Café restaurant au style Alsacien qui transformera vos sorties en amis en bonheur absolu ! Profiter du style alsacien du bâtiment pour découvrir l'Alsace, une région de France. Les randonneurs adorent prendre RDV dans ce café pour se détendre après une bonne randonnée !

Café restaurant Alsatian style that will turn your output into friends absolute bliss! Enjoy the Alsatian style of the building to discover Alsace, a region of France. Hikers love to make an appointment in this cafe to relax after a good hike!

Prix/price: 98 953§

Terrain/lot: 30x20

Pas de CC/No CC

Appartement/Appartment: 2 chambre et 2 salle de bain / 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom

Jeux: Destination Nature, Au travail, En cuisine

Games: Outdoor retreat, Get to Work, Cool kitchen stuff


[January]: Hey! Honeydew, right? Or… you did say I could call you “Dew” in your interview. Not sure yet which one I’ll be sticking with.

[Honeydew]: As long as it’s not “Honey”, I’m okay with whatever you decide on.

[January]: What about “honey” with a lowercase “h”? Like, as a pet name, and not a nickname based off your actual name? If it were me saying it?

[Honeydew]: …We’ll have to see if I earn that. [grinning]

[January]: You’re gonna earn my pet name privileges? [laughs] Yeah, I guess that’s what a BC is.


[Marisa]: Okay, I’m halfway there… I– H-Hi, I– you’re– Belle? Right? R-Right??

[Belle]: Oh, so you have heard of me! What a relief! From what some of the others here were saying, I started to worry you might’ve never heard of me. …I’m sure they really do know about me, anyway. Maybe they just forgot, is all. What do you think, hon?

[Marisa]: O-Oh, I just remembered you from– … Y-Yeah! That must be it! … Wait–

[Belle]: Yep, that’s it! To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me whether anyone else already knows and loves me, in the end. As long as you do, honey, I don’t care what the others think! I’m already golden!

[Marisa]: ………

Honeydew Sprinkles got a 10/10 from January! Meanwhile, Belle Saunders got a 4/10 from Marisa (which didn’t count for hearts this time?)…


Kira: “Okay, almost… allllmost…” 

Lavandar: “Nearly there, nearly there, nea- nearly there–”


Kira, Lavandar: “Got it! … O-oh.” 

Lorelei: “It looks like you’re all a-about the same size now! In terms of clay. I mean. Keep going, you’re - you’re almost there!”

Ginerva: “…hey, Lorelei. If you don’t mind my asking… can you actually see us at all?”

Lorelei: “… Um. A little bit? It’s - ” *looking in Toby’s direction* “Ginerva speaking, right?”

Kira: “Holy crap, you’re blind without those glasses of yours, aren’t you?”

Lorelei: “I always have been, y-yeah.”

Ginerva: “Why don’t you go in and get ‘em, then? We’ll be okay out here right now.”

Lorelei: “…d-do you want the good answer, or - the honest answer?”

Ginerva: *chisels*

Lavandar: “Oh, have they-? Um, I, I guess whichever.”

Lorelei: “Okay. I want t-to be surprised by them when I- Lyra and I are all looking at them together, so I don’t want to see too - too much too soon. …and the honest answer is they m-might be under my bed, so… I-But it’ll all be fine. Promise…”

its-lunnarise replied to your photoset “Hey, Branstal! Why all your kids look like aliens?”


My most tiniest children! 

hamilythings replied to your photoset “Hey, Branstal! Why all your kids look like aliens?”

they’re all cuties!

Thank you! I think they look odd, but they are still my kids and I love them.

cafesimming replied to your photoset “Hey, Branstal! Why all your kids look like aliens?”


cafesimming replied to your photoset “Hey, Branstal! Why all your kids look like aliens?”

does keelby have… any of neelesh in her, facially? x)

All three of them got his nose. Bristol has a cute crooked hooked nose, so I am pretty upset that none of them inherited it. But really Oxford is the only one who doesn’t just look like a pale Bristol.


Lyra: “–he… Wh- Where’d the grave go?”

Lavandar: “…Lyra?”

Lyra: “It was right there last– where the fuck did Scott’s grave go?!”

Lavandar: “L-Lyra?”

Lyra: *tries to calm down* “Ah. Lavandar. Uh… sorry about earlier. We didn’t mean you to find out like that… Lor or me.”

Lavandar: “It’s… n. It’s not okay- nothing about this is okay, nothing’s going to be okay, not again… But it’s nice you - nice you said something. After.”

Lyra: “Yeah… sorry.”

Lavandar: “…I think it’s in the garden.”

Lyra: “What?”

Lavandar: “His- I came here to look for it too, and I think someone said it was in the garden. Fountain. I don’t know who, though, there’s a lot of- of voices right now, a lot of talking and I don’t know who said what…”

Lyra: “…garden. Got it.”

cafesimming replied to your photoset: Morgan: Bristol? Come on! I have to give birth…

i just woke up (and therefore dont have my glasses on) and thought bristol was wearing roller skates oh my god

That would be awesome! 

Like ‘Have fun giving birth, friend’ and then she just glides off.


Eden Lee: *taps out in a rhythm on the clay as they work*

Lavandar: *hums indistinctly*

Eden Lee: *starts humming a different tune* “…like a hurricane / here in - Duckburg!

Kira: “Ooh, I know this one! Race cars, lazers, aeroplanes!

Kira, Eden Lee: “It’s a - duck blur!” 

Kira, Eden Lee, Ginerva: “Might solve a mystery… Or rewrite history!

DuckTales! Woo-oo 🎶! 

Scott: *drops hammer* “Gah! Shit, why’s my phone gotta ring at a time like this?!” *swiftly hangs up* 

Cornelia: “…why is your ringtone DuckTales, Scott?”

Scott: “It was the loudest one I could find that was free.”