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So, Thoughtbubble has popped! I had a great weekend. I had no idea what to expect from the event but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The venue was nice; there was a pretty decent flow of comics fans to the table, it wasn’t cramped like some other events, and I bumped into so many friends over the course of the weekend, it was fantastic. I didn’t sell all of my stock (alas, this bloody recession means that everyone couldn’t buy all the comics they wanted… I really wanted Chester 5000 but I was pretty strict on my spending ;-; ) but I still had a really good time, and lots of people were keen on reading Cafe Suada! I might plonk the copies I have left on Etsy :/

I also got a nice surprise when I actually arrived (I got there late no thanks to the coach service >_>) and saw Dean sitting at my table – he didn’t even tell me he was gonna be there, DAWWWW whatta guy.

What was really fun was Saturday night though. We’d intended on going to the after party for exhibitors, but they wouldn’t let Rowan in! D: boycott I say! So Dean, Evelyn, Sarah, becs, Rowan and I all headed back to our hotel for a SMUSH PARTY. We ended up drawing all night and barely got much sleep, it was so much fun hanging out with them all, so thanks you guys ^_^ These are only a fifth of the drawings we finished, hopefully everyone else will post up the drawings they took home that day too! You can find some of them on tumblr:

Yyyyep. I had a really good time. Thanks everyone!

Also I must do some shoutouts:

Emma Vieceli, Kate brown, and Paul Duffield, was cool to see you guys briefly before we scarpered from the casino XD

Jon Lock, thanks for coming and pimping my work a little ;D

Freddie O’Rourke, Sammy borras (and Sarah, Shaz, and Lily from Inspired comics) Sally Thompson, Karen Rubins, Willie Hewes, and everyone else who stopped by the table, thanks for coming and chatting and buying comics :3

Thanks also to our table neighbours Mister Hope and Robert brown, for er, putting up with us! The guys opposite us were loads of fun too, we had a constant rubber band war going when traffic died down hahaha.

This is the third time I’ve done this write up, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead heh. Enjoy the drawings, the ones relevant to CS will also go up in the fanart section of the site.



It’s that time again, when the cosplays are readied, the books are packed, the banners are rolled, all in prep for London’s MCM Comic Con! THE EXCITEMENT AND STRESS LEVELS ARE OFF THE CHARTSSSSS. I’m going to be sharing a table with the delightful Amanda Tribble again, be sure to make a beeline for the comic village before you spend all your cash because we’ve got some great stuff for you to buy! I’ve got a brand new portraits poster for you to see, so if you want one you can see a variety of examples; if you manage to somehow smuggle your cats into the show, I will indeed draw you with them. I’ve also got Cafe Suada Cup 5 hot off the press for sale - it’s the perfect time to pick up copies of the books in these money saving sets! 

However, you’ll have to forgive me if I seem a little distracted over the event - Dean and I will be cosplaying as Kuranosuke and Tsukimi from Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish all weekend and he is STARTLINGLY pretty (I look pretty adorkable too). Keep an eye out for us! 


Cup 3 books are here!

They just came in ze post so we had to take some pictures (thank you to Dean for modelling here pff). I’m very pleased with the print quality as usual. I hope you’re all looking forward to seeing for yourself!

I will have some copies of Cup 3 with me for sale at the Lincon mini-event on the 12th May (that’s this weekend!), at the University Tower Bar in Lincoln for £7. If you can’t make it to that, I will also be at the London MCM Expo (Comic Con) on the 25th and 26th of May, at the Excel Centre in London. I will also be doing my usual thing at these events; you can commission portraits or full blown illustrations from me starting from £10+, and of course you can buy Cups 1 & 2 as well!

Hope to see some of you at these events~

Happy Xmas from Geraldine aka Tea Princess and Lumpy Space Princess! I’ve wanted to draw Adventure Time art for ages, and Christmas seemed like a fun time to do so. Tea Princess isn’t strictly a real princess so… she kinda stole Ice King’s crown and buggered off for a tea party with LSP. As you do.

I’d also like to take a moment to wish all the readers of Cafe Suada and everyone who follows my illustration work in general a very happy holiday and happy new year - your support keeps me going, it really does! So cheers everybody. I hope you look forward to the comics and illustrations I’ll be working on in 2014!

