cafe orlando

Busy next few day

Wont be on much so Ill probably just put up a few pictures ! I think Im finally happy with my workout plan and starting it on Tuesday when I get home.

Friday: St Patricks Day. Our national holiday ! Did you know Halloween is also Irelands national holiday? Halloween was an Irish festival that took off all around the globe 🇮🇪

Saturday: Flying to London. Going to my favourite restaurant, Vapiano and going to see Wicked with Addi.

Sunday: Shopping. Getting a new set of Harry Potter books that I dont have and going to get merch in Hamleys and the Platform 9 ¾ shop !! And dinner in the rainforest cafe (for the Orlando memories ❤️)

Monday: Westfield! And shopping lol and going home.

• Ill be taking pictures but my Dads brother was diagnosed with cancer at Christmas so we’re going over to see him mainly. We have family in England, London is our second home. Will be going around 5 times this year.