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Prompts: @imakeaesthetics
Authors: @queenofthyme

Sorry, I’m late,” Harry said as he hurriedly tied on his apron. “I swear it was the tube this - What? What’s wrong?”

Harry took in his boss’s expression and realised he wasn’t in trouble for being late. If anything, it was his boss that looked apologetic.

“I need you to train our new barista,” Tonks said, a weak smile not quite reaching her eyes.

“Of course,” Harry answered automatically. He had trained new staff before. It wasn’t too hard as long as the cafe wasn’t overrun with customers. And it was only a Tuesday. “Are they here yet?”

Tonks jerked an arm behind her and stepped to the side so Harry could see. Leaning on the counter by the cafe’s coffee machine was a tall, blonde-haired man with pointy features and long limbs. He was wearing the standard cafe apron over a three piece suit and a crisp white shirt secured with silver cufflinks. Despite the cups piling up next to the machine left by the register staff, he didn’t appear interested in fulfilling any orders.

“He’s…a little difficult,” Tonks explained, “But he’s my cousin and I promised his mother I’d get him a job. I’ve been trying to teach him but he’s testing my patience. Can you please take him off my hands so I can do some accounting? Please?”

Harry looked the man up and down. The phrase ‘fish out of water’ came to mind…“He doesn’t look like he needs a job.”

“He didn’t. Until last week. His parents were just jailed for fraud and embezzlement. They lost everything.”

Harry supposed he should feel sorry for the man, losing his parents, losing his money all in one go. But when the man stood there, with a snotty, disinterested expression, dressed in the most inappropriate clothes, that a month of Harry’s shifts still wouldn’t cover, it was hard to feel anything but resentment.

He sighed and nodded at Tonks. “I’l teach him,” he agreed.

Tonks actually jumped with relief - making Harry immediately regret his decision - and clapped Harry on the shoulder appreciatively before wasting no time in rushing back into the office in the cafe kitchens.

Harry took a deep breath and rolled his shoulders back. He could handle a snotty rich kid. He headed over quickly, conscious of the mounting coffee orders.  

“Hey, I’m Harry,” he said on approach, holding out a hand. The man stared at it, his expression unchanging. “This is the part where you tell me your name and we shake hands,” Harry prompted.

The man’s lip curled. “Malfoy. Draco Malfoy,” he said, still making no move to shake.

Harry lowered his hand, already understanding why Tonks had taken the opportunity to run away when she did. “So, what do you know about coffee?” He asked.

That got a reaction. The man - Draco - pushed off the counter and stood up straight, staring down at Harry pointedly. “I’m not a moron. I know how to make coffee.”

Harry blinked back up at Draco for a moment. He hadn’t noticed from afar how impossibly grey the man’s eyes were.

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so massachusetts is gonna ban plastic bags by 2018. god why can’t they just leave us alone. we’re the richest generation in history but government is determined to impoverish us in any way they can manage. 

want a lightbulb that doesn’t make your house look like a parking garage stairwell and isn’t a biohazard if it breaks? fuck you. get the curly cue bulb

want a toilet that actually flushes things down on the first try without flooding your bathroom? fuck you get a plunger

want to a car that can survive 3 mile an hour collision without crumpling like a sprite can? fuck you. enjoy your CAFE standards, pleb.

and now we can’t even get a fucking shopping bag. We’re all gonna be reduced to carrying around burlap sacks with us at all times like our great great great grandparents once did.

only the latest casualty in the war against everything reasonable and decent 

environmental rambles #1: the market is unequipped to handle the fight against climate change

It just occurred to me that for all I post about politics, I don’t actually post about my area of expertise—that being environmental policy and sustainable measures. And as I’m getting deeper into conversations with people, I forget how much I just assume is known. So here’s a loose series I’m going to begin. I have no outline or general idea about how long these posts will be.

The key issue when tackling *climate change* or environmental degradation (ugh do I have to write a post that explains how this is a real problem? Please no.), and frankly the key issue when tackling anything in this political climate, is money. Because solving any problem usually requires shelling out, and we have a very entrenched economic system where profit is valued above all else. For instance, with healthcare, consider how many conversations there were about the burdens on small to mid-sized business, or costs shifting to states, or how best to implement price controls. It’s the first thing anyone looks at.

