caffe macchiato

Hot baristas, Starbucks, Cute Deer and Caffe Macchiatos.


Sehun is a ridiculously attractive and blunt and emotionless barista working at a local coffee shop. He tells himself he doesn’t have time for love, with college and all, nor does he really need it. However, on one fateful day, a cute guy by the name of Luhan steps into the game and begins to frequent at the coffee shop. And, boy is he determined to prove Sehun wrong.

Author: flawless-1802

Genres: Barista!AU, lots of fluff, romance, friendship

Side pairings: Chanbaek, Kaisoo


‘One regular cappuccino.’

‘An Espresso, thanks. Small size. ’

'A large caramel latte and a regular mocha latte.’

To say Sehun’s life is boring would be an understatement. It’s mundane. It’s repetitive. It’s dull. When he’s not in class or at home studying, he’s here, working at a small but well-known coffee shop to pay for his tuition fee and other expenses. It’s exhausting. It’s tedious.

Sehun wishes he had something to add a bit of spice into his life, but being the unmotivated, blunt asshole that he is, he can’t really be bothered spending any extra effort finding it.

But, as it turns out, he doesn’t have to, seeing as it, or rather, he, found Sehun first.

The first time Sehun saw him was sometime during mid-October. It was an uncharacteristically chilly Saturday evening, but the heating in the cafe managed to combat it. The sky was grey and beginning to darken when he stepped in.

The door opened with its usual soft ring of the bell, bringing with it an icy draft from outside. Sehun’s shift was just about finished and his patience was wearing thin after having to deal with a full day of serving customers, some more demanding than others.

“Welcome to The Coffee Bean. How may I help you?” he greeted monotonously, not even sparing the new customer a glance, not noticing the sudden whispers rising from the people sitting in the cafe, coupled with the occasional giggle.

“One pumpkin spice latte, thanks!” a cheery voice chirped in front of him. Sehun blinked and looked up.

Standing there, dressed in skinny jeans and an oversized grey sweater, a red beanie on a mop of tousled honey hair and a ridiculously attractive smile adorning his face, was possibly the cutest guy Sehun had ever laid eyes upon. His breath hitched for a moment as he stared at the stranger, dumbfounded.

Before reality came crashing back down and snapped him out of his trance. He cleared his throat awkwardly as he regarded the stranger’s order with a small amount of distaste. “You do know this isn’t Starbucks, right?”

The stranger giggled. Giggled. His happy smile never disappearing for a second. Sehun was beginning to dislike this guy more and more, even after his stupid daze at first. No one should be this cheery all the time and it was beginning to wear on his nerves. Sehun was never the most patient of people when dealing with others.

“Of course I know! The Starbucks I usually go to is closed for renovation, so I came here instead! You guys do have Pumpkin Spice Lattes, right?” The innocent, hopeful glimmer in the stranger’s large doe eyes reminded Sehun of a five-year-old. A five-year-old with horrible taste in coffee….

Like most other baristas, Sehun had a healthy contempt for Starbucks coffee.

'If you can really call it that….’ Sehun thought to himself, shivering slightly at the thought of the horrid brown sludge that was Starbucks 'coffee’. “Uh, no. Unfortunately, we don’t.”

The stranger’s expression fell as he pouted in the most adorable way possible. “Really? That’s a shame… Then I guess I’ll just have to have a regular Caffe Macchiato then…” He was still pouting, the disappointment clear in his voice.

This guy….

“That’ll be 5 dollars 80, thanks,” Sehun decided to just get on with it quickly so that he could go home. His shift had now been over for 5 minutes and all he wanted to do was collapse onto his soft, comfortable bed at his dorm….

“Okay!” The baby-faced boy smiled brightly, snapping Sehun out of his thoughts and handing him the exact amount of change. “Thanks!”

“Your drink will be ready in a moment,” Sehun muttered before proceeding to make it, conscious of the stranger’s gaze staring at him.

“What’s your name?” he suddenly asked, smiling happily. Sehun raised an eyebrow. Why does he want to know? It’s on my name tag, idiot.

