Paris est une fête, Paris brille, Paris mon amour

Je reprend ma langue maternelle cette semaine, en honneur à l’amour de la vie, à tout ceux qui l’aimaient et qui vendredi dans une ultime célébration sont partis 

Cette semaine, des adresse parisiennes seulement

Chez coutume le café est affaire de science, l’endroit est design et plein de vie, conviviale et familiale, pour le petit-déjeuner, le brunch le dessert ou le gouter, la sélection de plaisirs sucrés et salés saura ravir vos papilles

Coutume café, 47 rue de Babylone, Paris 7ème

To get myself motivated for 2014 I am changing my icon to this original character, using concept art drawn by the lovely Cafechan (who happens to be working on a cool-looking video game right now!!) from the script of the first issue of my sci fi webcomic

It has a name, but I dislike the current title and I’m in the process of figuring out a better name. It will be a story in five acts, with each act at least 100 pages long. Three of five acts have been drafted, and the last two have detailed plot outlines. 

My goal for 2014 is to produce/complete (with help from any artists who would like to help!) the first issue, titled “Meteors.” I’m already preparing a budget and I’m hoping to pitch the idea with the concept art already done by Cafechan and Shea to people with more money than me to help me get started. 

Cafe Art

This place serves the best Spanish Latte. Try it you sweet tooth people! Ambient, characteristic and bustling, it’s a good one. Artwork with mood sets the tone.


#cafe #cafeart #artwork #mood #coffee #downtown #spanishlatte #coffeelovers #visuals #wallart #watchingtheworldgoby #awesomeday #vancouver #vancity (at Cafe Artigiano, Downtown Vancouver)

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So stoked to be in @pod_espresso again. I love this place. I especially love the caramel lattes!!! Mmmmm… Pop by and pick one up. And buy an artwork or a Mohawk Buddha (6 available). Stafford, Brisbane. #cafeart #podespresso #sculleydesign #creativelife #creativepreneur #typographyinspired #artshedbrisbane #longboard

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