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(170219) @harus2haru: sumcafe osaka もーーーーーう最高な空間やった… 好きな人たちの音楽や写真に囲まれて ご飯を食べるこの空間、、最高かよ、、! ただ本場のsumcafeにもう一回行きたくなった(笑) 春夏あたりにいこーね栗ちゃん #sumcafe #sumcafe_osaka #sumcafe大阪 #smentertainment #shinee

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Lance, whats YOUR favorite part of working here?

Pidge: Probably the attention. He’s an attention whore.

Lance: I am not!

Pidge: Are too.

Hunk: Well, we know it’s not Allura anymore.

Shiro: Better not be.

Keith: Jealous?

Shiro: …

Allura: My guess would be he likes the events! Lance always makes a big fuss over the costumes and the tiny details.

Coran: Yes he has such an attention to detail.

Lance: Can I answer please?!

Keith: … It’s not the flirting with customers is it?

Lance: You guys are the worse!!!

*Storms off!*

* Everyone heads back to work*

Lance: It’s my friends. I like working with my friends.

Lance: …

Lance: Even if they are a bunch of assholes.

A.N. Sorry again for the lack of pics! There wasnt too much image wise to add to this. ;-; Sorry!