Climate change is tough, because our largest sources of GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions are electricity, transportation, and heating. It seems logical to tackle the actual shit we burn to power this stuff, which is why there’s a push for renewables, or for nuclear energy (97% renewable, but that 3% is a Problem). Ditto for mixing our gas with ethanol (there’s claims that GHG emissions are net-zero because corn fields act as carbon sinks, but honestly, corn production in the USA is its own damn topic), or the push to mass transit, telecommuting, the purchasing of off-sets for travel, and electric cars.

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So at my cafe our standard hot chocolate is deconstructed with the steamed milk, marshmallows and chocolate sauce on the side and you make it yourself. We put it on a tray and present it nicely and most customers love it. We also have a normal hot chocolate that is gluten free but we don't offer it unless they ask. This one lady has been coming in for OVER 2 years and still gets angry when we serve her our deconstructed one but has literally NEVER specified she wants the normal one until after!

fluffy headcanons for the boys!!!!!! As requested by @daria-septiceye

-Yuuri, is afraid of the dark
-He’ll cross the road if he sees a dog just to pet it
-He’ll always be touching his s/o in some way, holding hands or his arm around the waist
-Will blush every time his s/o kisses him
-Is actually not that bad of a cook, and happily teaches his s/o some cooking skills
-Feels the need to cry whenever he sees small children with their parents playing, it makes him want to be a father will allow the kids onto his Instagram, YouTube ect and they’ll wreak havoc
-If his s/o cries, he’ll do anything to make them smile again
-Will binge watch anime with his partner
-His favourite is ouran high school host club
-This guy lives for cuddles and can’t sleep without them
-Will cook breakfast for his s/o
-The triplets loves it when hiss/o reads to them, whilst Yuri stares at his partner realising how much he loves her


-Tries to act tough, but is really a softie when it comes to cats and his s/o
-After Viktor leaves for Japan, Yuri cries since he lost his mentor
-Will make his s/o watch horror movies, but will get scared himself
-Always holds doors open
-Prefers to not cuddle when he sleeps, instead choosing to hold hands
-Isn’t big on PDA, but will still plant some kisses here and then
-Is a really bad loser, will pout big time
-Will proudly display and boast about his s/o
-Pets all the stray cats
-Wants to adopt all the stray cats
-Yuri X stay cats
-Has 1000s of selfies of him with cats, his s/o
-Animals absolutely adore him
-If it rains he’ll give his umbrella and jacket to his s/o

-Is very vocal about his relationship
-90% of his Instagram is pictures of his and his s/o
-This guy lives off of coffee, and buys a huge cafe standard coffee machine
-Will always wake his s/o up to kisses, and coffee
-Don’t like coffee? This guy will make you tea, latte, hot chocolate, anything for you
-Will hold his s/o constantly
-He’ll carry his s/o around, in his arms bridal style
-He wears Dior Fahrenheit cologne
-Will fight you for the bathroom in the morning, pretty boy needs to get ready
-Pretty boy is his nickname during practice
-Acts like a father to Yuri, and he wishes he really was his father sometimes
-He worries if he’ll ever settle down, by 27 he’d imagined he’d of met ‘the one’ and will have had a child
-Him and his s/o would help out at children’s skating rinks
-He’d lose his flirty ways quickly when becoming close to his s/o
-Kisses,kisses,kisses will always pull his s/o close and kiss them passionately
-When he’s in love, Yuri will be the first to notice
-When Viktor falls in love, he never falls out of love

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Hey! I love you guys' posts and I was wondering, how would the RFA + V + Saeran react if Jaehee started dating Zen, I want to know Zen's feelings when Jaehee asked and Jaehee's thought process too, thanks :)

A/N: Oh geez this might be short but I mean?? All in all, most of them would probably be really excited for the two of them and I just- I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY ~Admin 404


           -EXCITED AS HELL

           -He always like hardcore shipped them

           -Never told anyone that, though

           -Although once they announced their relationship to the group, his squeal matched with his jumping up and down kind of gave it away…

           -Always lowkey freaking out when he sees them be cute in absolutely any way

           -Secretly jealous though because? He waNTS TO FIND LOVE TOO


           -He’s actually really kinda… dumbfounded when she asks?

