caffe bene


카페베네 Caffe Bene

A cafe found quite easily around Korea which sells mainly sweet treats coffee, juices and ice creams- just one of my personal favourites in Korea, especially the honey bread they sell. my gosh so good.
I have the honey bread with a bit of cream etc but if you’re not into the sweet stuff you could try out the garlic/cheese savoury toppings available~
if you do , tell me how it tastes please c:

When life gives you lemons, discover a new coffee shop.

Since dinner sucked bigtime (yeah yeah I won’t mention the place, but it was ramen. LOL), we were in search of good food, or at least dessert to cap off the night. 

Caffee Bene is a new Korean coffee shop in Eastwood City Walk II.

Photobomber friends Jorx and RJ.

Food was good. Place was awesome. I think we found our new tambayan. :D