caffeine chronicles

You know when you make an OC for some reason and then pair him/her with a canon character? It sucks because no matter how much you want it, it will not affect the actual thing


There’s CAFFEIN.

A man who pitched down Miku’s voice and created the “Voyakiloid” Haku Yowane

Now he ships her with the official Vocaloid he based her from.

Am I clear enough? Good.

Now not only did she become popular, she is officialy recognized meaning she has basically been made as an official character in a show.

She even got a role in the famous Story of Evil as Clarith. The albino outcast.

She meets the “Miku” of the story Michaela.

And here is the best part;


CAFFEIN made an OC, shipped her with a canon character, made her well know, officialy recognized, noticed by the most popular Producer, who paired her up with the canon character he shipped her with.

He shits on your life!

Pictures from Evillious Chronicles Wiki and CAFFEIN’S PIXIV

Edmund x Reader: It Was the Caffeine

Anon asked: hey! glad to see you back! could you please do a modern!au where edmund is a law student and the reader is a med student and they literally collide going into the library? (totally fine if you don’t do it)


Edmund was frazzled, jittery, and sleep deprived. He had a final exam in two days, and a huge final paper due, which he only had half done. He needed more caffeine, and he needed more peace and quiet.

He made his way out of the library. Too dazed in his hyper-caffeinated state, Edmund bumped into a person. “Sorry, my bad!” A voice muttered.

“No, no,” Edmund said, reaching down to pick up one of his papers. “It was my–oh.” He stopped when he looked up and saw (Y/n). She was in one of his electives, and the two of them had often conversed over the ridiculous subject matter of the class they were forced to take.

Her eyes lit up before placing her hand on his shoulder. “Good thing I bumped into you! I have a question about laws concerning medical stuff.”

He quirked his brows and stood. “Such eloquence,” Edmund chuckled. “And yeah, sure. But–um–would you mind if I get some coffee first, because I–”

She smirked and elbowed him playfully. “What is this–a date?”

Edmund’s eyes went wide, and he recalculated what he just said. Then he tilted his head. “I didn’t ask you for coffee.” Her face turned red in horror, and Edmund felt a slight twinge of guilt for creating the awkward situation. He rubbed the back of his neck. “But, um, I mean–Finals getting to you, huh?”

She chuckled briefly. There was an awkward silence for a moment. “Uh–So, coffee?”

Edmund nodded. “Please.” He touched her back gently, leading her towards the door. He realized he was lingering, and dropped his hand to his side. He rubbed the back of his neck. Why was he like this?

When they arrived at the cafe, Edmund pulled out his wallet. “What would you like?”

“Oh–er–you don’t have to–” (Y/n) stopped when he glared at her. “Just a latte. Thank you.” Edmund nodded and placed the order. He gestured to one of the tables, and they took their seats.

“So, you had questions?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replied, pulling out some books from her backpack. His eyes widened when she bombarded him questions. A lot of them the same he was studying for his own exam.

He answered all of the questions as much as he could. She took a sip of her coffee. “Thanks, Edmund. Technically, this was a date, because you did pay for my drink.”

Edmund’s foggy mind took a moment to realize what she said..and realize she was right. “Oh–I–I’m sorry, if I made you uncomfortable,” he muttered. He shook his head. If she was bold, why couldn’t he be? “I mean, if I didn’t, we should do this again sometime.”

“You going to pay again?” She winked.

He leaned forward onto the table. “Would you let me call you my date?”

She smirked at him. “Only if you answer my other questions.”

Edmund grabbed a napkin from the side and pulled out his pen. “Tell you what, sweetheart,” he said, scribbling down his phone number. “If you text me outside of class, maybe I will.” He waved the napkin between his two fingers. He smiled when she took it and tucked it in her pocket.

“See you tomorrow, then,” she said.

Edmund nodded and watched her leave the cafe. He rested his chin on his hand. He jumped, realizing he was staring too long. It was just the caffeine making his head spin and heart race. It had to be the caffeine. And lack of sleep.

His phone buzzed against the table. He opened the text from the unknown number.

“I’m taking you up on your offer, you know,” it read.

He smiled and placed the phone back down. The smile quickly dissipated when he realized what was happening. No, no, no…it couldn’t be (Y/n). It was the caffeine.