caffeine nation

☕️ It's National Coffee Weekend! ☕️

…Well, almost!

September 29th through October 1st is National Coffee Weekend with tomorrow being National Coffee Day and if you’re lucky that means you can score yourself some FREE or discounted coffee from any participating coffee shop such as Krispy Kreme, Wawa, and Dunkin Donuts among many others!

You can find a list of places offering special deals or freebies for Coffee Weekend right here!

Happy caffeination everyone!! ☕️🌈💖😊

Waking up and casually scrolling through my social media….Then getting hit with the announcement of not just one, but TWO new @taylorswift songs being released before reputation 🐍 Being in this fandom, you really don’t need caffeine to zap you awake….You just need @taylorswift ☕️ @taylornation @taylorswiftupdates

It’s National Coffee Day!

And to celebrate Tim decides to drink an entire pot (or two) of this:

The other Bats know better than to try and stop him because honestly this holiday is like Christmas to him and last time someone tried to cut off Tim’s caffeine intake it ended very violently. But that doesn’t mean the Batfam isn’t standing by ready to treat him in case of a caffeine overdose.