cafe terrace


Disneyland Aesthetics - New Orleans Square

Adventureland  New Orleans Square  Critter Country  Frontierland


. by Anna Doshina  

the signs as french words

aries: brûler - to burn something down with fire
taurus: épanoui - something or someone that is joyful or radiant
gemini: loufoque - a wild, crazy or far-fetched idea
cancer: avoir le mal de quelqu’un - missing someone so much to the point you get sick over it
leo: l’esprit d’escalier - thinking of a perfect reply to someone when it’s too late
virgo: seigneur-terraces - a cafe customer who spends a lot of time at the table but spends little money
libra: retrouvailles - the happiness you get when you see someone again after a long time
scorpio: noceur - someone who stays out late at a party or someone sleeping late/barely sleeping at all
sagittarius: dépaysement the feeling of being in another country
capricorn: mettre en valeur - to show something off in its best light or to re-arrange the place to make it more beautiful
aquarius: sortablesomeone you can take anywhere without being embarrassed
pisces: flâner - to stroll around aimlessly without a purpose or care


25/07/2015// Today it’s raining, outside it’s cold af and my outfit kinda reminds my of Van Gogh’s painting “Cafe terrace at night ” 🌒