Look out for the latest comic cupdate next week on Tuesday, as Wednesday is Christmas Day, so I’ll be stuffing my face instead of working XD

I tested the livestream software yesterday with a doodle of Gerry. Only about 4 minutes long. As you can see in the bottom left, it kicks my CPU usage over 80% (Photoshop and Internet Explorer use about eh, 7-12%) so I need to figure out how to lower that before I can do a proper stream.

I have a poster to ink and colour today though so I might try recording that, we’ll see how it goes! Anyway, enjoy this little vid. I like watching people draw myself too, but it’s funny seeing all my own strokes laid out on screen.

DA-NAHHH! Whipped up a brand new logo for Cafe Suada. I really did like the first logo and I’ve kept some elements but I just wanted to refresh it and clean it up, make it simpler and more stylish. I dunno if I achieved that but bugger it, I like this.

What about you? Like the new look? :D

Also, something I feel I should note (though most people forget no matter how many times I mention it): I never write Cafe Suada with an accent over the e. This is for a reason, I assure you. But it is still pronounced “CAH-FEY SOO-WAH-DAH”. Just fyi! I’ve heard lots of funny variations so far, heh.

I’ve been wanting to draw this scene for ages, finally gave in. I’ve had a few days recently where I’ve felt like drawing (or doing anything for that matter) was taking too much effort, and I wanted to get away from such a bad feeling. But this was fun, and I think I just need to perk the fuck up heh. This took about three hours to draw and ink in my sketchbook. It was originally just going to be Cream and Rikyoo by a pond, but then I got carried away! My parents just got back from their holiday during which they visited Sandringham and the gardens - all of the holidays I’ve been on with them have featured visits to the most amazing gardens. I find all the greenery and water so calming. So I decided to root around in my memories of those for inspiration for this one.

The best time to feed the ducks is in the rain, of course. No one else around, there’s that fresh moist smell in the air, and all the birds are out of the bushes. Lately there’ve been a lot of muggy days here so I wanted to give the drawing that feeling. Where you can go and have fun in the rain without it being freezing.

In other news, I’m totally free for commissions right now. Tell your friends! MY MIND REBELS AT STAGNATION, GIVE ME COMMISSIONS, GIVE ME WORK~!


Yes yes alright XD I got my MOO postcards in the post earlier today, here’s a preview!

I’ll be selling them as mini prints, first up at the London MCM Expo, and if I have any left over, probably online and at later events! The set includes:


Antony & Cleopatra

Legend of Korra

Pokemon Britain

Cafe Suada: Crossdressers

Heart Shaped Balloon

and Maria.



I had a really great time this weekend at London MCM Comic Con. I drew so many portraits (see a sampling above)! My shoulders still ache. I think it’s thanks to this very last minute poster I made for my table. All hail the portraits poster! Didn’t manage to grab a photo of our table this time, so instead have a photo of me freaking out in the hotel we stayed at (there was a booking error so we ended up in a really fancy hotel on Saturday. SWANKY).

I’m only sad that I was so busy I didn’t get to spend much time hanging out with everyone I wanted to. I really enjoyed those quiet moments when I could talk to my comicking friends about the challenges of freelancing and the projects that they’re working on. Sometimes it can be depressing, feeling all alone as an illustrator, like no one can help … but then I remember that all these amazing people exist and are making such wonderful comics, I get up off my arse and keep trying my best. It was really nice to see you all! (You know who you are!) It was also great that a bunch of my friends from Lincoln stopped by, hello if you’re reading!

Thank you to everyone who bought the new Cup 3 books, and hello to any new fans who picked up a copy of 1 or 2 over the weekend. I truly appreciate your support! I also picked up a souvenir of my own, to join my fabulous Bon Clay figure… Nathan Seymore/Fire Emblem from Tiger&Bunny.

Thank you to Amanda Tribble for putting up with me and my silliness for the weekend, and being such an amazing table mate as always. I don’t think I’d have managed very well without her! And thank you to Dean for being my errand-running, loving, supporting Finn. (Now what time is it? ADVENTURE TIIIIIME…!)

Bring on October!


What a fun weekend at Comica Comiket. I met so many wonderful and talented people! Thanks to Paul Gravett for inviting me to take part in the drawing parade on Saturday and the New Voices talk on Sunday. I’m really excited to work hard on Marie! now, thanks to hearing so many supportive comments about my work. Big wave to my table mates Hannah Berry, Gareth Brookes, Darryl Cunningham and Ian Williams, you were all great fun to hang out with.