           -He was taken so off guard that he literally jumped backwards into his seat

           -Then he had to apologize profusely and explain that it was solely because he wasn’t expecting it, not because he didn’t want to date her!!

           -A ton of mixed emotions, honestly?

           -Happy that she asked, confused because he never realized she had romantic feelings (and never realized he had the same feelings), and shocked that she just spit it out like she did

           -All in all, he’s really freaking happy? Because now, his best friend is his girlfriend?? And who doesn’t want that in life??


           -She decided the only way to ask him was straight up and point blank

           -If she beat around the bush, he wouldn’t have gotten it. He has a thick head.

           -So she took him to their standard cafe, sat him down, and straight asked him out on a date

           -“Like, a date-date. Boyfriend girlfriend kind of date. Romantically.”

           -Honestly though she was sHAKING IN HER SHOES but she knew she had to do it! This is what she wanted! She is finally gonna get something she wanted!

           -So! Happy! So! Excited! She’s so happy to finally be with someone she loves and who takes good care of her! *squeal*


           -Probably the most against it in the whole group

           -??? That’s his assistant. And that’s his like lowkey mortal enemy.

           -Doesn’t like it all because now his assistant always has her mind up in the clouds

           -Not to mention that Zen shows up every now and then and whisks her away. He neEDED HER TO GO GET HIM HIS WINE

           -Is he happy that to people found love? Yeah maybe, he isn’t too sure

           -Just wants his assistant back, she did good work




           -Think of the stereotypical fangirl/boy… high pitched squealing…. jumping up and down… rolling on the floor….

           -Heart eyes mother fucker


           -He leaks it on the fan site, has to run from Jaehee’s fury


           -Omg he’s just so happy for his friends

           -He’s so glad that they found love

           -He knows how happy he was when he was in love, he’s happy these two get to feel it together as well

           -He may not know Jaehee as well as he knows Zen, but he can tell that she’s a good person for him

           -Always telling the two of them that he’s there for absolutely anything they may need wink wonk im soRRY whatever



           -Couldn’t care less

           -Absolutely doesn’t care? It doesn’t involve him

           -He dislikes watching any of their PDA though so he just hopes there isn’t a lot of that

           -Otherwise he thinks Yoosung’s and Saeyoung’s reactions are a little ridiculous

           -There’s no need to fangirl/boy like that? They’re just dating, it’s nothing spectacular

           -Like god damn you guys just lEAVE THEM ALONE

Dream Weavers: Hitokui Village

When looking online for what dream towns are must-sees, Aika Village and Hitokui Village are the ones that are on the top of most people’s list. However, if you don’t speak Japanese the nuance of these towns might be a bit tougher to understand, so I thought they should be the first two I cover.

Hitokui Village, or 人食い村, literally means “Cannibal Village” in Japanese. I’m sure you can tell from that title what the theme of this town will be.

If this is your first time reading a Dream Weavers post, you can skip to the last image to see my interpretation and thoughts about the town.

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One of SEOUL Magazine editor-in-chief Robert Koehler’s favorite coffee houses, Samcheong-dong’s ½ Round Cafe harmoniously blends Korean hanok architecture with sophisticated European design.

They also do a fine cup of coffee.

Blissfully quiet, especially by Samcheong-dong standards, ½ Round Cafe also has a tranquil inner garden for an extra level of serenity.

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I have a thought…
What if We had a cafe AU and it is like your standard cafe AU but the cafe is split in half. On one side you don’t order your drink…. When you walk in you just sit on that side of the cafe, then you’re judged by your appearance and after a couple of minutes of observation: are served a drink based off of the true you. The other side is just like a regular cafe but is super expensive (like more than Starbucks expensive). The catch? If you let the barista choose your drink it’s only 2$ for their largest size; no matter what you get. I know a couple of you smart asses are thinking “I would just go to a new coffee shop for the same coffee” BUT YOU CANT! This is not “the same coffee” it is like drinking gold- it is the fine wine of coffee, it’s THE perfect coffee, if you can imagine Heaven in a cup then it can be served at this one cafe! HERES THE BEST PART! If you don’t like what they give: it’s free!!! However you have to buy a cup (expressive shit) or allow the barista to keep guessing until he find the perfect blend for you. (It’s like missing a corner piece to a puzzle they have to figure it out!)And then YOU choose how much money to pay them based on their efforts.

