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  1. The name of (one of) your favorite stuffed animal(s) (DON’T LIE I WE ALL KNOW YOU HAVE PLUSHES)

    My blue teddy named Youngwon (after the Dalmatian member). It was soon after they had the ‘That man opposed’ comeback and Youngwon’s blue hair was all rage - my mum bought me a blue teddy and everyone told me to name it Youngwon hahaha

  2. If you could insert yourself into any kpop group, which group do you think fits your image the most?

    I can rap about fruit too if that helps not very well though

  3. favorite sexy-time song

    Tobuscus - Dramatic Song

  4. whose lips would you most like to kiss at this particular moment?

    I’ve always had a thing for Kikwang’s lips hahaha

  5. A movie that defines your childhood

    Oh wow there are so many. Can I say the Harry Potter series? It runs through most of my childhood and the characters grew with me so it would probably be THE defining films.

  6. Your initial opinion of your bias (before they became your bias)

    GD was weird. And he still is. But I’ve embraced his weird and so he’s my bias :) 

  7. hair-color that looks best on your bias

    uhm everything looks good on GD even seaweed hair so idk lol

  8. a good first date

    staying inside and doing a Lord of the Rings marathon while eating choc-chip vanilla ice cream 

  9. the last mv you watched

    I rewatched Brown Eyed Girls’ Kill Bill :)

  10. a mythical creature you want as a pet

    A dragon preferably GD/Yongguk/Kris/Junhyung

  11. would you marry me? please?

Not gonna tag anyone though because I did this recently. Thank you for tagging me <333

cafeaulay asked:

LOL WHUUT??? NO!!! hahaha I think you made a typo because I stalk your blog like crazy and sometimes i just zone out and start drooling and like. no. you are totally out of my league. goodjoke.

sobs. How am I out of anyone’s league when I’m at the bottom of the league barrel?!