cafe suada

Here’s a handy map of where you can find me and a bunch of other LGBT+ comickers/merch at this weekends MCM London Comic Con! I’m on table CM9. It’s dangerously close to Travelling Man (The stall I usually spend most of my fun money on at cons, hahaha).

Please be aware of two unusual changes to this years con:

1) Due to the recent attack in Manchester, security has been increased. This is a good, practical measure, but this may mean you need to plan for a longer queuing time. You might also want to leave any replica weapons at home, if they form part of your cosplay.

2) Custom House tube station is closed, so you’ll either want to get off just before and walk up the main road to Excel, or get off just after at Prince Regent, which puts you at a different entrance to Excel (more advisable if you’ve got lots of luggage).

Hope to see lots of you there this weekend! Come and say hello~


It’s that time again, when the cosplays are readied, the books are packed, the banners are rolled, all in prep for London’s MCM Comic Con! THE EXCITEMENT AND STRESS LEVELS ARE OFF THE CHARTSSSSS. I’m going to be sharing a table with the delightful Amanda Tribble again, be sure to make a beeline for the comic village before you spend all your cash because we’ve got some great stuff for you to buy! I’ve got a brand new portraits poster for you to see, so if you want one you can see a variety of examples; if you manage to somehow smuggle your cats into the show, I will indeed draw you with them. I’ve also got Cafe Suada Cup 5 hot off the press for sale - it’s the perfect time to pick up copies of the books in these money saving sets! 

However, you’ll have to forgive me if I seem a little distracted over the event - Dean and I will be cosplaying as Kuranosuke and Tsukimi from Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish all weekend and he is STARTLINGLY pretty (I look pretty adorkable too). Keep an eye out for us!