(All the people that has gone through the “perfect blend for you” process became regulars and are the type to come ever day just for their special perfect blend made just for them.)

NOW IMAGINE THE OTP…. Let’s say hmmmmmm: SOLANGELO;) Will is this barista at this cafe and is usually spot on with his customers until a 21(ish) college student comes in (ENTER SUPER HOT NICO) and has to ruin it. Nico, being the perfect little shit he is sits on the side where Will would have to serve him something based on HIS LOOKS. Will is stumped by him and finally is like he looks like a Black coffee kinda *cough HOT cough* guy. Well Nico likes nope and this leads to conversations with the boy trying to find out more info in order to find the perfect blend and he finds out Nico is NOTHIN like Will expected nor anything he looks like and they fall in love over the next few weeks. Nico comes in every day and Will always try’s his hardest to get his “perfect blend” (try’s and fails). Then one day Will finally (after talking to his BFF Lou) comes to realization he is in love with this dark yet dorky and nerdy boy and it gives him inspiration for the perfect brew. The next day Nico came in (like always) and Wills just standing there and has this shit-eating grin on his smug face and is like “I made you the perfect drink” and then Nico drinks it and it’s heaven in a cup and moan worthy *cough but so is Will cough* and it’s just perfect and fluff to the max and honestly could end in fluffy “be my boyfriend” or smutty lemon. Pick your poison:) I wouldn’t mind either \(^.^)/
~Nicole Di'Angelo
Daughter of Solangelo (>.

anonymous asked:

Fluff where you really don't like Luhan at all despite finding him attractive, and one day he comes to the cafe you work at and accidentally spills his coffee on you and becomes infatuated with you and tries to win you over?

   Caramel Macchiato ~Luhan~

Gahhh one of my favorite BTS songs and one of my top biases in EXO WHOO WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COMBINATION ~Admin S

⇢ Listen to “Coffee” by BTS right here as you read ⇠


“__________!” Rachel screeched and shook your shoulders violently. She was supposed to be stationed at the cash register, ready to take the orders of anyone who walked into the cafe, but instead she was bugging you while you were on your phone.

    “What do you want?” you asked impatiently.

    Rachel shook of your cold tone and pointed frantically at the customer who just walked in. “Look who it is!”

    You stuffed your phone in your pocket and stood on your toes to look over at who just walked in. It was none other than a usual customer of yours, Luhan. He seemed to always find time to visit this cafe at least three times a week.

    “Yeah, it’s Luhan,” you replied casually with a shrug. “So what?”

    “So what? So what, he’s so cute!”

    You chuckled and shook your head. “Rachel, he’s a customer.”

    “So what?” She mimicked your previous tone with a little grin.

    You playfully hit her arm and strolled over to the cashier to take Luhan’s order, since Rachel was probably just going to stare at him and do nothing more while he ordered.

    “What can I get for you?” you asked as soon as he reached the counter. As he stood there looking up at the menu, you couldn’t help but take a few seconds to admire his looks.

    There was no doubt he was attractive, but you didn’t particularly like him. He came into the cafe as a customer every now and then, and you didn’t know him enough to develop any sort of feelings.

    “Can I please get a caramel macchiato?” He smiled a little bit and reached into his pocket to pull out some bills. “And that’s all, please.”

    You nodded and put the order into the cash register. Luhan was already holding the bills out to you before you could tell him the price. He must’ve ordered it so many times that he already knew the exact amount it was.

    You just took the money and put it into the cash register, giving him back the change. “That’ll take about two minutes, please wait over there for your order.” You pointed to the order pickup place and Luhan walked over to it.

    Rachel stood at a distance, silently watching over the entire scene. When Luhan walked away, she jumped behind you and grabbed you by the shoulders. “Don’t you think he’s cute?” she asked.

    “He’s attractive,” you admitted and closed the register. “But I don’t like him. Now, you want to make loverboy’s coffee, or should I?”

    “I’ll get the other customers, you go make cute boy’s coffee.” Rachel winked and pushed you aside so that you could go make the coffee.

    And without another word, you went to go prepare his coffee, watching Luhan out of the corner of your eye absentmindedly. He was standing at the pickup area, looking down at his phone silently.

