Cafe Ghia

Address: 24 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Transportation: L Jefferson St.  Dekalb Ave. or Morgan Ave.

“They have an amazing Brunch Menu composed of local and seasonal ingredients. Really adorable décor as well!”

I haven’t personally been back to Cafe Ghia since this shoot earlier in the summer, but I highly recommend everything that’s pictured here. A Big Salad and BLT Panino… What more could you ask for? Happy eating. -RS 

Gallery/ Boutique Opening in Bushwick: SARDINE

Big thanks to Cafe Ghia - always on the pulse of Bushwick - for introducing us to a fabulous new gallery/ boutique, SARDINE, opening this weekend in Bushwick!

This Saturday, October 1st from 7-10pm, SARDINE invites you to celebrate their Grand Opening of by attending the opening of its inaugural exhibit:


With artwork by: Erin Teresa Browning, Lisa Candage, Amy Feldman, Frances Fraher, Gabriel Hurier, Matthew Mahler and Keigo Takahashi


Celebrate the new kid in town.  Opening at SARDINE.  Afterparty at Cafe Ghia.


You can find out more and follow SARDINE on Facebook and Tumblr.

You can find out more and follow Cafe Ghia on Facebook, Twitter and

Meet the Regulars: Lili Rusing

For the third installment of our Meet the Regulars column, we spoke with Lili Rusing. Lili has been lighting up Ghia with her huge smile and stellar fashion since we opened and we are always so excited to see her. We caught her for a moment to ask her five questions.

1) You have a very busy schedule of graduate classes at Columbia University as well as a full-time job at the New York Public Library. How do you do it all?

You know, I actually feel like I should be doing more!! The busier I am the better I manage my time, so I still have quite a bit of free time. The real challenge is getting motivated to do more productive/enriching activities during free time instead of just being lazy with friends. That being said, reading textbooks during the commute and doing homework on my lunch break helps a lot.  And I definitely have had my textbook out on the bar at Café Ghia more than once!

2) I’ve always had a fascination with the grand NYPL building on 5th Avenue and 42nd as well as the notion of the stylish librarian (maybe one too many viewings of Party Girl). Is working at the library as romantic as it sounds?

Well work is work, but there are definitely a lot of romantic perks that come with working at NYPL. I’m lucky in that I work in the Schwarzman Building (also known as “the one with the lions,” on 5th and 42nd) and just being inside such a beautiful building everyday is a treat. I usually take the scenic route from office to office when I can, and a five-minute break in the breathtaking third floor reading room is the perfect antidote for stress! Besides the building itself, working at NYPL has given me the opportunity to come in contact with so many amazing and inspiring people – from everyday folk who use the Library’s resources to educate themselves and improve their lives, to world-renowned authors, musicians, scientists, and performers who speak at our programs or come to events. It’s awesome!!

3) Your masters degree in fundraising management will certainly put you in high demand (especially in these days of dwindling funds for so many organizations). What are your dream fundraising goals?

Well if my last answer wasn’t enough of a hint, I really like working at the Library, so I don’t plan to leave anytime soon, but one day I’d like to be the development director of an art museum or other arts organization. I studied art history as an undergrad and would love to get back into that area. I obviously enjoy fundraising, but I also love writing and hope to have a job writing about art one day – maybe for an art magazine or something. I can dream, right?

4) You moved to Brooklyn from Arizona - talk to us about the transition & what you miss about the desert.

Without a doubt the thing in Arizona that I miss the most is my family. If we’re talking about the desert specifically, I miss the sunsets and the way it smells when it rains. The creosote bush gives the air a certain smell after it rains… there is nothing better! 

5) What are your favorite drinks/dishes at Ghia?

I tend to order whatever you have on special for dinner, but the pate is also delicious. When it comes to brunch items the crispy millet cake and vegan scramble can’t be beat.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the service is always great as well! :)

Thank you so much, Lili! We can’t wait to see where your career path takes you <3



Cafe Ghia

The best part of the weekend is going out to brunch.

Erin and I tried the lovely Cafe Ghia today for brunch, which is an absolutely charming cafe in Bushwick. It was packed when we went in, and we snagged the last table.

The menu was limited and only had one vegan option, but it was so amazing that one did not need choices - the Vegan Scramble, which consists of tofu, sweet potato, kale, scallion, spicy black bean sauce, ginger-lime tofu “cream” served with toast.

I was totally pleased. The kale was delicious and so fresh as was the sweet potato, and the ginger-lime tofu “cream” was great as well - I spread it on my toast and it was delightful. Totally worth the 10$ price tag, and the perfect portion size.

To drink I ordered a big mimosa, which was a bit pricey at 9$, but the beer and wine list was great - I am looking forward to going back for dinner and having a Pork Slap with my meal.

A great place to go with your omni friends (Erin enjoyed her mushroom gravy, biscuits and sausage) - and then you can walk a couple of blocks over to Kave for a vegan cookie dessert!

Cafe Ghia is located at 24 Irving Avenue, one block from the Jefferson L train.