“Sehun,” he replied curtly, adding just the right amount of steamed milk into the styrofoam cup.

“Really? Well, my name’s Luhan. Nice to meet you!” The caramel haired boy, Luhan, introduced himself, still smiling. Does this guy ever stop smiling? It annoys me… and gives me the creeps.

Placing the lid on the hot beverage, he handed it to Luhan, “Here’s your drink. enjoy,” He said with the littlest amount of enthusiasm as he could. Luhan seemed to pout ever-so-slightly, before he switched back to that irritating smile, leaving Sehun wondering if he was seeing things.

“Okay, thanks! Have a nice night, Sehunnie!” He giggled, his eyes twinkling mischievously, before skipping out of the cafe, leaving Sehun standing in shock.

What did he just call me…?


The second time he met him was about a week later, on Sunday. Sehun had just finished dealing with a particularly rude customer and was left in a rather bad mood, certainly not one to deal with the happy-go-lucky idiot, so when Luhan stepped into the cafe with the familiar twinkle of the bell, Sehun couldn’t help but groan mentally.

“How may I help you?” His tone was dull and flat and Luhan seemed to notice.

“Everything okay, Sehunnie?”

Sehun scowled. “Please don’t call me that.”

“Eh? But it’s cute!” Luhan pouted. “I like it!”

The other boy merely sighed, running a hand through his bleached blonde hair, too tired to argue. “Whatever. Your order?”

He didn’t care that he was being rude. He was never an overly nice person anyway. Luhan pouted slightly before taking a look at the menu. “Hmm…. I’ll have the same as last time. A regular Caffe Macchiato.”

Sehun nodded, tapping the screen of the computer and accepting the 5 dollars and 80 cents, once again in the exact amount of change. Sehun then proceeded to make Luhan’s drink. After a moment of silence, Luhan piped up, causing Sehun to sigh internally. He wasn’t in the mood for idle conversation. In fact, he was never in the mood for any sort of conversation, really.

“Hey Sehun, are you always this grumpy? Or do I just have the unfortunate luck of catching you whenever you’re in a bad mood?”

Sehun raised an eyebrow, slightly glaring at Luhan, “Excuse me?”

Who does this kid think he is?!

“I’m just kidding!” Luhan giggled, his eyes twinkling with that same mischievous, amused light. “But Sehunnie, you should really lighten up! Kids like you shouldn’t be frowning so much! You’ll get wrinkles!”

“Did you just call me a kid?!” Sehun asked incredulously. This guy barely looks 15, who is he, calling me a kid?


“Excuse me, but I hardly think you’re older than me!” The blonde boy protested. Usually, he wouldn’t be bothered arguing, but this guy seriously drove him up the wall with his constant annoying smile and irritatingly cheerful attitude. And to think Sehun had only met this guy twice!

“I highly doubt it,” Luhan had raised an eyebrow, still smiling. His eyes, however, held a knowing, almost challenging glint, as if he was daring Sehun to say otherwise. “You see, I’m 23.”

He said it with an alarmingly adorable straight face that Sehun had to blink, taking a moment to process what he said.


This guy looks 15! How the hell is he 23!?

“I’m telling the truth!” Luhan seemed to notice the other boy’s dubious expression. “I’ve got a bit of a baby face, but trust me, I’m a real manly man!”

He did not just call himself a manly man….

“Says the guy who tried ordering Pumpkin Spice Latte….” Sehun muttered quietly to himself, before shaking his head. “Whatever. Here’s your order. Enjoy.”

Luhan pouted, but he accepted his drink. “I’ll prove it to you, Sehunnie!” he declared, attracting the attention of many people in the cafe. Sehun glowered at him slightly, looking around apprehensively. “I’ll prove to you I’m a manly man!! Just you wait!”

“Sir… you’re-”

“Anyway, bye bye Sehunnie! I’ll be back again!” Luhan waved cheerily before skipping out of the shop without another word, leaving multiple people to stare at Sehun, as if it was his fault the happy-go-lucky idiot was so loud.  He took a deep breath and tried to regain his calm, cool attitude. It worked, to a certain degree.