    You finished the caramel macchiato and went over to the counter sliding it over to him. “There you are,” you said.

    Luhan took the cup wordlessly and walked away without even making any sort of eye contact.

    You scoffed and walked back over to Rachel. “Couldn’t even say thank you or look at me,” you muttered. “Cute boy is a rude boy.”

    Rachel finished getting another customer’s order before she patted your shoulder. “Yes, but he’s still cute.”

    You rolled your eyes and walked to the back of the shop, not wanting to see his face even for another second.


    It seemed that Luhan loved the drink so much that he went to go order another one when he was finished with his first one. Luckily this time, it wasn’t you giving him the order; Rachel did.

    You, on the other hand, sat down at one of the tables in the corner of the cafe and enjoyed your break, sipping on a caramel macchiato yourself, since it was your personal favorite.

    You stood up at one point to go ask Rachel to hand over your phone that you left in the back. But right as you walked by the register, Luhan aimlessly spun around, drink in hand, and spilled the coffee all over you.

    “Crap!” you said loudly.

    Luhan’s eyes widened and he immediately tossed the cup aside. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” he apologized. “I didn’t see you there!”

    You tried your best to not show just how hot the coffee was, because you knew that if you blew up, your boss would see from somewhere. “Don’t worry about it,” you said through gritted teeth. “But how about actually looking up from your phone next time and seeing where you’re going?” You stomped away after that and Rachel was quick to run to the back and fetch you a towel to dry yourself off.

Lucky for you, the cafe attire was a standard white blouse and skirt, and the boss had a bunch of extra ones in the back just in case something like this would happen.

Once you changed into another blouse, you went back outside to clean up the table you were sitting at. As you were throwing away your trash, Luhan appeared again in front of you. “Are you mad?” he asked worriedly.

“Of course not,” you replied, sarcasm in your tone. “I’m actually ecstatic.”

“Oh, come on-” He paused and looked down at your nametag. “-________. Please don’t be mad, I’m sorry.”

“Look, why are you even wasting this much time trying to apologize? Most people would just apologize once and then leave.”

Luhan didn’t say anything in response. He didn’t want to admit how suddenly infatuated he became with you once he actually got to see you up close. And something about your attitude was attractive as well to him.

“Well, I’m not most people then.” Luhan grinned and pulled out his phone. “But I really am sorry. How about I make it up to you over dinner?”

“Oh, I’ll pass. I don’t go out with guys who spill their drinks on me.” You moved past him and threw your trash away before turning around and walking back to the counter.

Luhan watched your movements carefully and then went after you. “Wait!” He reached out and grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you back. “What if I told you I’m not actually as bad as you might think I am?”

You broke out of his grasp and crossed your arms. “Really?” you questioned. “That’s quite hard to believe for me.”

“Well, I can prove it. All you have to do is say yes to dinner with me.”

“My answer is still no.”

Luhan stepped in front of you to keep you from moving away again. “What if I told you that I think you’re really pretty?”

“I’d think you’re lying. Then I’d probably slap you, but I wouldn’t because I’d probably get fired.”

Luhan laughed. “See, this is why I find you interesting,” he said. “You’re quite funny.”

“Yeah, and you’re quite annoying. Now, can you please move? I have to get back to my job.”

“I’m not moving until you say yes to dinner with me.” Luhan stood firmly in his place, emphasizing the fact that he wouldn’t budge until you said yes.

You need very well that if Luhan wanted you to go out with him this much, he wouldn’t move. And you also knew very well that if you weren’t back at your workstation in five seconds, your boss would be angry.

“Fine,” you groaned. “Meet me back here tonight at eight and then you can take me out.”

Luhan threw his head back and fist pumped the air. He was more than happy to hear that you’d give him a chance.

You didn’t say another word to him; you walked right past him and went back to the cash register. Rachel was once again secretly watching over the two of you, this time with her mouth ajar. “How do you do that?” she asked.

“Do what?”

“Get a cute guy like him to ask you out.”

You looked up at Luhan and saw him throw you one last grin before he stepped out of the cafe. For some reason, you couldn’t help but smile a little bit as well, but you were glad he didn’t see it.

“Make them spill your coffee on you and then play hard to get,” you answered.