Cafe Ghia

I live about 30 seconds from Cafe Ghia - a place that I’d always recommend not only because of the proximity to my apartment. Thus far I’ve had their breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it’s all been real tasty.

External image

Nona Brooklyn does a pretty awesome write up/interview with the owner Anna D'agrosa here. You’ll also find a decent write up on Bushwick BK. I recommend their Micheladas & esp. the biscuits which are only available on the weekends. 

External image

Meet the Regulars: Mike Mitchell and Le'Ann Duran

After a bit of a hiatus, it’s time once again for a Meet the Regulars interview! Mike & Le'Ann have been visiting us since they moved to the Jefferson stop soon after we opened, and we are always so happy see them for dinner and brunches. We’ve enjoyed getting to know them and appreciate the amazing work they both do and we wanted to learn more…

1) We met you both when you had first moved to the Jefferson stop. Tell us what brought you to Brooklyn and to our neck of the woods.

We love Bushwick! We lived here a few years ago with Mike’s brother off the Morgan stop and moved to Crown Heights. When we were looking to move again we knew we wanted to be off the Jefferson stop because of how nice it is to have the park nearby, great restaurants and great neighbors.

2) You both have really interesting jobs - can you tell us a bit about them?

Mike: I work at the New York Restoration Project doing community outreach and managing grants. As part of the MillionTreesNYC project, I run a tree giveaway program so that residents can pick up free trees to plant on private property. I did an Americorps stint last year with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and NYC Parks working on the MillionTreesNYC project teaching people how to care for trees in Brooklyn. This spring we’re planning on giving away 5,000 trees in all 5 boroughs!

Le'Ann: I work with states and local governments to improve the way they respond to crime with the Council of State Governments’ Justice Center. This helps state and local governments increase public safety while decreasing incarceration. I specifically work on the back-end of the prison experience, helping to reduce recidivism rates of people formerly incarcerated. This process is often called “reentry." 

3) What are your favorite things about living in Brooklyn?

Awesome food, music, and people! We feel like we’re part of a neighborhood that reflects our personalities. Coming from Texas, living in our north Brooklyn community that has a great deal of Mexican/Central/South American food makes us feel more at home as well. Can’t deny the pizza here is awesome, too!

4) Do you see yourselves sticking around the area?

Certainly for a little while. Mike is just getting on his feet career-wise and is totally in love with the work he does. We both dream of having a little house with a big garden, but for now we’ve got a community garden in the neighborhood that keeps us sane. We’ve learned that this is certainly the neighborhood for us while we’re in NYC.

5) What are your favorite drinks/dishes at Ghia? 

Both of us believe the burger and Bloody Mary are tops - Mike believes the tomato aioli alone is amazing and when combined with the bacon fat mixed in the burger it sends him to the moon. Brunch time favorites are the Lumberjack Stack, vegan scramble, and the biscuits with gravy (with bacon and two eggs over easy mixed in). The lava cake also makes us both drool just thinking about it, and Mike is always praying that pork shoulder in some form will be on the menu even if he is just going to have a burger! With the fantastic chicken liver pate in the mix we’re hoping for some crazier meat additions (offal anyone?). 

Thanks Mike & Le'Ann!
Valentine's Dinner Special Menu

We’ll be serving a special dinner menu on Tuesday, February 14th. Special dins, desserts and cocktail menu… Yay! As always, we won’t be taking reservations, but we’d love to see your gorgeous faces. <3


Oyster Stew with Brioche

Parsnip puree with scallion oil (v)


Pan Fried Vegetable Dumpling with nouc cham dipping sauce with bib lettuce (v)

Cast iron Pizzette with red sauce & Parmesan with dressed arugula
- Add house-cured Bresola

Wilted Salad: spinach, poached egg, house cured duck prosciutto


Seafood pasta for one or two (mussels, clams, shrimp and white fish) white wine and olive oil, fresh veggies

Vegan stir fry: jap chae (sweet potato noodles) with tofu & seasonal vegetables

Arcadian Pastures steak with wild mushroom risotto and arugula salad

Pork Belly with sauteed spicy mustard greens

Special Burger (tba)

Roasted Half Chicken


Lemon Mascarpone cheesecake

Molten Lava Cake

Wild Berry Tart

Cafe Ghia Crab Boil, July 17th!

The Idea: One night Maryland style crab boil at Cafe Ghia on Tuesday, July 17th

The Menu: 6 steamed large blue crabs per person // unlimited corn on the cob, roasted potato wedges and fresh watermelon

The Cost: $30 per person

The Time: two seatings… The first: 7-9pm, the second: 9:30-11:30pm

The Deal: Reservations required, deposit of $10 required to secure reservations

Stop in to Ghia to reserve your seat. There will be plenty of drink specials and special drinks and Baltimore native and crab expert Ellen Letcher will be on hand for tutorials!

Liquor License Party Specials!

Party Specials! This Friday!

10-11pm: Free Brooklyn Gin signature cocktail *while supplies last
11pm-12am: $8 Vermont Old Fashioneds ($2 off)
12-1am: Schlitz + well shot $5
1-2am: Free High Life chaser with Premium whiskey, bourbon or Scotch
2am-on: $1 off drafts