“Hey, Sehun. You alright?” a deep voice asked. Sehun looked up to see Chanyeol, his freakishly tall colleague and friend. He was staring at Sehun with kind, concerned eyes and Sehun nodded silently, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples.

“I’m fine…just, let me have a moment to calm down. Otherwise, I’m worried I might chase after that guy and murder him.”

“Who was he, anyway?” Chanyeol asked, sounding interested. “I think I saw him here last time, too.”

“No one… Just a guy with horrible taste in coffee…” Sehun muttered, back to normal with his usual cool, uncaring demeanour.

Chanyeol raised an eyebrow but remained silent. His eyes said it all.

Sehun arrived home that night utterly exhausted. The shop had been unusually busy and one of the other workers had called in sick, leaving just Chanyeol, Sehun and Suho, another friend and the manager of the shop.

“Woah, you look like shit,” the annoying voice of his roommate and best friend commented as he collapsed onto the couch.

“Fuck off, Kai,” Sehun mumbled into the cushion on the couch, burying his face into it.

“Rough day?”


“You alright?”


“Anything interesting happen?”

For a brief moment, the annoying idiot, Luhan, flashed into his mind before he pushed it away. “No.”

He heard Kai sigh, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like, 'Unresponsive asshole.’ before walking off, dodging the cushion Sehun threw at him.

The blonde boy sighed, unwillingly dragging himself off the couch and towards his shared room with Kai, cursing at his aching body and stiff muscles.

The other boy was already perched on his bed, typing away on his phone, ignoring Sehun as he sauntered into the room.

After a moment of silence, Kai looked up, a small, silly smile on his face. “I saw Kyungsoo today.”

“Good for you,” came Sehun’s incredibly unenthusiastic response. Kai scowled, throwing a pillow and Sehun, who didn’t even bother dodging and just lay there on his bed, eyes closed.

Do Kyungsoo was in the year above Kai and Sehun and the long-time secret crush of the former’s. He was a nice guy, Sehun acknowledged, but a bit scary, if he was honest. But Kai absolutely adored him, so Sehun supported his best friend.

After a while, Kai seemed to get the message that Sehun was in no mood for conversation, and kept quiet, shutting off the light and turning on his bedside lamp so that Sehun could sleep more peacefully. He may be an asshole, but he did care for Sehun just a little bit.

Slowly, Sehun drifted off to sleep, dreaming about honey coloured hair, maroon beanies and Pumpkin spice lattes.


As promised, Luhan was back a few days later, sporting that familiar annoying grin. Sehun resigned himself to serving him again, silently cursing Chanyeol who just had to go on break a few minutes prior.

“Sehunnie!” Luhan chirped, bouncing over to the counter. “How are you?”

“Spectacular,” he replied flatly. “Order?”

“Same thing as last time, thanks!”


Luhan pouted as he handed Sehun the exact amount again. “Are you unhappy to see me? You sound so unenthusiastic…”

Well, I’m not exactly jumping out of joy….

“I’m sorry, this is just my normal voice. I can’t do anything to change that.” Sehun replied, still in that same dull tone.

“Oh, ok! So I’m not annoying you by coming?” he was smiling that annoying smile again.


“Not at all,”

“That’s good to hear!”

“Here’s your drink, Enjoy.”


However, instead of leaving like he usually did, he skipped over to an empty booth and sat down. Sehun raised an eyebrow at his action, but decided to ignore him.

A few minutes later, he found his eyes unconsciously wandering over to the honey-haired boy, only to find him already staring back already. He caught his eye for a moment before tearing his gaze away, berating himself for getting distracted.

Over the next hour, Luhan stayed at the cafe, staring intently at Sehun, driving him nuts. Even Chanyeol noticed and sent Sehun a suggestive wiggle of eyebrows and a pointed glance in Luhan’s direction, which was promptly ignored.

However, Sehun couldn’t help but allow his eyes to stray every now and then to where Luhan was sitting. Every time he did, Luhan would perk up and wave enigmatically, smiling happily, causing Sehun to immediately look away.

