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ANOTHER VERY RARE CROSS-LEGGED GIL FEATURING KIREI (the Heaven’s Feel promotional materials are giving me new life)

(mod- agreed, thank u heaven’s feel for this Blessed Content™ of our two favorite shitlords. and thank u also to @vosian-spirit for the image!)

PMD-tober #10 PMD Pokesona

This is Garde, she’s a lone explorer who at one point had a partner but because of her obsession with the Zero isles, left because he couldnt deal with constantly failing explorations. She constantly uses scanner orbs in order to get all the items possible in a dungeon. She mostly spends her time in the Spinda Cafe researching the Zero isles.

submitted by Gary Blevins

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Another version of my every day carry with a some added door knocking and “just in case” items paired with my favorite copper pieces and an early Kickstarter wallet release to test out.