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Favorite Vegan Meals I’ve Eaten in the Boston Area 2017 (So Far)

1. Trident Bowl w/ Quinoa (Trident Booksellers and Cafe- Boston, MA)

2. Vegetable Pho (Pho Linh- Quincy, MA)

3. Vegan Mac and Cheese w/ Broccoli (The Friendly Toast- Cambridge, MA)

4. Veggie Burger and Fries w/ Kale Crush Smoothie (B Good- Boston, MA)

5. Vegan Nachos w/ Vegan Chicken  (The Friendly Toast- Cambridge, MA)


I went to Nuvegan cafe last week end and got a slew of good stuff. I got some vegan drumsticks with a side of mac & cheese and fries. 2 cookies, one peanut butter and the other chocolate chip, and a jumbo sized cinnamon roll. I enjoyed everything I got!

Blind Date || embersiisms


Mac took a deep breath before pulling the door open to the bakery. Part pastry shop and part cafe, Mac had been set up to meet his blind date here. ‘Get out of the house,’ they’d said. ‘Meet new friends.’ Well.. It was better than binge-watching the entire series of NCIS for a third time.

He spotted his date and made his way over to the small booth. “Hey.. You’re Jack, right? ..I’m Mac. It’s nice to meet you.”

anonymous asked:

Hi sweet bebe 💕 Which lipstick/lip color do you mostly prefer, if you don't mind my asking? as in the lipstick/lip color which you appear to wear in most of your selfies) Thank you! ✨ Hope you're well.

hi, love. i generally wear lancome’s cafe parisien, mac’s aim to please, and lime crime riot 💕