Every time he did, Luhan smiled.



Slowly, over the next few weeks, Luhan’s presence became a constant thing. He came almost every day, sometimes staying for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. Sehun’s colleagues began referring to him as 'Sehun’s Customer’, much to the embarrassment of the 19-year-old maknae. Luhan would always make an effort to stay and chat for a bit, asking some questions while telling some stories about his own life. Although the conversations were continued with great reluctance at first, Sehun began to learn more about the boy, like how he had a borderline addiction for caffeine and how he adored cats and how he liked extra froth in his macchiato.

It became almost a habit of Sehun’s to have a cup of Caffe macchiato, brewed just the way he knew Luhan would like, ready the moment the cheery boy stepped through the doors, handing it to him without a word the instant he approached the counter. It always brought a happy grin to Luhan’s face and Sehun couldn’t deny that he felt the tiniest burst of warmth at the sight of his annoying smile and energetic 'thanks!’.

Almost without Sehun realising, he began to anticipate Luhan’s daily visits, immediately perking up whenever he stepped into the room. Over the course of a month, they had slowly become friends, and although Sehun was reluctant at first, he began to enjoy Luhan’s visits.

One day, Luhan had decided he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh Sehun!” He exclaimed loudly, drawing the attention of many other customers trying to enjoy their afternoon coffee. He stormed up to the counter and pouted angrily (is that even possible?) at the surprised Sehun.


“I’ve had enough!”

“Of what? Coffee?” Sehun looked bewildered. What had he done? Where did this sudden angry Luhan come from?

“No, you idiot!” Now Luhan also looked exasperated. “I’ve visited you every day for about a month now and yet you still haven’t asked!”

“Asked for what!? Your phone number!?”



“Wait, what!?” Sehun blinked rapidly. “I was kidding!”

Luhan scowled. “Well, I’m serious! I’ve waited for far too long! I’m getting impatient!”

Sehun stared at him for a moment longer, before returning to his work, totally ignoring him, much to the shock and indignation of the other. “Yah! I’m talking to you here! Give me your phone number!”

Sehun raised an eyebrow, “And what if I don’t want to give it to you?”


The blonde boy hid a smile behind a cool exterior. “You’ll have to prove your worth if you want it. I don’t give out my phone number to just anybody.”

“But I’m not just anybody! I’m Luhan, you’re one and only loyal best friend!”

A loud cough was heard nearby and both boys glanced over to Chanyeol, who was staring at them pointedly. “One and only best friend?”

Sehun rolled his eyes. “You don’t count.”


“Anyway,” Sehun turned back to Luhan, ignoring the indignant cries of a certain lanky giant behind them. “No, I’m not giving you my number.”

Luhan pouted adorably, giving Sehun puppy dog eyes. The latter rolled his eyes. “Puppy dog eyes don’t work on me.”

The petite, honey-haired boy could only sigh, giving up for now. “Fine. I’ll just have the usual…”

Sehun hid another smile at the other’s adorable dejected expression. “That’s 5 dollars 80, thanks.”

Luhan remained silent during the entire time Sehun made his coffee, which was a first. Luhan was still pouting and the latter eventually sighed, grabbing a black marker.

When Luhan took his drink to his usual booth, missing Sehun’s grin and still pouting, he didn’t notice the small message scrawled onto the side of his cup in black marker.

It wasn’t until he had settled down until he noticed it. When he did, he broke out into a large smile and looked up at Sehun, who was grinning at him from across the counter. The blonde boy smirked lightly, causing Luhan’s heartbeat to quicken, before he turned away to serve another customer, much to the smaller boy’s disappointment. He looked back down at the cup and smiled.

'I know this isn’t Starbucks and we don’t usually write little messages or names on the cup, but I think I can make an exception just this once.

-Sehun, your one and only loyal best friend (and barista)

And written below was a series of numbers, which Luhan eagerly added to his phone, under the contact name 'Sehun, my favourite barista’.


By the time Sehun learned what Luhan’s name meant, he had loosened up completely, now totally comfortable with the honey-haired Hyung.

