Concert with a sick Miku


Today, the tour has started. The weather was really crazy! First, it rained like it would flood the world.After that it was sunny, just to hail later on(O____O)!!! But in the end it got sunny.

This was the livehouse:

It was cozy and had no barrier!! As I had a VIP, I was in 2nd row in front of Miku:

Speaking of, since he felt really sick, Miku didn’t join the VIP but decided to rest in order to be able to perform a good concert. We were sad when the staff told us but we could understand their decision. As for me, I was really worrying my ass off. Therefore I asked, but they said he’s okay for now and just needs the little rest.

The live proceeded normal, as we know it. So, he really is okay now, please don’t worry^_^!!

The setlist
1-smile ichiban ii onna
2-roman~let’s make precious love
3-wagamama koushinkyoku
4-snow scene
6-ryuusei rocket
7-tekesuta kousen
8-kimi no machi
9-amazing blue
10-bee myself bee yourself
11-natsu koi natsu game
12-maple gunman
13-kakusei heroism
14-itai onna
15-cherry saku yuuki!!

my heart leaps for c



o ( ≧ ∀ ≦ ) o


This is probably one of my favorite cosplays!! I convinced my friends Alexis and Gabby to resurrect their An Cafe cosplays for the come back of the band!! Oh man did we have a fun time! No one knew who were so Alexis decided to attract attention to herself and photobomb Everyone! Then she just layed down on the floor and Gabby sat on top of her, I followed suit, we got some pictures that way! Lol, One lovely cheshire cat recognized us and that just made my day and the costume all worth it. It was a ton of fun!!! I hope to cosplay with those two again sometime! They’re a lot of fun and are both very talented C: