cafe of the artists


college team meet-up for a drink

HC: Akira prolly went back to the city for college. He has some classes w/ Makoto. Ann totes a super model tbh. Haru got her cafe. Ryuji is studying to become a PE teacher. Yusuke is a successful artist & Futaba is still a genius lmfao mb has classes but also teaching computer stuff. Morgana….is still a cat. IDK how his quest to become human is going BUT YEAH I LOVE THEM AND I HOPE THEY ALL STAY FRIENDS FOREVER 

Every single moment I’ve been alive
Every breathe I’ve ever taken
Every ray of sunshine that’s warmed my skin
I can feel my body dying
I’m worn & breathless even breathing
I’m cold when I’m alive

And would you like to know why?

Feeling every moment so deeply
Doesn’t stop the fact
That indeed
I’m dying
While alive

—  Shucks
It’s Andy