“Eh? So your name means deer?” Sehun asked, a mischievous smile lingering on his lips. Luhan nodded happily.

“Yeah, my mum gave it to-”


Luhan trailed off, blinking at Sehun, who was grinning cheekily at the other boy. “Sounds cute, no?”

“W-what did you just call me?!” Luhan all but shrieked at the horrendous nickname.

Sehun tilted his head innocently. “You don’t like it?”

“Not at all!”

“Eh? But it’s cute! I like it!” Sehun pouted mockingly, reusing Luhan’s words against him. Damn, revenge felt nice.

Luhan narrowed his eyes at Sehun, whose smile was threatening to break through, feeling as though his leg was being pulled.

“Don’t push it, Sehunnie,”

“Eh? I have no ideer what you’re talking about.”

“Sehun!” Luhan pouted.

“Yes, my deerest Ludeer?” Sehun smiled smugly at Luhan’s flustered expression.

“D-Don’t call me that!” Luhan whined.

“Aw, but I find it a very endeering nickname, no?”

“Aishh! I’ve had enough!” Luhan stormed off to his usual booth, the adorable pout still on his face, the tips of his ears red as he heard Sehun’s laughter following him. He looked down at his cup of coffee and saw another message.

'My deer Luhan,
Revenge is sweet.
-Sehun, your deerest barista’
PS. Now stop calling me Sehunnie.



“You really need to show me this 'Oh Sehun’ you keep rambling about,” Byun Baekhyun, Luhan’s best friend and roommate, said. Luhan and Baekhyun were currently out for lunch and all Luhan had been talking about was the infamous 'Oh Sehun’. “I need to see if he’s really worth my little Hannie.”

Luhan smiled his sweet, dreamy smile. “He’s perfect, Baek! His blonde hair, his eyes, his smirk…”

“Geesh, you sound like a lovestruck teenage girl,” Baekhyun wrinkled his nose. “I need to find this Oh Sehun and ask him what he’s done to my Hannie.”

“Maybe I am in love…” Luhan sighed dreamily. Baekhyun rolled his eyes.

“I don’t doubt it, the way you’ve been talking about him for the past 2 hours…” he muttered to himself. He then sighs. “Just… be careful, Luhan.”

Met with Luhan’s questioning stare, Baekhyun elaborated. “I don’t want you getting hurt, and from what you’ve described, this Sehun guy sounds like an asshole.”

Luhan laughed lightly. “Oh, he is. But he can also be very cute and sweet.”

Baekhyun shrugged. “Whatever you say.”

The honey haired boy suddenly perked up. “Hey, I know! Let’s go visit him now!”

Baekhyun raised an eyebrow. “Now?”

“Yes! Come on!” Without wasting another moment, the enigmatic boy dragged his friend out, eager to see his beloved Sehunnie.

“Sehunnie!” he burst through the doors with his usual extravagant flair. The said boy raised his head to see Luhan this time dragging someone else by the hand. He furrowed his eyebrows at the sight, feeling something in the pit of his stomach. He shook the feeling off when Luhan skipped over, smiling that familiar smile that made Sehun’s heart flutter every time he saw it.

Wordlessly, he handed Luhan his usual coffee and gestured at his friend, who was studying him carefully, making him a tad uncomfortable. “And what can I get for your friend…?”

“Oh, I’ll just have the same,” The brunette stranger replied, still scrutinising Sehun closely. The blonde boy nodded awkwardly. “That’ll be 11 dollars 60.”

“Hey Sehun, do you know where….” Chanyeol trailed off when he noticed Luhan. Or more accurately, the guy standing next to Luhan. “Woah…

Sehun rolled his eyes, unimpressed while Baekhyun stared at the lanky giant.

Luhan beamed. “This is my best friend, Byun Baekhyun!”

Sehun raised an eyebrow, pretending to look affronted. “And I thought I was your one and only best friend?”

Baekhyun raised an eyebrow back and scoffed, “One and only? Please, if anything, I’m the one who deserves that title. I’ve known Hannie since we were little!”