I was pretty happy with the illo I got half done in my half hour stint so I grabbed a photo. Also that last photo in the set was taken right after Paul said “Look, there’s your editor in the front row! DON’T SAY ANYTHING BAD~” Pfffffffff.

Huge thanks for the photos go to Dean Simons and Richy K. Chandler.


Here’re some photos from the LinCon mini event I nipped to at the weekend. It was pretty fun! I met a lot of people studying illustration at the University of Lincoln now, it sounds like some things about the course have changed since I was there but other things are as they’ve always been. Like the dilemma of style versus ideas XD That’s always tough.

Anyway, I sold some books and had fun doing some lovely portraits. I’ll be doing the same again in a couple of weeks at the London MCM Expo/Comic Con so if you’d like a portrait, drop by my table!

… I wish Dean would stop photobombing at these things XD


London MCM Expo May 2012…

… was awesome as usual! I’d been on a bit of a go slow recently, and the adventure of another expo was just what I needed to get back on track. The comic village was really different this time, being split into three different islands, which made it hard to track people down (Amanda and I were situated at the back of the village opposite Sweatdrop, where traffic fluctuated from buzzing with comic enthusiasts to ghost town throughout the weekend) but all in all it was a good experience for me. I debuted the printed Cafe Suada Cup 2 at this event and it practically FLEW off the table into eager readers hands! I was really happy to receive lots of great feedback on the chapter as people bought it, went and read it elsewhere, and just HAD to come back and tell me their thoughts. Much appreciation to all of you who bought a copy!

I also really enjoyed seeing all of my friends in the comic village again, not to mention sharing my table with the lovely Amanda Elanor Tribble. Sephryn Grey did a marvelous job on the JCult artbook (in which Shear Brilliance was published), and it was awesome to see Rebecca Burgess, Fred O'Rourke, Anaseed Man, Josceline Fenton, Emma Vieceli, Karen Rubins, Morag, Claude, Mimi Evelyn Hewett and Sarah Burgess again (BUGGER, I forgot, there were a few more familiar faces– Rowan, En, Pamela, Lisa, was awesome to see you guys!  Rowan was in cosplay and looked fabulous. If I’ve forgotten anyone else - GAH FUCK IT I LOVE ALL YOU COMIC MAKING BASTARDS). Seeing these guys always reminds me what an awesome comics community we have here. I must also thank Mimi and Sarah tremendously for drawing portraits of myself and Dean! I kept Sarah’s (isn’t it lovely!) and Dean has Mimi’s, so I’ll be badgering him to show it to you all soon. On a side note I also made a right pillock of myself talking to Tom Siddell, in my attempt to congratulate him on going full time on Gunnerkrig Court I ended up just talking about how intimidating freelancing is! SHEESH. I’m sorry, Tom!

Now, you might be wondering why I’m babbling about the expo a week after the event - I actually spent the past week with Dean, you see. Helping him move out of his house up in Lincoln as his second year of uni has ended. He’ll be going back to a new house in September but we are both going to miss his being with his awesome housemates. I wanted to help distract him from how empty it briefly makes you feel to leave a place you’ve come to know as home (and once we got him settled back in Melton, we had a few distracting days to ourselves), but in doing so it threw my mind right back to when I moved away from Lincoln last year. Has it been almost a year already? I’ve been working pretty hard but I must admit, I miss Lincoln.

A-anyway, I’m going to keep working hard. I’ve hit a few brick walls, but I’m still fighting. And that’s what’s important! Oh and I’m learning to take breaks too. For example after finishing this blog post, I’ll be off to enjoy some Mass Effect 2. Yup. So, sorry for the quiet week there, guys. Look forward to more artwork and Cafe Suada updates as usual! I also plan on opening an online shop at some point too, so watch out for that!

(Britons: Enjoy the rest of your day off thanks to the Jubileeeeeee~!)

(Also credit for some of these photos goes to my friend Lawrence Rippingale. Thanks for being sneaky with your camera!)

Flyer I whipped up for I Love Bletchley day tomorrow, a free local thing I have a stall at where I’ll be doing portraits etc. If you or anyone you know are in the Milton Keynes area, come down for the day! Lots of local businesses are taking part.

Also this illustration is a promo for Cup 3! So a lot of text is omitted from this version for spoilery reasons. As soon as Cup 2 is almost over I’ll release the text heavy version with the chapter title and blurb for Cup 3 - but in the meantime I hope you like the illustration itself :)