis are like “dude what”

All new espresso set in today.

Beautiful set of hand painted pagan inspired espresso cups.

The cups feature the following symbols:

+ Triskele

+ Pentagram

+ God

+ Triple Goddess

Symbols are in black or purple and surrounded but beautiful sparkly purple dots.

The saucers are decorated with the symbols for Earth, Air, Fire, and Water again surrounded with purple dots.

All paint is fixed and dishwasher safe.