Sehun scowled slightly and Baekhyun smirked. So Sehun was the possessive type, he thought to himself. He continued nonchalantly, “But I guess I’ll allow it for now, considering how excited my Hannie was to see you today.”

Luhan’s face exploded in red as he pouted at Baekhyun. “Baaaaek! How could you say that!?”

Sehun was now smirking. “Is that right, Hannie?”

As Sehun continued to tease Luhan, earning much blushing and embarrassed whining from the latter, Baekhyun turned to the lanky giant, who was still staring.

“You done checking me out?” he asked casually, snapping the other out of his daze and causing him to blush heavily.

“S-Sorry! I-I didn’t mean to s-stare!” He stuttered. “I-I was just…”

Baekhyun smirked, finding the lanky giant kinda cute. Not that he would admit it out loud. “So what’s your name?”

“Ch-Chanyeol…Park Chanyeol.” he rubbed his neck awkwardly. “N-nice to meet you.”

Baekhyun’s smirk widened. “I see. It was nice to meet you too, Chanyeol. See you around!”

He whirled around, dragging Luhan with him as they settled into the booth. “Eh, I guess he’s passable.” He commented, glancing at Sehun, who was still grinning slightly. His gaze wandered over to Chanyeol, whose face was still red as he glanced over to where they were sitting. They locked gazes and Baekhyun smirked. Chanyeol immediately looked away, causing Sehun, who noticed the exchange, to roll his eyes and slap him on the back, much to the former’s chagrin.

“You like him?” Luhan’s question drew his attention back to the honey-haired boy, who was smiling excitedly. “Chanyeol is a nice guy…”

Baekhyun rolled his eyes. “Of course not. He’s too tall, and he’s awkward and- oh, don’t give me that look!”

Luhan laughed out loud, obviously not believing a word he was saying. “Whatever you say, Baek.”

The brunette merely huffed, sipping on his coffee in embarrassment. He internally sighed in appreciation. 'At least Sehun can make decent coffee…nothing like the horrid sludge Luhan used to have back at Starbucks…’

“It’s good, isn’t it?” Luhan smiled softly. “Sehun makes the best coffee.”

“Mmm, I guess it’s better than that Starbucks stuff you had. I can’t believe they can even call it coffee…” Baekhyun shivered as Luhan giggled.

“So you approve of him” Luhan looked at Baekhyun with such a hopeful look, the latter could only sigh.

“How can I not when you’re looking at me like that?” Luhan beamed at his best friend’s words, causing the latter to smile too.

Unaware that he just caused a certain lanky giant to have a mini heart-attack.


It was one of those days where Luhan had nothing to do, so he sat himself in one of the comfortable booths where he had a clear view of Sehun and pulled out a book, reading quietly while sipping his coffee, sighing in appreciation at the warm beverage, made just for him by the one and only Sehun.

“One Caffe Macchiato, thanks!” A high-pitched, girly voice drew Luhan’s attention. He looked up from his book to see a girl around Sehun’s age, standing before the counter, smiling flirtingly at Sehun, twirling a strand of her hair. Luhan narrowed his eyes. He was aware of how attractive Sehun was, and it was bound to attract some female attention, but that didn’t mean he enjoyed the sight of them flirting with his Sehun. Usually, after seeing how unresponsive Sehun was, they gave up pretty quickly. Luhan hoped that would be the case here, too. Luhan usually wasn’t the possessive type, but if riled up… well, let’s just pray whoever comes in between him and his beloved Sehunnie has health insurance and the ambulance at speed dial.

“That will be 5 dollars 80, thanks,” Sehun replied monotonously, seemingly unaffected by the obvious cleavage the girl was displaying. The girl noticed his lack of attention and pouted, leaning over the counter and smiling wider.

“So, Sehun, is it?” She asked. “How long have you been working here? How have I never noticed a cutie like you?”

She winked and Luhan scoffed. How obvious can you get?

Sehun just stared at her for a moment, before ignoring her comment and handing her her drink. “Here’s your order. Have a nice day.” Luhan had to stop himself from sniggering at his response, feeling slightly proud of his Sehunnie.

