caffeine is the name of the movie

Happy 9th Anniversary to Meet the Robinsons!

To celebrate, here’s 9 random TRUE facts about the movie you may not have heard before!

  • In the original script, the main characters chased the villain to a Banana Cream Pie planet
  • Mr. Willerstein’s first name is Adam
  • During production, the crew had a real Frog Bar built for actual use during Fridays.
  • The coffee area in the center of the Disney animation building (where the infamous Carlos Benavides works) is known as The Caffeine Patch, inspired by Meet the Robinsons
  • The actor who played Wilbur Robinson (Wesley Slingerman), had to completely redo all his lines over again because his voice changed so dramatically throughout production.
  • Doris’ beeps were made by an actual actor (Ethan Sandler) and edited later, not just a computer generated sound.
  • Grandpa Bud was originally a custodian at the Joyce Williams school
  • Carl originally had a rotating head with different personalities similar to the Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • A short film was almost made explaining how Bowler Hat Guy got Tiny the T. Rex from the past to the future

For more fun facts or questions about the film, feel free to message me!

Courferre Week Day 4- So Much Pining:

The thing about Combeferre and Courfeyrac was that they both thought the other could never want them. They both lived in states of constant pining. Courfeyrac would doodle hearts on literally everything he owned. Combeferre just wrote Courf’s name in the margins of his journals.

Combeferre would see a sunflower and smile about it for two hours, because ‘It’s just like Courfeyrac, Enj.’

Courfeyrac would hear Combeferre’s favorite song on the radio and call Grantaire in a state of panic (after he sang along at the top of his lungs of course).

Gavroche once told Courf, “You’re worse than Ponine with Pontmercy!”

One night though, Enjolras was tired and caffeine deprived and he had had enough.

Combeferre, Courfeyrac, and Enjolras were watching a movie. Naturally Courf and Ferre were cuddling to “conserve space on the couch” (but really because the two of them will cuddle with legitimately anyone or anything that stays still long enough).

“I’m going to make popcorn!” Courf announced hopping off the couch and walking into the kitchen.

Ferre paused the movie for him. He waited until he was sure Courf couldn’t hear him, “Enj…why is that boy so perfect?”

Enj sighed, “Let me guess, you’re not talking about Luke Skywalker, are you?”

“Of course I’m not talking about Luke Skywalker, he’s a mess,” Ferre said, “You know who I’m talking about.”

“Why don’t you just tell him that you’re hopelessly in love with him then, Ferre?” Enj asked.

“Like he’d ever feel the same way,” Ferre scoffed.

“He might, you never know,” Enj replied.

“Yeah,” Ferre chuckled, “Good one, Enj.”

“Oooh!” Courf smiled returning to the living room, “Enj told a joke, I want to hear it!”

“Oh, it was just about this guy who falls in love with someone that’s completely perfect in every way and then the other guy miraculously feels the same way!” Ferre laughed.

“Oh…that one,” Courf said, almost sadly.

“Yeah,” Enj rolled his eyes, “A lot of people understand that one, don’t they?” He tried to make it sound obvious, but they didn’t get it.

“Ready to start this movie up again?” Courf asked.

“Actually, I have to use the bathroom before we do,” Ferre said standing up, “Be right back.”

As soon as the bathroom door shut, Courf started in, “Enj, why won’t he ever love me?”

“Oh my god, Courf, just tell him for the love of god, just tell him!” Enj said using all of the strength in his body not to start shaking Courf.

“So he can tell me that he only thinks of me as a friend? I don’t think so, Enj,” Courf sighed.

A minute later Ferre had returned to the couch with a blanket from the bedroom and he and Courf had resumed their cuddling.

“What’s with the blanket?” Enj asked, “It’s summer.”

“I got cold,” Ferre shrugged.

“You’re always cold,” Courf laughed.

“Just as you’re always warm,” Ferre retorted, almost saying hot instead (also true).

They put the movie back on and remained silent (except a few sarcastic comments) until the end.

Courfeyrac was the first up; he went to the kitchen to wash out the popcorn bowl.

Ferre looked at Enj and opened his mouth to start complaining, “Enj…I almost called him hot before, and—.”

“NO!” Enj almost shouted, “I am sick of the two of you! Courfeyrac, get in here!”

“Enj what are you doing?” Ferre asked nervously.

Courf ran back into the living room, “Is someone or something on fire? What happened?”

“No one is on fire, Courf,” Ferre assured him.

“Courfeyrac, Combeferre is in love with you,” Enj said before turning to Combeferre, “Combeferre, Courfeyrac is in love with you,” He took a deep breath, “Now talk this out amongst yourselves, I am going to bed,”

Ferre and Courf just stared at each other for a minute.

“Is…is that…true?” Ferre asked, “…you…love me?”

Courf turned pink, “Yeah, but if you want to just be friends I’m totally cool with that, I’ll respect that, I love being your friend. I just don’t want to lose you, please don’t let me lose you now that you know this.”

“Courf, slow down—.”

“I can’t, Ferre, I can’t slow down,” tears filled his eyes, and started running down his face, “Oh god, please don’t hate me, Ferre. Just forget Enj ever said anything, yeah? It’ll be like it was, just the two of us, best friends—.”

“Courfeyrac,” Ferre said taking his shaking hand, “Enj was telling the truth, I love you, too.”

“Wait…what?” Courf sniffled.

“I said I love you, Courfeyrac,” Ferre laughed brushing a few tears away with his thumb.

“Combeferre,” Courf said, “Oh wow…can I kiss you right now? I think I have to kiss you right now.”

“What if I kiss you instead?” Ferre asked.

“Too late,” Courf smiled jumping up to meet Ferre’s lips.