The girl. however, refused to back off. “So, uh, a few friends of mine are going out this Friday… and I was wondering…”

Luhan frowned. This girl obviously doesn’t know when to give up.

Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he strolled over to the counter, a casual smile plastered on his face.

“Sehunnie!” he called out, purposefully loudly, drawing the attention of both of them. The girl looked rather pissed that someone had interrupted her, while Sehun just raised an eyebrow. “So about our dinner date this Friday…”

He hid a smirk at the girl’s shocked expression. “W-What?”

Luhan turned around, feigning surprise. “Oh, hi! Didn’t see you there! Are you a friend of my Sehunnie’s?”

“Ah, w-well, no. I-I was just….” Luhan enjoyed the sight of her being so flustered as she walked off, her cheeks burning in embarrassment. Sehun looked at Luhan with another raised eyebrow.

“Was that necessary?” He asked, a touch exasperated, but Luhan believed he saw a flash of amusement hidden in his dark brown eyes.

“Yes! Did you see her?! She was shoving her chest at you!”

“I could have handled it.” Luhan thought he could hear the teasing tone of his voice.

“Hmph, I know! I was just…”

“Just what?” Sehun was definitely grinning now. Luhan glared at him while pouting.

“Aish! Nothing! It was nothing!”

One thing Sehun learnt over the months was that Luhan was incredibly childish. And stubborn. He let out a soft chuckle and ruffled his hair gently.

“So, about our dinner date this Friday….?” He grinned when Luhan’s eyes widened and his cheeks exploded with a dark blush.

“Th-That was nothing! I-I was just trying to-”

“Oh, so you don’t wanna go out this Friday?”

“No-Yes! No, I mean… I don’t know!”

Sehun gave a small chuckle. “Alright then… How’s 7 o'clock at Henrick’s?”

Luhan’s mind blanked. Was Sehun… asking him out?!

The blonde raised an eyebrow. “Well?”

“I guess I could make it….” Luhan tried to hide his excitement by putting on a cool facade that fooled absolutely nobody.

Sehun laughed lightly and it was like music to Luhan’s ears. “I’m honoured that you would take time out of your busy day to go out with me.”

Luhan blushed heavily, to the point where he looked like a tomato. “I guess I’ll see you there…”

Sehun smiled warmly and it took Luhan’s breath away. “Now I need to get back to work, otherwise Suho will kill me.”

Luhan merely smiled, leaning over the counter to give Sehun a light kiss on the cheek. Even he was surprised at his own boldness. Sehun’s eyes widened as he stared at Luhan, his cheeks flushed.

“See you then!”

Sehun watched as Luhan skipped out of the cafe, reaching up to feel his cheek where Luhan’s lips had just pressed against. The skin was still tingling and his heart was pounding.

He clenched his fist in determination as he hurried to the staffroom, untying his apron and dashing out of the cafe, ignoring the smug smiles Suho and Chanyeol sent him as he dashed towards the door. Both of them saw what happened and didn’t bother stopping him.

“Luhan!” he called, running after the honey-haired boy. He realised Luhan was wearing the same maroon beanie he had the first time they met and smiled at the irony. “Luhan, wait!”

The said boy turned around, surprise written over his features. “Sehun?”

Sehun skidded to a halt in front of him, panting slightly from his mad dash, Luhan looking up at him with wide, inquiring eyes. Eyes the blonde barista had fallen in love with.

“Luhan,” Sehun murmured, his breathing slowing down. “I’m by no means a romantic guy, so I’ll only say this once, okay?”

Luhan’s head tilted in confusion. “Sehun? What are you talking about?”

“I…. I’m glad you came into our cafe that day and ordered that stupid Spice Pumpkin Latte…”

The honey haired boy’s eyes widened. “Sehun, wha-”

The rest of his sentence was cut off as Sehun gently placed his lips on Luhan’s. The latter’s eyes widened further (if that was even possible) as he stared a Sehun’s closed eyes, shock shutting off his senses except for the feeling of the pair of soft, warm lips pressed against his own. Before he had a chance to respond, however, Sehun pulled away. He smiled down at Luhan, his eyes looking dazed.

“What I’m trying to say is… I like you… a lot.”

Luhan’s face reddened as he stepped into his embrace, hiding his face in the crook of Sehun’s neck. “You’re supposed to say that before the kiss!”

Sehun laughed breathlessly. “I guess I just got impatient.”

If possible, Luhan’s face turned even redder. “Idiot.”

Sehun drew away, tilting Luhan’s face up with his hand before leaning in again, lips hovering over his, an inch apart.

“I still haven’t heard your answer,”

Luhan blinked in confusion before his eyes cleared. He laughed softly, grabbing Sehun’s face and pulling him closer, closing the gap and surprising Sehun.

He loved the way his lips molded perfectly against Sehun’s. He loved the way Sehun pulled him closer, wrapping his arms around his waist and gently placing a hand on his cheek. He loved the way Sehun tasted like coffee as he pressed his face closer, wanting more.

When they broke apart again, both were panting slightly. Luhan leaned his forehead against Sehun’s, staring into his eyes. “Idiot, I’ve liked you since the beginning.”

Sehun smiled, still managing to take his breath away even after so long. “I’m glad to hear it.”

Before he leaned in and kissed him once again.

The first of many more to come.

The End.



“Baekhyun! I need your help!” Luhan cried desperately. “I’ve got a date with Sehun and I don’t know what to wear!”

The said boy sat on Luhan’s bed calmly as he watched Luhan rummage through his closet. “Calm down. Sehun will like you no matter what you wear. In fact, I bet Sehun will like it even more if you don’t wear anything-”

“Baekhyun!” Luhan’s face was red. “D-don’t say that!”

The brunette boy raised an eyebrow. “And why not?” He smirked slightly. “You know it’s true.”

Luhan gave Baekhyun a disapproving look, despite the red painting his cheeks. “Shut up!  Now, what should I wear?”

Baekhyun groaned and stood up. “You know what? Just wear that navy button up shirt with jeans. No need to be formal. It’s Hendricks, after all.”

“But I don’t wanna be too casual, y'know, or else Sehun might think I don’t care about the date and I want to impress him and all, but I also don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard. And, oh, I just want it to be perfect for our first date, but I don’t even know what to wear, Baekhyun help me-”

“God, kill me now.”

Some distance away, Sehun was going through the same dilemma.

“Kai, help me! I don’t know what to wear!”

“I still can’t get over the fact that you actually managed to get a date in the first place,” the boy commented as he watched Sehun panic over an outfit. “and the fact that you’re actually worrying about it.”

“Of course I’m worrying over it!” Sehun exclaimed, frustrated at Kai’s lack of assistance. “It’s our first date! I want it to be perfect!”

“Just wing it.”


“That’s what I did with Kyungsoo. He seemed pretty happy.”

A few weeks ago, Kai finally managed to muster up the courage to ask Kyungsoo out on a date and much to his elation, he accepted. Kai had come home that night, a dazed expression on his face while Sehun watched, amused.

“But I’m not like you. I can’t improvise very well,” Sehun protested and almost immediately regretted it.

“Well, no one is as fabulous as I am,” Kai did an extravagant hair sweep, dodging the shirt Sehun threw at him. “Look, you’re a chill guy. Just be casual!”

Sehun raised an eyebrow. “How?”

“Just act chill with whatever you end up wearing,”

“I don’t get it,” Sehun told him flatly, turning around. “Whatever. You are no help whatsoever.”

Kai groaned. “I can’t believe you. You’re supposed to be smart. How do you not even understand what I’m saying?! You know what? Just wear a shirt and jeans or something! Wear a coat so you don’t look casual, but not like you’re attending a fucking wedding.”

Sehun paused. “That’s actually a good idea. Thanks, Kai. Knew I could count on you.”

“I can just feel the sincerity radiating off you,” Kai rolled his eyes sarcastically. “Now hurry up or you’ll be late!”

“Oh shit-”

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